One leg toe lift with dumbbell in hand

The exercise is intended for separate study of the right and left calf muscles, giving them mass and volume.


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The main working muscles :

Caviar, soleus, posterior tibial, long fibular.

You will need a footrest, wooden or plastic, no difference. You can just take a squared block of wood or a pancake from the bar, the main thing is that it be of sufficient height. Exercise can be performed even at home, standing with one foot on the doorstep and holding the door jamb with your hand. Be sure to wear non-slip shoes that fit the foot tight, do not stand on the stand barefoot, it is very easy to injure the skin of the foot, in addition, the tension in the arch of the foot will not be properly absorbed without a thick sole.

Technique of execution:

Stand with the toe of one foot on a stand 6–8 cm high, with only one third of the whole foot on the stand, and the heel and arch of the foot hang down. Take a dumbbell in your hand from the side that you are training your leg, with the other hand, grasp the power frame, wall, comrade, or something similar, firmly fixed to the floor. Bend your free leg at the knee and press it to the trained leg, so your position will become the most stable.

After inhaling, rise as high as possible on your toe, straining your calves. At the top, linger a little, and, unbending the foot in the ankle joint, exhale as low as possible down. It is advisable to touch the floor with the heel for maximum stretching of the calf muscle. In any case, go down as deep as possible, and stay in this position for longer than when pausing at the moment of straightening the feet. Be sure to move at full amplitude. After completing the exercise, change legs, and start training another. The calf muscles are very stubborn, the standard number of repetitions is not enough for them, and for their full training they will have to perform at least 15 repetitions per leg in at least 5 approaches.


Flexion of the leg in the knee joint, which removes the load from the calves, and failure to maintain proper posture, rounding the spine, which can lead to a fall.


Perform the second exercise after lifting on toes with a barbell or bench press in the simulator. The third exercise in the complex can add a lift to the socks, sitting, for additional study of the soleus muscle.

Video “One leg toe lifting with dumbbell in hand”