Scitec Nutrition's BCAA Xpress

The BCAA Xpress complex includes 3 essential amino acids. Scitec Nutrition Supplement is available in powder form. The advantage of the complex is that it dissolves perfectly and has excellent taste data. The purpose of the drug is to build up lean muscle mass with a simultaneous increase in working capacity, preservation of muscles, and also acceleration of metabolic processes. The complex is permissible to use, both in the process of gaining muscle, and in the drying process.


The BCAA Xpress complex consists of the basic amino acids that are so necessary for the normal functioning of the human body. Three essential amino acids are presented in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Therefore, one dose of BCAA Xpress, which weighs about 7 grams, consists of:

  • From leucine - 2.5 grams.
  • From isoleucine - 1.25 grams.
  • From valine - 1.25 grams.

The flavoring components that make up the complex are 2 grams out of 7 grams. Flavoring components are artificial as well as natural flavors, aspartame and citric acid.

How to take BCAA Xpress

The norms for taking the complex directly depend on the athlete's needs for amino acid complexes. Therefore, it is recommended to take a complex of amino acids 2-3 times a day, 1 or 2 servings. When intense training occurs, the drug is best taken during training and immediately after it. If these are days free from physical exertion, then it is better to drink amino acids in the morning and in between meals.

As a rule, a complex of amino acids produced in the form of a powder dissolves in a liquid. To do this, 300 ml of water and one portion (7 grams) of the drug are taken, after which the powder is thoroughly mixed in a liquid. BCAA Xpress has one important property - it increases the effectiveness of various sports supplements. In this regard, many athletes practice the addition of BCAA to protein shakes, weight gainers, energy, fat burners, thermogenics and other pre-workout complexes.

The intake of amino acids more than 4 times a day (more than 20 grams) is not recommended, since large doses lead to the fact that their digestibility by the body worsens.

It's important to know! This complex of amino acids is considered absolutely safe for human health and is not able to lead to the appearance of side effects. In this regard, it can be taken on an ongoing basis without resorting to cycles, which is characteristic of other sports supplements.

This company produces amino acids in the form of tablets (BCAA 6400), but they are characteristic in that they do not have sweeteners in their composition. In addition, tablets are problematic to take during training.


If we analyze the reviews about the use of BCAA Xpress from Scitec, then they are usually positive, which is associated with faster recovery, high performance, faster muscle gain, and a manifestation of relief.

This complex is available in two versions, as for flavoring fillers - apple and pink lemonade. Based on studies, it was found that the apple-flavored drug is more in demand. This is due to the fact that it does not have a characteristic bitter taste.