Fish oil for weight loss

Excess weight, lack of waist, unhealthy heart and joint pain - this is often the result of malnutrition, when the diet lacks a source of omega-3 essential acids, which are rich in fish oil. If you include this useful product in your daily menu, you can get rid of these problems, get yourself in good shape, that is, lose weight .


  • 1 The benefits of fish oil for heart muscle
  • 2 How does fish oil affect joints?> 3 What is the effect of fish oil on weight loss?
  • 4 Does fish oil help to lose weight in the absence of physical activity?
  • 5 Fish oil and exercise
  • 6 How to make fish oil work
  • 7 What needs to be done in order to start losing weight?
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The benefits of fish oil for heart muscle

The product is of the greatest value for heart health. A whole study conducted at the end of the last century was devoted to this property.

GISSI-Prevenzone researchers conducted an experiment in which about 11 323 subjects who had a heart attack participated. After three and a half years, in people who took one gram of fish oil daily, the chances of relapse and death from a heart attack decreased by 50%.

Similar results are truly astounding. Thus, it turns out that a person whose risk of dying from a heart attack is one hundred percent will help fish oil survive.

A similar study was conducted in Japan. It showed that the inclusion of this useful product in conjunction with statin can increase the chances of staying alive by another 16% in those who have suffered a heart attack.

Similar results are truly amazing. They confirm the benefits of Omega-3 for the heart muscle, and, consequently, for the whole organism. It is difficult to believe that the inclusion of only one product can save a life, but research confirms this fact.

How fish oil affects joints ">

Physical exercise is good for general health, but heavy squats, bench presses and a press performed while lying on a bench do quite serious damage to joints that age much faster. A similar problem is faced by everyone who plays sports at a professional level, daily lifting a lot of weight.

It is not necessary to make such sacrifices. Having good physical shape and healthy joints is possible if you take omega acids. Most people suffering from joint pain, after daily use of fish oil immediately feel a relief of their condition. Here, the main thing is to take into account the dosage. To prevent death from a heart attack, you must take 1-1.5 g.

For joint pain, this dosage is not enough. Some people may need to take a double or triple rate of drugs and complexes containing multifunctional fatty acids, since it all depends on the condition.

What is the effect of fish oil on weight loss ">

This is the first question that interests many who want to bring their weight back to normal. Three fats are responsible for the fat burning process in the body - CLA, EPA / DHA. The last two are Omega-3s. They, being fats, which sounds pretty paradoxical, help to lose weight.

To become fit, you must abandon the previously existing stereotype. So, in the 80s and 90s of the last century, bodybuilders ate foods that were practically devoid of fat. Studies on the effect of fish oil on weight loss have begun relatively recently.

The results obtained in the course of clinical trials prove the real effectiveness of the drug. Potential properties that affect fat burning have been identified in more serious cellular and molecular biological studies.

Does fish oil help to lose weight in the absence of physical activity ">

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the results of ongoing research. The international magazine Obesity conducted an experiment in which 324 men were overweight and even obese. The subjects sat on a diet that included a reduced total calorie intake. Fatty or lean fish, or fish oil in capsules, was an addition to the lean diet.

The diet of losing weight was not thought out to the end. Half the menu was carbohydrates, and proteins accounted for no more than twenty percent of the total diet. The subjects did not engage in sports, that is, no additional activity was provided during the experiment. Initially, the study, as you can understand, did not pursue any “great” goal.

The average weight loss was about 6 kilograms. Men who ate fish or took a course of omega acids lost one kilogram more. A similar result was even among those who used lean cod fillet. The researchers could not explain this fact, but it is, as you might guess, due to the presence of omega acids.

The first scientific study that proved the effectiveness of fish oil for weight loss was conducted in 1997. Its participants were on a diet that involved consuming 50% carbohydrates, as well as replacing 6 grams of regular fat with fish for the last 3 weeks of 12, during which the experiment lasted. This was done in order to compare the overall results from calorie reduction and the effect of the product on fat burning processes. The product was introduced into the diet of not all, but some participants.

In people who consumed fish instead of fats for 3 weeks, the weight loss for this period was 1 kilogram, and the remaining group of test subjects lost about 300 grams over the same time period, i.e. 3 times less. To many, of course, such results may not seem quite impressive, but one should take into account the fact that the participants in the experiment did not play sports, but only replaced regular fat with fish oil, and their diet consisted almost entirely of carbohydrate-rich foods.

These studies confirm that fish oil allows you to lose weight even when a person is not engaged in any physical activity, consumes a large amount of carbohydrates.

