Pills to improve brain activity and memory

The ability to remember and learn information is the ability that absolutely every person needs. To possess such a skill is possible only when memory fails. If the incoming data is quickly processed and remembered, a person has a clear mind, can achieve a lot.

Everyone needs a good memory. It helps schoolchildren and students to quickly learn teaching materials and successfully pass exams, employees of various fields to cope with their job responsibilities and qualifications, and older people to maintain active brain activity and arrive in good physical shape.


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    • 2.1 Glycine
    • 2.2 Nootropil
    • 2.3 Intellan
    • 2.4 Piracetam
    • 2.5 Phenotropil
    • 2.6 Tanakan
    • 2.7 Picamilon
    • 2.8 Aminalon
    • 2.9 Pantogam
    • 2.10 Memoplant
  • 3 Features of some drugs
  • 4 Popular ways to improve brain function
  • 5 Training for brain activity
  • 6 What factors negatively affect memory?
  • 7 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to a good memory

How to become the owner of an ideal memory?

Daily loads do not pass without a trace. They have a direct impact on the thought process when too much information comes in, most of which is unnecessary. As a result, a person begins to forget most of the important “little things”, for example, going shopping, they don’t remember what they intended to buy, or if they turned off the gas in the house when they left. It is impossible to ignore forgetfulness at any age, since with age the situation will only worsen.

Among the available ways to improve memory and brain activity, the following are considered the best:

  • Enrichment of the diet with carbohydrates. The structure of these nutrients is converted to glucose. To replenish the supply of this substance, it is enough to have breakfast with an omelet, a slice of bread baked from whole grains, as well as an omelet.
  • Dancing and sports. You don’t have to train for hours. It is enough to carry out some exercises to stimulate the flow of blood to the brain. Scientific studies have shown that in people who are actively moving, the assimilation of information occurs 20% faster than in those who neglect physical exercise.
  • Typing. The development of memory is well promoted by texts typed by unusual text, but the effect is noticeable not immediately, but gradually.
  • Search for information. You should not miss the chance to comprehend more, and not just perform your job duties. This will undoubtedly help stimulate brain activity.
  • To fix places in memory. People who park their car in the parking lot can stand for a while, look left or right to remember where the car is.
  • A small amount of quality alcohol. A small portion before dinner allows you to develop memory well, as it stimulates blood circulation.
  • High-quality brushing with dental floss. On the gums during the day there is a large number of bacteria from the food consumed during the day. And if you do not get rid of them carefully, they badly affect the work of all organs.

These simple and affordable ways to improve memory are pretty easy to implement in your life.

Pills for improving brain activity - TOP10

Modern pharmacology offers many medications that stimulate the brain and memory:


The tool normalizes brain activity, metabolic processes, reduces intoxication. These pills improve sleep quality. They are a kind of vitamins with a certain metabolic effect, contributing to the transformation of reactions that occur in the body, support the basic processes of life.


Taking pills increases concentration, improves memory, normalizes brain activity. The drug contains piracetes and other auxiliary compounds, is nootropic. Its reception helps to memorize information well, prevents the formation of blood clots, improves consciousness. Tablets do not cause nervous system excitement.


A tonic drug, which contains natural minerals and vitamins. Regular intake of these pills stimulates metabolism, enriches the brain with valuable substances, reduces fatigue, and is indispensable during depression, stress and anxiety.


The drug with a nootropic effect, which is used to improve concentration, restores memory, relieves dizziness, hypertension, atherosclerosis, lethargy. The action of the tablets is aimed at normalizing the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, reducing depressive states.


These nootropic tablets improve the state of memory, the functioning of brain cells, greatly facilitate the process of mastering and memorizing new incoming information, and help with passing exams, reports and certification. The drug supports the rapid exchange of information between the right and left hemispheres, as well as cells in an active state, uplifting.


It is a phytopreparation that helps improve blood circulation, because it nourishes the body's cells with glucose. Tablets prevent thrombosis, eliminate tinnitus, and restore visual acuity. They normalize blood circulation, which helps increase the brain's ability to learn.


It refers to nootropic drugs and is taken to normalize blood supply after suffering head injuries, strokes, migraines, and glaucoma. The drug helps withstand mental and physical stress, and also reduces the manifestations of irritation and anxiety.


It is a pill prescribed to improve memory and brain activity, which suffered diseases of the cardiovascular system and suffer from high blood pressure, as well as from constant dizziness, atherosclerosis, inhibition of development in childhood, panic attacks, intoxication from drinking alcohol and medicines. Like many other drugs, it is a nootropic.


This is a medication that is prescribed to people suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia. The drug is also taken by those who are constantly exposed to great physical exertion, have diseases associated with changes in the vessels of the brain. Nootropic tablets can be prescribed for children with mental retardation with attention deficit disorder and stuttering.


The drug is an angioprojector. The tool is designed based on components of plant origin. It tones the blood vessels, normalizes the function of metabolism. Take Memoplant to relieve headache, dizziness, noise not only in the ears, but also in the occipital region, as well as with insufficient blood supply to the limbs.

Drugs sold in pharmacies improve memory, brain function and increase the capabilities that the body has.

