Restoring and improving metabolism in the body

Metabolism is laid in a person from birth. The metabolic rate is different. In some people it is slower, while in others, on the contrary, it is accelerated. The slower the metabolism, the higher the tendency to gain excess weight, and, therefore, requires much more effort to lose weight. This does not mean that it is impossible to change the situation for the better.


  • 1 Metabolism and human health
  • 2 Proper nutrition
  • 3 Active lifestyle
  • 4 Exercises to restore metabolism
  • 5 Summary

Metabolism and human health

Congenital metabolism is only a predisposition, but it changes from the further lifestyle that a person leads. Irregular nutrition and improper daily routines contribute to metabolic disorders, and completeness is not the only negative consequence. Metabolism has a direct effect on:

  • degree of activity in everyday life;
  • duration and quality of sleep;
  • health condition of the skin;
  • the work of body systems;
  • resistance to stress.

If the metabolism is good, then health and sleep are normal. When the metabolism is impaired, a person is unwell, and he suffers from insomnia. The latter is most often observed among residents of large cities. A problem can be recognized only when the following external signs appear:

  1. Strong weight fluctuations. If the body is functioning normally, the weight ranges from 2 to 5 kg. In metabolic disorders for a short period, a person gains from five or more kilograms.
  2. Deterioration of the hair structure and dermis. Most often, an imbalance in metabolism leads to the appearance of acne.
  3. Trouble sleeping. In some people, they are expressed in increased drowsiness, and in others in insomnia.

The main reasons leading to metabolic disturbances are constant stresses, mainly a sedentary lifestyle and irrational nutrition, which goes beyond the basics of the correct one.

The last point is the easiest to eliminate. You can resort to any non-strict diet. It is much more difficult to get rid of stress, that is, to calm the nervous system, and also to start actively moving, as you will have to make a lot of effort.

An improvement in metabolism occurs only when a person minimizes all the harmful factors present in everyday life. The most effective ways to achieve this are normalization of the diet and a moving lifestyle.

Proper nutrition

Many believe that they are based on the principles of a strict diet menu. This is fundamentally wrong idea. To bring your diet back to normal, you need to follow a few simple, but quite effective rules:

  • Eat without overeating. This is quite simple, as it may seem at first glance, the rule, unfortunately, is violated by many, which is facilitated by two or three meals a day. To stop overeating, you need to start eating in small portions at least 5 or 6 times daily. This helps to eliminate the feeling of hunger between separate meals and has a positive effect on the psyche.
  • Minimize fat intake. Fat-containing foods should be minimized or such foods should be completely discarded. For example, you can completely stop including mayonnaise in your menu.
  • Increase the amount of protein. Protein-rich foods have a positive effect on metabolism and should account for the vast majority of your daily diet.
  • Observe drinking regimen. The daily need for clean drinking water is at least two liters. If there is not enough fluid, the body goes into a saving mode, which impairs blood circulation and metabolism.
  • Always have breakfast. If you skip morning meals, the body, which is experiencing an acute need for nutrients after sleep, starts to work slowly, as it receives a signal to accumulate nutrients, which leads to fat deposits and a slow metabolism.
  • Do not eat late. The last meal should be no later than three hours before going to bed.
  • Drink vitamin complexes. Such additives are an excellent tool for the body, which ceases to "save", as well as a good prevention of vitamin deficiency.

If you adhere to each point, you can achieve improvement not only in metabolism, but also in well-being.

Active lifestyle

You can eat right and good, but if you do not start an active life, metabolism will not change much. In addition, it is not necessary to immediately run into the gym or sign up for fitness classes.

To be active, it’s enough to walk more, do morning workouts, which should include stretching. The latter allows you to awaken the body in the morning, to disperse the blood supply, which positively affects the digestive system. If, in addition to warming up, on weekends to go jogging or walking, then in 1-2 months significant results will become noticeable.

It should be understood that this mode may not help everyone. There is a category of people who need not to improve, but to restore metabolism, that is, seek the advice of a doctor. Along with recommendations from a specialist, it will be useful to follow the recommendations given, but in a much more complex form.

It is not enough just to eat right, you will have to switch to a rigid diet, and replace walks, workouts, jogs with daily exercise. The optimal diet in such a situation should be coordinated with a nutritionist.

Exercise to restore metabolism

To restore metabolism, it is necessary not only to actively and move a lot, but to follow a strict daily routine and perform special exercises. The correct mode includes not only rest and sleep, but also the allocation of a certain time for training.

A weakened body recovers much faster if you follow a certain ritual daily:

  1. Take a contrast shower in the morning, which allows you to increase blood circulation and will positively affect the body.
  2. Drink at least one glass of water before the morning warm-up with stretching.
  3. Do not do heavy exercises in the morning. They require the expenditure of a large amount of energy, which the awakened organism does not yet have.
  4. Perform an hour walk or jog in the evenings.
  5. Go to the gym or pool. Exercising in the gym is best with a trainer.

Heavy exercise should be left for the evening. This is an ideal time to strengthen the body and muscles. Evening workouts help to compensate for the lack of movement during the day, relieve stress, overcome insomnia.

A good addition would be a sauna or a bath, especially infrared. Such procedures have a positive effect on blood circulation. Massages will also be useful.


To restore or improve metabolism, you need to focus on three main points:

  • proper nutrition;
  • physical activity;
  • strict daily routine.

If you follow all the rules of each of the three points, good physical shape and good mood are guaranteed.