More! More! More! Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Today, the classical techniques and principles of bodybuilding are undergoing significant changes. But a very small part of them gives urgent and necessary recommendations to those who first came to the gym in order to achieve their goal, to become simply very large. And this is true, because now all scientific reserves are aimed at helping athletes that have already achieved serious results in order to achieve truly great results. These athletes already need to go beyond the natural line of human capabilities in order to overcome the “dead point” when there is no increase in muscle strength and muscle mass.

However, nothing is as critical as starting a training session. The principles of Joe Wonder do not work here either, which testifies only in favor of supporting already gained muscle mass. That is why the beginning is both a change of lifestyle and a solid foundation for a future result. It will be comparable in size to a tiny house or a huge Empire State Building directly depends on the basis.

However, how to lay a solid and reliable foundation "> horizontal bench press.

- breeding hands with dumbbells, lying on a horizontal bench.

- Inclined bench press head up and down.

2. For back muscles:

- pulling the bar to the waist in a slope.

- draft of dumbbells in an inclination.

- pulling up with a wide grip.

3. For the muscles of the shoulder girdle:

- bench press c chest standing

- bench press for the head

- breeding dumbbells to the side

4. For the muscles of the arm:

- French bench press.

- push-ups on the uneven bars (triceps training)

- lifting the biceps with a barbell and dumbbells.

- oblique bending of dumbbells (for triceps training)

5. For leg muscles:

- squats with a barbell on the shoulders.

However, a set of exercises for one training session does not have to consist of all the exercises mentioned above. Therefore, it is worth choosing the most optimal ones for yourself, hoping that the weight of the sports equipment is maximum, and the number of repetitions is not too frequent. It is better to start the warm-up with 12 repetitions of lifting light weight, then continuing with 6 sets with its gradual increase. The weight is selected so that in the last 2 approaches you lift the projectile no more than once. In this case, it is not necessary to conduct more repetitions in the 2nd - 4th sets before the state of the muscle block is objectively felt.

Of the principles proposed by Wider, it is rational to use only one. This idea of ​​"partial movements" is optimal for squats, which need to be done up to half with one fourth of the amplitude of flexion. In this case, we need insurance from the partner.

Weightlifting and powerlifting exercises are also recommended for training, but better after gaining some muscle mass. Here you should not chase the result, that is, for the maximum weight, but you need to use them just for pumping in the above mode. The following exercises are recognized for the bodybuilder:

- bench presses from the chest.

- deadlift.

- push rod.

- lifting the barbell to the chest.

Now we should understand the concept of training intensity. So the universally accepted concept includes measures to accelerate training: exercises are performed quickly, rest between them is minimized. This leads to a decrease in the duration of the lesson to 40 minutes instead of one hour. The initial recommendations are directly opposite: in a normal one-hour training session, the time spent on a lesson is better to stretch for an hour and a half. This is explained by the need for adequate rest, support for breathing, and for thought about improving the effectiveness of exercises.

In bodybuilding, one often hears that the start of training is preferable with less weight. For example: a person comes into the gym and starts working with small dumbbells, repeating sets almost to infinity. After that, the muscles acquire an impressive volume. This phenomenon is called "pumping", which does not fit with the increase in mass of the muscle itself.

If this is not muscle growth, then why are muscles increasing in volume "> Utilization of proteins is an individual ability for everyone, which grows as a person is trained. Often there is one problem: initially, with abundant nutrition and reduced ability to protein utilization, you can start to get fat. There is no way to prevent this - you just need to reduce the calorie intake.

However, one thing is certain: obesity is not an ally of a bodybuilder. When losing weight, fat cells are depleted, becoming invisible. When the diet provides for enhanced nutrition, then obesity will certainly come.

Nutrition is a subtle tool for muscle growth, which, like training, you need to use skillfully. One without the other does not have a future and without fanaticism in maintaining nutrition it makes no sense to be a fanatic of training.

Although the size of the muscles does not make a great bodybuilder an athlete. Of course, muscle volumes also pull people into bodybuilding, without which there is nothing to do in it. Body proportion also matters - the proportionality of the muscles. Underestimating these factors, it’s impossible to become like a champion.

Before building muscle, take a look at the skeleton: if you are slouching or lower your shoulders, then you must initially work on this. This can be explained as follows: if such an impression is already being created, then with an increased mass it will be more pronounced. This can also lead to spinal deformity due to the redistribution of the load on the spinal column. The likelihood of injury is very high.

Getting started - changing the position of the body. Start by forming a skeleton, straighten it. A straight back is an indicator of a high level of training. A bodybuilder is always visible in it, so turn your shoulders.

Starting to work on oneself, one should not look into the future, one does not need to understand the complex technique of techniques and techniques. It is better not to waste time on this, following the already invented and effective technique.

Getting the most out of every workout is the only right approach to implementing the idea. However, overtraining is also worth fearing. You should not be distracted by anything else, because this is already a difficult task.

There is no need to set certain and tight deadlines. Although a person is not limited in genetics to possibilities, then it simply predetermines the terms. There is nothing to be done, but the growth of mass is strictly individual, but it is. This is imperative.

When you start training according to this scheme, connecting all your perseverance and patience, then in return you will gain muscle growth. And this is simply inevitable. As the sun always rises every day, so after each workout you will receive a certain increase.