Yoga for beginners

Surely there is no such person who would not hear about such a word as "yoga", but at the same time, not everyone is able to explain what it is. I want to note that yoga is a unique, amazing practice that came to the world from a mysterious, mysterious India, and yet, as you know, it is this country that brings health not only to the body, but also to the soul of a person, so you should be aware and understand this .

We cannot but add that yoga allows you to learn to competently, breathe correctly, fully relax, but in addition, it allows you to forget about insomnia, and after all, so many people suffer from this ailment.


  • 1 What is Yoga "> 2 A Brief History of Yoga
  • 3 The benefits of yoga for man
  • 4 Contraindications to yoga
  • 5 Beginner's Yoga Classes
  • 6 What you can not do when doing yoga?
  • 7 Beginner Beginner Exercises
    • 7.1 Tree pose
    • 7.2 Pose of the child
    • 7.3 Mountain pose (“dog pose”)
    • 7.4 Stork Pose
    • 7.5 Onion pose
  • 8 Conclusion

What is yoga? Features

Speaking about yoga in general, of course, you should understand that this is a special, unique way of life, which is famous for allowing everyone to achieve enlightenment. Remember that if you want to do yoga, you will have to give up certain benefits of civilization.

After all, it is yoga that is different in that it forces you to rethink not only life principles, but also habits. Wanting to do yoga, be prepared for the fact that now there will be a desire to abandon everything bad and harmful, you can learn to control your feelings, acquiring not only mental but also physical balance. Those people who regularly do this claim that they began life differently, and had no idea how their gray days went before.

Many people perceive yoga as a set of asanas, if you want to do the same, then you know that for you it will become a simple gymnastics and no more, accordingly, it cannot bring the proper effect. In this case, yoga will be a complex of various exercises designed to improve health, normalize the work of various organs, etc.

A Brief History of Yoga

As for the history of yoga, naturally it is long and rich, because if you carefully study the Indian press, you can notice the images of figures in the poses of yoga meditation.

The benefits of yoga for man

Despite all the advantages that yoga has, nevertheless, many people do not know what benefits it brings, but if you carefully study this issue, then all doubts will disappear instantly, instantly. You can safely say that even two months is enough, and you can feel favorable, positive and positive changes.

Such exercises are also famous for the fact that they will forget about chronic pain in certain sections of the spine, which is important. It is important to add that yoga is different in that it heals all body systems, and these are not empty words. Of course, you should engage regularly to achieve some results, and the effect, in this case, you yourself will notice how the body becomes flexible, plastic.

Attention: Remember that only yoga classes will allow a person to feel real life energy, gaining self-confidence, moreover, such classes will allow you to become more calm, less susceptible to stress and other negative situations, and this is a serious advantage.

Contraindications to yoga

You need to understand that you can really do yoga for everyone who wants it, but like any gymnastics, there are some contraindications that you should familiarize yourself with beforehand so that such workouts can not do any harm or harm your health.

  1. For example, it is strictly forbidden to practice yoga in case of certain mental disorders, this includes schizophrenia, certain exacerbations of diseases of internal organs, so it’s worth considering this;
  2. If you encounter a problem such as arterial, intracranial pressure, then you should forget about such activities, you may have various heart diseases;
  3. You can not do yoga in the presence of inguinal hernias;
  4. In the case of certain heart diseases, especially after a heart attack;
  5. One cannot but add here joint diseases, various spinal injuries, oncological diseases;
  6. If certain operations were carried out, then such classes should be abandoned;
  7. Accordingly, this must be done with flu, colds, fever.

Attention: Sometimes it happens that during yoga, a person begins to feel bad, his condition worsens, of course, you can’t tolerate it, in this case, you should definitely stop training so as not to face serious health problems, moreover, you will need medical consultation .

Rules for Yoga for Beginners

Now you probably understand that yoga will require systematicity, so try to immediately determine the time of classes, it is generally accepted that you should start every morning with yoga, doing this for a couple of hours, but of course, as the most optimal time for classes is evening.

In addition to the above, it is important not to forget that yoga should be strictly with an empty stomach, or, several hours after a meal, you can perform special exercises, both on a slippery rug and on the floor, barefoot.

Many people are not serious about such activities, further wondering why they could not achieve any results. Know that yoga always requires complete silence, concentration, which means that external sources of sound should be turned off accordingly.

At the moment when you begin to perform certain exercises, you will definitely need to concentrate on the body, completely relax, forgetting about all those problems that may bother you, completely immersed in the meditation process. In general, know that asanas should be performed competently, namely, slowly and smoothly, then you can feel every breath, exhale, which is important.

Indeed, it will be possible to use the correct breathing to properly relax the body, calm the mind, so do not forget about it, this is the main secret, the effectiveness of such exercises.

What you can’t do when doing yoga "> Beginner's Exercise

As for the first exercises, you can start them on your own, even without an instructor, such asanas are exclusively beneficial, and even if they are not performed, quite right. Of course, you should not rush, try to tune exclusively to the sensations of your body, performing exercises gradually.

Tree pose

In order to perform this exercise as efficiently and correctly as possible, you need to stand upright, with inspiration, slowly raise your hands, stretching them up as much as you can. After the manipulations have been done, even hands should be laid back behind the head, this will allow you to fully open the chest. To enhance the effect, it is necessary to raise the bent leg, putting its foot on the thigh. Such an exercise is effective and useful, because it gives a graceful posture, moreover, it also seriously strengthens the spinal column.

Baby pose

You can perform the following exercise, which is called - the pose of the child. In this case, you need to sit on your heels with your buttocks, and then start lowering your body to your hips, while stretching your arms forward. Such an exercise is necessary, effective, because it will relax your tightened muscles, relieving tension from the neck.

Mountain pose ("dog pose")

For this exercise, you should bend down with your hands on the floor with your palms. After that, raise the pelvis up, stepping back with your heels, moreover, the weight should always be evenly distributed between the palms, feet, respectively, as a result, stress can be removed from the shoulder girdle, from the back.

Stork pose

For example, a stork pose is a good option. Where should you raise your arms, bending down with an exhale, thereby bending from the lower back. This exercise improves body tone.

Onion pose

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your stomach, taking yourself by both ankles, while inhaling while lifting both the upper and lower halves of your body. Exercise is effective, as it allows you to make your back straight, arms slender, so it is impossible not to evaluate it.

It is important not to forget that practicing yoga at home, it is natural to perform certain exercises must be thoughtful, leisurely, this is the most important thing. Only in this case, there is a great opportunity to maximally effectively feel your every movement, enjoying it in full.

Of course, one should never forget about thoughts when performing similar exercises, this is explained by the fact that they will allow you to relax, distract from certain problems, making yourself much better than yesterday.

If something is not clear, then you can always watch the videos teaching these exercises that will help you not to make mistakes. Thus, after some time, you will memorize all these exercises by heart, respectively, you will be able to perform them without much effort, difficulties and difficulties.


Now you understand yourself that yoga is really a complex of serious, effective and safe exercises that allow you to look at the world with completely different eyes, get rid of certain problems, creating a special harmony of body and soul.

In addition to this, now you know that yoga is the direct path to health, such training will help get rid of the negative baggage that has been accumulated throughout your life, etc.

There are many wonderful exercises in yoga, but minus yoga, these are various spiritual practices that often lead to spiritual problems.