Natural chemistry

If you started reading this article, hoping to learn something about stimulants or doping, then this is in vain. I want to tell you about chemistry, which is natural for the human body. For some reason, few people know about it, and even less use it. If you want to know the sensational ways to increase the production of the most important hormones that accelerate anabolism, then read on!

Let's try to recall a school course in biology and chemistry. Hormones produced by the endocrine glands are controlled by the nervous system. And she, in turn, is controlled by the brain, like all other vital processes of our body. The action of hormones is strictly selective. Each hormone has strictly its functions and affects certain organs. In addition, hormones act on organs that are far from the glands by which they are produced. They enter the organs through the blood. This feature is called distaptation.

So, now it is worth considering how the hormone manages to act on his ward organ. At the upper pole of the kidney is a tiny gland called the adrenal gland. The brain sends a nerve impulse to it when there is an external stimulus (for example, a danger signal). The adrenal gland can be called a whole hormone production plant (it produces more than 40 different types of them). Thanks to these hormones, our body recovers after fatigue, poisonous substances that enter the body are neutralized, we adapt more easily to hunger, radiation, cold, lack of oxygen, but most importantly - hormones increase muscle performance. This is achieved by releasing a hormone such as adrenaline. The molecules of this hormone penetrate the cells through their shells (membranes). After this, intracellular processes radically change, which affects the work of our organs: the rhythm of the heartbeat increases, and muscle tone rises. In addition, the activity of the intestines and stomach stops from adrenaline, and the glycogen in the liver begins to split further, which leads to the appearance of free energy.

Now it is worth making a conclusion. Muscle volume increases due to hormones after you experience stress. We are talking about hormones that stimulate muscle cell growth anabolism. Anabolic steroids is a synthetic analogue of sex hormone in men. It is he who is chosen by “pitching”, hoping to get a big increase in his muscles. At the same time, "bodybuilders" forget that steroids with regular use lead to impotence, the development of cancer and the destruction of the liver. Buying steroids is also stupid, because in reality they do not affect the growth of muscle tissue.

In pharmacology, steroids are prescribed to people who have undergone severe surgery and are immobilized. To avoid the threat of dystrophy, these people drink steroids that restore fallen muscle tissue. But new muscles will not fundamentally grow if you use this chemistry.

Despite this, many bodybuilders who use steroids note that muscle mass is growing at a faster rate. How can this be explained ">