Bananas on the dryer

There is a lot of sweet tooth among bodybuilders. They love to eat cakes, sweets, sweet fruits and other foods, which, unfortunately, contribute to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. A similar feature makes this category of products prohibited during the drying period. Otherwise, getting rid of the fat layer under the skin and increasing the relief of muscles will not work. Not everyone can withstand such a ban. In order not to break, most bodybuilders prefer to just occasionally have a snack with bananas.

Drying bananas perfectly help to replenish the energy losses spent in the morning, as well as after intensive training. The number of calories in one average banana is about 90 kilocalories, of which 0.5 grams are fats, 1.5 grams are proteins, 20 grams are carbohydrates. The main advantage of this fruit over other sweets is that it contains a lot of plant fiber and vitamins. Bananas do not cause an allergic reaction, so they can be consumed in much larger quantities than other sweets.

Bananas on the dryer

In order for the subcutaneous fat to melt, the bodybuilder has to create a calorie deficit. Therefore, you need to consume fewer calories than consumed. Therefore, eating bananas, if the total daily calorie content is much less than the energy consumed during the day.

However, bodybuilders do not abuse bananas, but limit their number in the drying phase. Usually athletes prefer to eat this fruit in the morning and after intensive training. This helps prevent catabolic processes and replenish the energy spent on training. This approach is fully justified. On a diet you can’t eat more than two bananas per day.

In the evening, eating any fruit is highly discouraged. This leads to the accumulation of body fat. This fits into the framework of the basic rule, according to which in the morning you need to eat a lot of carbohydrates and a little protein, and in the evenings, on the contrary, few carbohydrates and more protein. And to increase the relief, this principle must be observed.

The benefits of bananas on drying over other sweets

When there is no strength to overcome the desire to have a bite of some sweetness, it is better to eat a banana, and not sweets, a piece of cake or sweet fruits.

Bananas have the following undeniable benefits:

  • Replenish potassium reserves, removed together with sweat from the human body. This process is much faster when engaged in intense training. In addition, this fruit has magnesium, which relaxes muscles.
  • A supplier of the amino acid tryptophan, which is converted to serotonin and is a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter.
  • They contain plant fiber, which allows you to quench a strong feeling of hunger and feel full. If you eat a couple of bananas, then satiety remains for two hours.

Bananas have vitamin A and B6. The first compound perfectly preserves vision, and the second improves sleep quality.

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