Gustavo Badell


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  • Height: 173 cm
  • Competitive weight: 109 kg
  • Bicep Circumference: 55cm


Gustavo Badell was born in the fall that year, when the tragically famous Munich Olympics took place on November 3, 1972. Now he lives in the capital, is married, has two children.

In his youth he attended sections of various martial arts. After two years of training, he began boxing at an amateur level.

The coach advised him to sway a little and gain a few more pounds. He began to attend strength training. A few months later, friends advised Gustav to start bodybuilding. They managed to convince him and, having bought the appropriate literature, he began to work on himself. Six months later, he already took part in competitions, where he won the first victory.

For him, a kind of symbol and ideal was Sean Ray. He liked his performances, his manner of posing. At the moment, he already has a different ideal - this is his coach. Gustavo believes that the gym is a place where everyone can improve.


The gym with which he started had no special equipment at its base, with the exception of the standard set of dumbbells, weights and barbells. Most of them at that time were already brought to a state in which their use was quite problematic. But in this hall, all visitors sought to build muscle as much as possible. The main thing for visitors to this room is to get huge bumps of muscles, and the external beauty in this case is not important. But later he already moved to more modern gyms.

In his training, he paid special attention to the tendons of the knees and around them. Its complexes included 5-6 exercises for this muscle group. In training, he is always focused on the muscle group that he is currently working on.

According to Gustavo, the most difficult thing in bodybuilding is that you are constantly in the spotlight. If you engage in other sports, then no one pays attention to you and how you look. This is due to the fact that no matter what group of people you are in, a bodybuilder will always stand out. Anywhere around, people are surprised to pay attention to you.

According to many experts, this is a very promising and interesting bodybuilder in the future. Gustavo participated in many competitions, often takes first places. In addition, he became the hero of the films, which tells about his life and how he has training.

Video - Gustavo Badell