How to sit on the twine - the best exercises

Twine is an acrobatic element. It is longitudinal, transverse and sagging. To sit on the twine you must have a desire and regular training. But how quickly you can achieve your goal is up to you. In this article we will consider: how to sit on the twine in the shortest possible period of time and get acquainted with the most effective set of stretching exercises.


  • 1 Basic Rules for Beginners
  • 2 A set of exercises for longitudinal twine
    • 2.1 Spring
    • 2.2 Lunge Forward
    • 2.3 Classic Stretch
    • 2.4 Fitness Stretching
    • 2.5 Wall extension
  • 3 Set of exercises for transverse twine
    • 3.1 Deep Plie
    • 3.2 Lunge to the side
    • 3.3 Butterfly
    • 3.4 backward stretching
  • 4 Stretch Mark Combinations
    • 4.1 The sun
    • 4.2 Stretching on the floor
    • 4.3 Classic combination
  • 5 How to reach for sagging twine "> Basic rules for beginners

    1. Warm up great! Before you start stretching, be sure to do a cardio load, that is, run intensively and jump for at least 10 minutes so that you sweat.
    2. Relax No matter how strange it may sound, stretching occurs at the moment of relaxation. When you experience muscle pain, in no case should you strain and tighten your muscles, on the contrary, relax. It is worth noting that you can not tolerate severe pain, otherwise you can tear muscles and ligaments. The pain should be pleasant, or at least bearable.
    3. Exercise regularly! Strength in constancy. The optimal number of workouts is 5 times a week (to achieve a quick result). The duration of one workout is 30 minutes (of which 10 minutes are warm-up and 20 minutes are stretching). At your request, you can increase the stretching time for well-being, but not reduce it in any way.

    A set of exercises for longitudinal twine

    To sit on a longitudinal twine - you need to stretch the hind muscles of the thigh well. To do this, follow the 5 lead-up exercises below. It is worth noting that even after the whole complex stretching, it is necessary to sit on the twine slowly and smoothly - without sharp jerks.


    Spring is the most effective exercise for twine. It performs 2 actions at once - it perfectly heats the back of the thigh and brings the muscles into tension.

    1. Place the handles on the floor for support, lunge back with your left foot and place it on the cushion of the foot. The main weight should be on the right foot and the angle in the knee of the right foot should be straight (90 degrees).
    2. At the expense of 1 - pull the back leg, at the expense of 2 - sag down, slightly softening the knee. Repeat these 2 points for 30 seconds at a fast pace on each count, like a spring.
    3. Change the right foot to the left and spring for another 30 seconds.

    Forward lunge

    1. Place your right foot forward and your left foot back on your knee. The angle under the knee of the right leg should be slightly more than 90 degrees.
    2. Put your hands on your lower back.
    3. Sag and squeeze lightly on the muscles between the legs.
    4. Hold in a statistical position for 30 seconds.
    5. Change the right leg to the left, then stretch for another half minute.

    Classic stretch

    1. Grasp the support with your hands (it can be a machine, a pylon, a windowsill, a chair ...)
    2. Turn your knees to the sides and place the right leg back on the toe.
    3. Slowly bend your left knee, and with your right toe, slide back on the floor.
    4. Hold for 20 seconds below, then repeat the classic stretching of the ballerina from the other leg.

    Fitness stretching

    1. Lie on your back
    2. Pull your right knee with your hands to your chest and hold for 20 seconds.
    3. Straighten your leg and drag to the head for 30 seconds.
    4. Similarly, repeat the complex with the other leg.

    Wall stretch

    1. Stand next to the wall, put your hands on the floor.
    2. Put your left foot on the wall and try to snuggle closer to it, forming a twine.
    3. Hold in this position for 20 seconds, then change the foot.

    A set of exercises for transverse twine

    To make the transverse twine, it is necessary to stretch the inner muscles of the thigh well. To do this, do 4 sets of exercises below. It is worth noting that a beginner needs to sit on a transverse twine, turning his knees up. If they are located directly and the beginner eagerly sits on the twine, then pressure will go on the knees, which can lead to injury.

    Deep plie

    1. Put your legs wider than your shoulders, with your socks and knees turned to the side.
    2. Start crouching slowly, keeping your balance.
    3. Hold in this position for a minute, then carefully exit the position.

    Lunge to the side

    1. Lunge to the side with your right foot, and stretch your left foot as much as possible and reach for the floor. It is worth noting that the socks should be turned in different directions.
    2. Place your left hand on the floor, and tilt the body to a straight leg, bringing your right hand up (in III position).
    3. Hold this position for 20 seconds.
    4. In a similar way, lunge to the side with the other leg.


    1. Sit on the floor, put your feet together and open your knees.
    2. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
    3. Press lightly with your hands, knees pressed to the floor. If your knees are lying on the floor without problems, then you can take a weighting material that you trust.

    Reverse stretch

    1. Lie on your stomach, open your knees to the side and connect the socks, making the reverse butterfly.
    2. Hold this position for 15 seconds.
    3. Open your socks in different directions and stretch for 20 seconds.
    4. Straighten one leg and hold for 30 seconds.
    5. Make a transverse twine, put the body forward and sit for 60 seconds.

    Stretch Marks

    A combination is a combination of two or more elements. To make the stretching more interesting, we have chosen the best for you. Do not repeat the same, even effective exercises. Always try something new, compose, change the sequence and come up with something exclusive.


    1. Sit with your legs straight in front of you.
    2. Expand them as wide as possible.
    3. Go through the transverse twine and assemble the legs together as shown in the photo instructions.

    Stretching on the floor

    1. Lean on your left side and elbow, bend your left foot and grab your right foot by the heel.
    2. Extend your leg and arm up.
    3. Straighten your left leg and arm.
    4. Take your leg with your opposite hand over your head.
    5. Put the body on your stomach.
    6. Go to the twine and bend your hind leg to the knee.

    Classic combination

    1. Stand sideways to the support (machine, pylon ...)
    2. Put your heel in your right hand and turn your knee to the side. The knee of the supporting leg is bent.
    3. Stretch your leg and arm up in front of you.
    4. Take your leg and arm to the side while straightening the knee of the supporting leg.
    5. Tilt the housing to the left.
    6. Move your right knee back.
    7. Tilt your body and pull your leg.

    How to reach for sagging twine ">

    If you sit on the twine - congratulations! And if you no longer experience pain and discomfort while sitting on ordinary twine, then I advise you not to stop there. Try to go into minus - that is, sit on sagging twine. To do this, take a platform for example: a step or a sofa (if it is at home).

    Fulfillment: put your right foot on the platform, sit in longitudinal twine and relax under the pressure of your own weight. Then turn to the transverse, and then turn to the left leg to pull well and the front muscles of the right leg. In the future, you can use 2 steps and raise the height of the platform. Stretching will be very effective if you ask a knowledgeable friend to pull you. Wish you luck!