5 best biceps exercises

Biceps is such a part of the body that is really capable of distinguishing you from the crowd. Bigger and stronger biceps will not only increase your visual appeal, but will also help you to complete your daily activities very easily, since biceps are important muscles for this purpose.


  • 1 Best Biceps Exercises for Fast Growth
    • 1.1 Bending the arms with the barbell in a standing position
    • 1.2 Scott's Bench Arm Curl
    • 1.3 Hammer with dumbbells
    • 1.4 Bending the arms at an angle on the bench
    • 1.5 Standing Dumbbell Lift

Best biceps exercises for quick growth

Biceps are a small muscle in the human body located on the front of your shoulder. It is strongly attached to the shoulders and elbow and attaches your hand to the body.

However, building a large and strong biceps takes a lot of time and effort. Biceps are a muscle that is very difficult to grow, since its growth rate is significantly reduced over time. You can get an extra inch or two after a month of training, but the next two inches will take more than a month.

Not all biceps exercises aimed at rapid growth. Some exercises simply help maintain strength and add shape to your biceps. But if you are looking for something for big biceps, you should replace these exercises with those described below.

  1. Bending the arms with the barbell while standing

The image shows a man doing a barbell curl.

Bending your arms with a barbell is the best exercise for quickly building biceps. It may seem very difficult at the beginning, but it can dramatically change the size of your biceps if you make it regular.

Stand straight, holding the barbell in your hands, feet shoulder width apart. Use your biceps to lift the barbell in the shape of an arc as far as possible. Then slowly lower the bar.

  1. Scott Bench Curl

Image shows a man doing a barbell curl on Scott's bench

Bending your arms with a barbell on Scott's bench is another good way to lengthen and thicken your biceps. The exercise is similar to the first, but the emphasis here is on the lower part of the biceps. Place your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and lift the barbell slowly upward in an arc shape so that it almost touches your biceps and release it slowly.

  1. Dumbbell hammer

Image shows a man doing a dumbbell hammer exercise.

The hammer will ensure the fastest growth of the biceps. This exercise covers the upper biceps area and creates a separation between the biceps and triceps.

Stand, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Take a pair of dumbbell brushes to the body. Raise the dumbbells in front of you, while the palms and elbows should be motionless.

  1. Bending the arms at an angle on the bench

Image shows a man doing bending his arms at an angle on a bench

Bending your arms at an angle on the bench helps to build large and massive biceps, and it also improves shape and affects the entire biceps.

Put the bench at 45 degrees and sit back, holding the dumbbells in each hand with palms in front and hands down. Sharply lift the dumbbells along the body and then slowly lower them down.

  1. Standing dumbbell lift

Image shows a man doing dumbbell lifting while standing.

Lifting standing dumbbells is the most basic biceps exercise. It is similar to a barbell exercise, but performed with dumbbells.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the dumbbells in each hand, with your arms down and palms forward. Lift the dumbbells, keeping your elbows motionless and fixed on the sides.

All of the above biceps exercises use a similar style. But it is extremely important to emphasize that these exercises will be twice as powerful if you do not biceps in the upper position.

Building biceps is a difficult task. These exercises are best if you want to quickly build biceps. Try them out and report your results in the comments section.