Tips Franco Colombo.

Franco Colombo is an example of how to overcome difficulties. Only by overcoming difficulties do you gain strength. But without a fight, strength means nothing, because victory can be won only by fighting for it.

Franco is a pleasant conversationalist with a great sense of humor, and he stays that way all his life. And in his life he had to struggle a lot, including with himself. He often tried to do the impossible, and he succeeded. A step beyond the brink of the reasonable and the real - it is precisely from such steps that our life consists. Franco and Arnold have developed some tips that can be applied not only in training, but also in life situations.

1. Formulate the goal (the most important thing to achieve the goal is to follow it steadily, if you have already made such a decision, to be loyal to the goal).
2. Do not give up your goal (the main thing is to follow your own rules, exclude the questions “why is this necessary”, “how much effort does it cost”)
3. Only work and work on yourself will give you self-confidence (the more success you achieve, the more confidence you will have. Choose your path and follow it, do not look at the others. Your task is to fulfill the goals that you set for yourself )
4. The final goal seems unrealistic, and the path to it is long (remember that in theory the possibilities of a person are endless. Imagine a long staircase that you need to overcome. Be sure that if someone could do this before you, you can) .