The formation of a correct and healthy posture

Not only maintaining a sedentary (sedentary) lifestyle, but also performing strength exercises can lead to curvature of the spine. To have the correct posture, which plays a significant role for human health, you need to know how it is formed.


  • 1 Violation of posture: the main causes
  • 2 How to keep your posture "> 3 The effect of bodybuilding on posture
  • 4 Healthy Posture: Key Points and Common Mistakes
    • 4.1 Legs and knee joints
    • 4.2 Pelvis and lower press
    • 4.3 Chest and spine
    • 4.4 The muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, trapezium
  • 5 Set of exercises for posture - video

Violation of posture: the main causes

Curvature of the spine, which affects posture, can be caused by disorders that many simply do not suspect or do not take into account. Even incorrect setting of the legs can critically affect the mechanics of the body.

Flat feet affects the angle of the turn of the feet, which becomes too large. Against this background, the knees also unfold, the thigh muscles begin to experience additional load, the pelvis bends. Such changes in the mechanics of the body cause the curvature of the vertebral region, expressed by the "inflow" of the chest and lowering the shoulders.

How to keep your posture?

The basis of a healthy posture is the correct load on the skeleton and symmetry. The slightest disturbance in posture and curvature in the spinal region lead to a deterioration in the biomechanics of the body.

Keeping your posture right is not only about straightening your shoulders, pushing your chest forward, or lifting your stomach. Everything is a little different. A healthy posture is not considered such a situation in which a person has to "artificially" relate his body to a vertical plane, but as natural and comfortable as possible.

Posture should be taken without constant muscular tension and be brought to automatism. This allows you to spend a minimum of energy, maximally involve muscles in the process.

The effects of bodybuilding on posture

Strength training can negatively affect the condition of the spine. This is expressed in the fact that the knees are excessively turned to the sides, the head is extended forward, and the shoulders become like a Neanderthal man.

Bodybuilding aggravates any problems with posture, can cause the development of chronic pathologies and painful sensations. Over time, the negative impact is more pronounced. The older an athlete gets, the more these problems affect his well-being.

Avoiding negative effects allows the inclusion in the training program of work on normalizing and improving posture. This applies to absolutely every weight lifting athlete.

Healthy Posture: Key Points and Common Mistakes

Legs and knee joints

The correct standing position is the straightened legs without undue tension in the muscles, parallel to the foot, looking at the knees forward, at a distance of about 15 centimeters from each other. The force of gravity should be strictly vertical.

The turn of the knee joints is preceded by the implementation of squats with a barbell and deadlift. To prevent this, you need to do not only normal, but also frontal squats, which are characterized by a narrow setting of the legs.

Pelvis and lower abs

The natural position of the pelvis implies a slight deflection in the lower back, retracted - a flat stomach. And since it is supported by several muscle groups (two sets of antagonists, abdominal abs, dorsal), a predominantly sedentary image leads to the development of the so-called anterior tilt of the pelvis - reducing the deflection of the lower back when the back becomes too straight and the risk of injury increases many times. Prevention of this syndrome is properly performed deadlift and hyperextension.

Chest and spine

A large volume of lungs is the key to sports beautiful posture. It is achieved by maintaining the S-shaped bend with a straight vertical position of the spine, exposing the chest up and forward.

Constant sitting at the computer, wearing a backpack behind the back lead to a curvature of the spine, entailing the lowering of the chest. Training can also make things worse. The curvature of the body and the supply of the shoulder girdle most often causes a craving for the lumbar region.

Muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck, trapezium

In the natural position, the clavicles are located on a horizontal line, the head is only slightly set forward, a small abduction of the shoulder girdle is carried out by the muscles of the trapezium, and the palms are parallel to each other.

A reversal of the shoulders testifies to a violation of posture when the palms are on the same line, and the backs are directed forward. This is facilitated by regular training with a barbell.

To detect violations in posture, it is enough to analyze your posture, standing in front of the mirror. If they are, correction should begin as soon as possible. Otherwise, at a later age, problems will be felt by pains and health complications.

A set of exercises for posture - video