NO Xplode by BSN

Among the pre-training complexes presented on the modern market, only a few products deserved popularity and many positive reviews. These include NO Xplode, manufactured by BSN.

NO Xplode allows you to get a boost of energy and a surge of energy for a short time period, which helps to improve the quality of focusing attention, productivity, training intensity, and, consequently, muscle building. The effect is felt almost instantly after administration - after a couple of minutes.


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  • 2 Features of the pre-workout
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Composition NO Xplode

The product has a unique composition, which leads to a characteristic original scheme of the pre-workout complex. Advanced and effective ingredients have made the supplement one of the best among analogues. The manufacturer included a creatine matrix, nitrogen, and other enzymes in the complex that help stimulate brain function and increase overall endurance.

Pre-Workout Features

The complex supplement is a powerful magnet for proteins, water, creatine, protein and other enzymes that are required to build muscle. It not only enriches the body with the required elements, but also improves the degree of absorption of these ingredients by cells. Thanks to this complex, the degree of endurance increases and the amount of produced lactic acid decreases, which means that muscle failure occurs much later and makes it possible to perform 2-4 approaches more than usual.

The whole range of BSN supplements offered belongs to the category of premium class, and the described pre-workout complex does not have similar ones among similar products from other manufacturers. The company strictly controls the effectiveness and quality of sports nutrition, implements innovative developments, monitors the presence of plagiarists.

How to take NO Xplode Pre Workout

On training days, the manufacturer recommends taking from 2 to 3 servings of the complex 30 minutes before exercise on an empty stomach. One serving contains 20.5 g of the additive, which is a measured spoon. Two or three scoops are mixed in 0.4 l of water. Rest days involve 1 serving. It is diluted in 0.3 liters of water and is also taken on an empty stomach.

It is not recommended to drink more than 3 servings per day. In days free from training, the complex should be consumed no later than 4 hours before bedtime. It is necessary to take the supplement cyclically. After a three-month course, a thirty-day break is required.

Side effects

High performance from taking a pre-workout complex may be associated with some side effects. In some cases, athletes may have trouble sleeping, headaches, digestive upsets, and pressure surges. However, reading reviews from athletes, it should be noted that there are no complaints about such phenomena, but, taking into account the possibility of their manifestation, individuals may have individual intolerance to some components of the complex.

To get the desired result, sometimes you have to put up with possible risks. Side effects disappear immediately after taking the supplement. To exclude a negative reaction allows trial use of the complex in minimum dosages for five days. The pre-harness should not be taken by those who suffer from diseases of the liver or heart, have mental disorders.


Companies producing pre-workouts are advised to take supplements on non-training days. This is beneficial only for manufacturers, as athletes consume and buy more products. Of course, there will be no harm from daily intake of the complex, but, on the contrary, it will give a positive effect, but if you take into account the purpose of the supplement, it will be insignificant.

Pre-workouts are tuned to the high metabolic rate and give the greatest result when taken before training. The rest of the time, that is, without high physical exertion, they bring a much smaller effect that cannot be commensurate with the cost of the supplement. And in order not to spend an expensive product, it is better to drink cheaper creatine monohydrate on rest days.