Fish oil and exercise

The most interesting and extensive study was published in one of the issues of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It, unlike the ones described above, consisted in the use of fish oil in the form of a liquid supplement. It has a high concentration of DHA.

The test group was a group of men. Some consumed sunflower oil, while others consumed liquid fish oil. Some of the participants performed physical exercises, and some did not go in for sports. The training involved activity with a heart muscle frequency of 75% of maximum for 45 minutes. Exercises were performed three times a week.

The best results in weight loss were demonstrated by those who engaged in physical activity, consumed fish oil, than other groups of subjects. The authors of the study noted the fact that regular aerobic exercise and rich in DHA fats can reduce body fat.

In the published data, one important point was not noted, since it did not belong to the process of losing weight, regarding the heart rate. Men who consumed fish oil experienced a significant decrease in heart rate than men who did not take omega-3 acids.

The exercises performed by the subjects were reduced to the fact that it was necessary to achieve 75% of the heart rhythm, which required much more effort for those who drank fish oil. This is one of the points that led to the fact that this group of subjects lost more weight than others.

The mechanism of the effect of fish oil on heart contractions has not yet been fully studied. Currently available studies show only that the use of EPA and DHA, which are enclosed in omega-3 acid, can change the electrochemistry of the heart muscle. This is the main reason that the product reduces the likelihood of death in a heart attack. This, as can be assumed, is the main reason that the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle decreases.

The study described above proves the effectiveness of fish oil in the process of losing weight. The product can be introduced into the diet as an additive, that is, without playing sports, being a passive assistant in the loss of excess body fat. It is possible to achieve even greater results if you engage in certain physical activity. The main thing is to take into account the fact that some mechanisms, in fact, enhance lipolysis, while others do not have any such effect.

How to make fish oil work

Weight loss is noted in studies where people engage in physical activity, as well as in experiments where sports were completely excluded. To improve the effect obtained from taking fish oil, there are several proven methods:

  • an increased concentration of DHA prevents the formation and promotes the destruction of adipocytes before they become immortal fat cells;
  • chylomicrons and fats are especially well cleared when fish oil is consumed after a meal, which allows you to choose the best time to take the supplement to enhance the maximum effect;
  • reducing the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle allows you to increase the level of the desired load in order to achieve the highest intensity during physical training;
  • Omega-3 oxidizes fats in the body fat and helps regulate mitochondrial mechanisms.

Hypersensitivity to insulin is not included in the list of mechanisms that contribute to improving the result of taking fish oil. Studying a wide range of studies on this subject makes it possible to understand that this aspect has a rather small effect, especially on healthy people. Sensitivity to insulin is more pronounced in those who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

What you need to do in order to start losing weight ">

There are at least two reasons for taking the omega acid complex. Firstly, supplementation with Omega-3 helps to avoid death after suffering a heart attack. Secondly, it really helps to lose weight even to those who are not involved in any physical activity.

To find the desired harmony, you need to follow several fairly simple rules:

  1. The dosage is directly determined by the results that the person wants to get. If you need to lose no more than 15 kg, the supplement should be taken twice a day for 1-2 g. When getting rid of more kilograms, you need to drink 5-6 g.
  2. Eat fish oil after eating. This avoids bile secretion and indigestion. The optimal course duration is 25 days. Then be sure to take a break of up to 5 months.

Instructions for the use of the drug for weight loss involves:

  • The choice of a natural and effective supplement, since cheaper brands quite often cause nausea, require an increased dosage. The most useful is the product that contains the maximum concentration of DHA, and it should be purchased.
  • To get tangible results, the amount of healthy fats (EPA and DHA) taken should be between 2 and 3 grams per day. This is the minimum dosage. And if obesity is present, then it can be increased to 5 grams. All individually.
  • If you use a minimum daily intake, then it can be drunk at a time. Larger dosages should be divided into 2 doses, for example, in the morning and evening.
  • Taking supplements is best combined with a meal. When the use of fish oil occurs in the morning, it is ideal to drink the product with breakfast. This will reduce the likelihood of oxidation of acids entering the body as energy.

It’s no secret that fish oil does not belong to delicacies with excellent taste. Some people may feel sick after taking this supplement. If this happens, the product must be placed in the freezer. Frozen fat is much nicer, and it ceases to cause disgust.


Do not give up fish oil. This product is incredibly useful for the heart, and for the joints, and for the figure. And if it seems that having a magnificent relief without any negative health consequences is impossible, this is an erroneous opinion. Taking the supplement either as a prophylaxis or for the purpose of losing weight, a person becomes not only slimmer, but also healthier.