We accelerate the metabolism with improvised means

If you want to lose weight, then you have already become the task of accelerating metabolism. Metabolism is a set of chemical reactions in a living organism that provide growth, reproduction, interaction with the environment. Simply put, this is the process of converting calories into energy, that is, metabolism. The faster calories are burned, the faster the body fat leaves. It would seem that everything is simple - we accelerate the metabolism, and the figure is approaching a fit, slender ideal. But in practice, not everything is so fabulously simple.

Let's look at the ways in which you can speed up the metabolism in the body:


  • 1 Frequent meals in small portions
  • 2 Increase your activity
  • 3 love green tea
  • 4 more water
  • 5 Indulge in spicy foods
  • 6 Try to avoid stress.
  • 7 Healthy full sleep
  • 8 Pay attention to breakfast

Frequent meals in small portions

Ideally, it would be good to eat 6 times a day, but not much. Small snacks will help speed up the metabolism if it is healthy food (vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, dairy products).

Increase your activity

The more you move, run, jump or just walk, the faster metabolic processes and the processing of calories by your body will go.

Alternate aerobic exercise with weight training. Power loads, for example, bodybuilding, provokes the process of burning calories for a long time, it does not stop with the end of the workout. It should only be remembered that strength loads need to be done wisely and be sure to monitor your blood pressure, as it rises during weight training.

Love green tea

It turns out that it stimulates the oxidation of fats and increases the metabolic rate by 4%. But do not completely replace the use of water with green tea. As you know, everything is good in moderation!

Plenty of water

Water is necessary for chemical processes in the body, which include metabolism. Therefore, the more water enters the body, the faster metabolism occurs. But you need to drink clean water or mineral water, in a sweet soda, there is more harm to the body than good.

Indulge in spicy foods

If you have no stomach problems (ulcers, gastritis), then you can try to eat spicy, pepper dishes. Acute accelerates metabolism, and in addition kills microbes and positively affects the cardiovascular system.

Try to avoid stress

Not to mention the fact that many people tend to calm their nervous system under stress in a state of stress, stress in itself is the cause of excess weight. The fact is that stress is accompanied by the release of the hormone cortisol, and the action of this hormone is reduced to the conservation of energy resources of the body, the destruction of muscles.

Healthy full sleep

People who sleep poorly are more prone to stress. In addition, during a healthy sleep, cells are renewed, which has a good effect on metabolism.

Pay attention to breakfast

Morning food starts the metabolism after a night's rest. Just do not burden the body with sweet and fat breakfast.

Good luck in the important work of improving the quality of life and acquiring a slim and fit figure!