Features of some drugs

Pills that stimulate memory and brain activity can bring much greater effectiveness and no harm, if you observe some nuances:

  • Glycine has no toxic side effects, so you can buy the drug without an appointment from your doctor.
  • Nootropil, on the contrary, cannot be bought on free sale. The body of a person who has suffered an injury or some kind of ailment may respond differently to taking the drug, which requires careful and careful handling.
  • Without consulting a specialist, you should not drink such tablets as Intellan. It is better to start taking this tool after consulting a doctor, following all the recommendations.
  • The effectiveness of Piracetam directly depends on the dosage regimen. It is recommended to take this drug exclusively according to the recommendations of a specialist. The drug is released exclusively by prescription.
  • Taking Phenotropil stimulates the work of brain cells responsible for memorization, but has many contraindications. Only a specialist can determine the effect of tablets on the body, therefore, the drug is dispensed with a prescription.
  • Tanakan, available in tablets, is available on prescription, and in liquid form can be purchased on the market.
  • Dosages of the drug Memoplant from 40 to 80 mg can be purchased without a prescription from a specialist. When the amount of the purchased product is from 120 mg or more, it is not dispensed without a doctor’s prescription.

In a pharmacy, you can not buy drugs such as Pantogam, Picamilon and Aminalon in a free sale.

Folk ways to improve brain function

You can activate and stimulate the work of memory not only with the use of tablets, but also with various folk remedies:

  1. Tincture of clover. To prepare a homemade preparation, it is necessary to fill in clover inflorescences with 500 ml of vodka, put in a cool place for 14 days. A tablespoon of this home remedy before bedtime is enough to improve clarity of consciousness and mind, getting rid of noise in the head.
  2. Horseradish with lemon. The tool is easy and simple to prepare. It cleanses blood vessels and normalizes blood circulation. Juice made from 3 lemons is mixed with a jar of horseradish and 3 tablespoons of honey. This mass is left in the refrigerators for 3 weeks, and then taken a teaspoon twice a day.
  3. Pine young buds. Gaining prosperity in the spring. You don’t need to cook anything from the kidneys, they just chew before eating, which allows you to restore memory and slow down the aging process.

A positive effect on the body and memory is provided by nutrition. It must be rich in protein. The diet must contain dried fruits, baked apples or potatoes, stewed carrots, walnuts, sunflower seeds, salads cooked in olive oil, and dark chocolate. Frozen blueberries and fresh blueberries have a positive effect on visual acuity and brain circulation.

Brain Training

Starting to perform exercises for the mind is useful at absolutely any age. There are quite a few simple tricks for brain training:

  • Pronounce the words starting with each letter of the alphabet from the first and so on. This must be done as quickly as possible.
  • Repeat foreign words that were learned while studying at school or institute.
  • Count numbers in reverse order. You can start from fifty to zero, and then gradually expand the limits.
  • Play towns when they call the names by the last letter of the previous one.
  • Come up with synonyms for a variety of words.

It is useful to solve crosswords, memorize poems, solve complex problems.

There are many unconventional ways to recover memory. They sound pretty weird, but some are pretty good about them.

“Golden Water” is one of the unconventional means, the effectiveness of which many speak quite positively. Scientists do not confirm the fact that the noble metal reacts with water, but the people who took it speak positively about this remedy.

To feel the efficacy of a precious metal, you can prepare a special tool. In a half-liter glassware filled with water, they put a gold jewelry without any gemstone inserts. Next, put the container on fire, boil the liquid so that the volume decreases by half, take the product three times a day, one teaspoon each. Two weeks later, according to reviews, memory improves and the heart muscle strengthens.

What factors negatively affect memory ">

The abundance of information and the huge amount of advice that a modern person has to face daily, for the most part do not carry anything useful in themselves. Unfortunately, this usually comes much later. The abundance of information flows overloads the brain, which begins to malfunction, expressed in the fact that useful information begins to be forgotten.

In order to maintain youthfulness and strength of the brain, to restore memory, it is necessary to abandon some things that are familiar to you:

  • There is not a large number of flour and sweet foods, pickles, which lead to the fact that the accumulated fluid in the body is poorly excreted, constipation, headaches begin. These negative consequences lead to the fact that the blood supply is disturbed in the brain.
  • Cease to lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, as blood begins to circulate poorly when internal organs and the brain cease to receive enough nutrition.
  • Do not spend all time at home, because the brain needs enough oxygen.
  • Refuse to take medications for which the doctor did not prescribe, because side effects negatively affect health and can be addictive.

The use of large amounts of alcohol also has a negative effect on memory.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to a good memory

Regular physical activity, a proper balanced diet and giving up bad habits, especially smoking, as studies show, help to improve and stimulate memory.

Correct posture also plays an important role. Try to keep your back straight, even when there is some stoop. Spread shoulders and a backward lean neck improve blood circulation in the brain. You should carefully monitor digestion, which largely depends on proper nutrition.

To live a healthy and long life allows only self-employment, when necessary, even overpowering yourself, exercise regularly, take walks, eat fresh food, and develop mental potential. And if you stay healthy, then always be happy.