3 best exercises with medball

Try a couple of times a week to perform a set of exercises with medball. This training will pump your entire body (the main emphasis on the muscles of the core), and also increase endurance and coordination.

Do 20 explosive repetitions of each exercise, resting for 1-2 minutes. between exercises.

Throw over the shoulder of a medball

When performing this exercise, absolutely the whole body is involved in the work, not only speed, but also strength develops well.

Technique of execution:

Stand over the medical ball, bend over and pick it up. After that, the ball is thrown to its feet. Now, unbend as quickly as possible and throw it over your left shoulder. The exercise is repeated, but on the other side.

Throw the medball down

This exercise is perfect for those people who are professional fighters. Due to the explosive technique, it perfectly simulates shock movements.

Technique of execution:

We take the ball and raise it strictly above our heads. Then, making maximum efforts, we throw the weighting weight down, hands, by inertia, should reach a minimum to the level of the pelvis.

Medball and its throw up

Such an explosive exercise is extremely effective and is quite common in crossfit. The impact is on the whole human body, a sense of balance, as well as strength, develops.

Execution Rules:

We take medball and take the squat position, the ball is fixed in front of us at neck level. Now we get up and at the same time throw the ball into the wall as high as possible. Then we catch it with our hands and repeat the same actions again.