Martin Ford

Martin Ford stands out for his height of 207 cm and a weight of about 150 kg, however, he was not always so healthy. In his youth, a tall guy was often pinned because he was tall and thin. Martin suffered for a long time, but then decided to radically change.

Martin Ford was born on May 26, 1982 in Birmingham, UK.

The Story of Martin Ford

How a thin guy managed to become a giant bodybuilder ">

There are many really big and pumped up guys, but even against their background, Martin Ford looks like a giant. Looking at him today, it is hard to believe that he was an ordinary lanky guy twelve years ago, who was like a nerd, standing out from the crowd only by his height, which is 207 cm. Over the years, a real transformation has occurred with Martin. From a skinny guy who weighed 70 kg, he turned into a real giant, whose weight is 147 kg. A vivid evidence of metamorphosis is a photograph from Ford's Instagram.

The story of Ford's transformation is like the plot of a movie. The life of a professional cricket young guy changed when he was injured during the game. His sporting career as a cricket player was at risk, and his experiences led to stress and dramatic weight loss. Martin with his basketball height and weight of 70 kg looked very depressing.

To get out of depression, Martin was helped by a clearly set goal, which was to return himself to his previous form. When he managed to gain the first 5-6 kilograms, he decided not to stop there and continue to build up mass. This was the beginning of the transformation of a lanky guy into a pumped-up giant.

In an effort to gain muscle mass, Martin was not limited to visiting the gym, he entered the University of Sports Sciences, became a fitness trainer. The efforts and fanaticism of the athlete were not in vain, and the opportunities developed by him are shocking. Martin can do deadlift with a weight of 350, leg press - 750 kg.

Diet and Psychology

At the beginning of his transformation, the bodybuilder paid increased attention to diet. Training programs came later. Today, Martin spends about £ 250 a week on food. The average person consumes about two thousand calories per day. Martin adheres to a completely different norm, reaching up to seven thousand calories per day. To keep fit, the giant needs to eat literally every hour.

Martin makes up his diet in the following ratio: carbohydrates - 40%, fats - 30%, proteins - 30%. This is usually six meals a day. For each meal, he eats from 25 to 35 g of protein, from 40 to 60 g of carbohydrates, from 10 to 15 g of healthy fats. Regardless, the athlete devotes a great deal of time to bodybuilding research and books. According to Martin, the key to success is the correct psychological attitude. It is more important than any nutritional supplement. Without it, it is impossible to achieve meaningful results.

Martin Ford Life Today

From birth, Martin lives in the UK, in a town called West Midlands. Athlete is a happy husband and father. Every day he takes his daughter to school, whose students are still horrified by the giant dad. Martin's appearance only seems formidable. The bodybuilder has a calm and balanced character, for which he is called the good man. Ford is the owner of the gym and with great pleasure gives advice to its visitors.

An extraordinary appearance allowed Martin to begin to realize another goal - to break into television. It should be noted that his success in this simpler is quite good. Last year, he got his first role. Currently, the bodybuilder plays the role of the villain "Nightmare" in the movie "Undisputed 4".

Ford himself says that his main goal is not to achieve records in the gym, but to increase the size in order to shock everyone with his dimensions. That is what motivates him the most.