How to build muscle

In order for strength training to gain muscle mass bring maximum benefit and effect, there are seven basic rules that allow you to correctly build the training process.


  • 1 Rules for building muscle
    • 1.1 Provide sufficient energy
    • 1.2 Use basic exercises
    • 1.3 Do at least five to seven repetitions
    • 1.4 Increase calorie intake
    • 1.5 Use supplements
    • 1.6 Monitor progress
    • 1.7 Set only real goals
    • 1.8 Conclusion
  • 2 Arnold's Plan: How to Build Big Muscles - Video

Rules for muscle building

If you adhere to the following seven rules, then strength training will bring maximum results.

Provide enough energy

The main problem for ectomorphs - people who are thin by nature, who set out to increase not only muscle, but also total body weight, is the body's inability to accumulate a large amount of energy. The lack of sufficient energy reserves does not allow for both active strength training and muscle building.

And if you do not provide an additional source of energy in the form of special sports nutrition, then no result will be achieved. A quarter of an hour or twenty minutes before training, you need to drink a cocktail of carbohydrate with a small portion of fast proteins, during the session take BCAA amino acids, after - sports protein.

Use basic exercises

The body can work in enhanced mode only for a certain time. To use it with the maximum benefit for training, you need to focus primarily on basic exercises. The recommended number of approaches is from ten to fifteen sets.

The basis of the training should be multi-joint exercises, important for increasing the hormonal background and muscle growth. To avoid overtraining, you need to do it three times a week, giving the training at least forty-five minutes. This is without taking into account the warm-ups and hitches.

Do at least five to seven repetitions

Muscles begin to grow when they can not cope with the current load. And if each workout reaches the limits of physical limits, the body, seeking to expand its capabilities, will “push” the muscles to the process of increasing volume and increasing strength.

The final repetition of the exercise should go with difficulty and be performed so that there is no power left for one more. This is achieved not by increasing repetitions, the optimal number of which is from 5 to 7, but by using a lot of weight, assuming good insurance or work under the strict guidance of a trainer.

Increase calorie intake

Chronic lack of appetite is another problem for ectomorphs. The body continues to ignore the signals about the need for an additional source of energy from muscle tissue, it requires only as many calories as necessary to ensure normal functioning. This inhibits muscle growth.

An increase in caloric content of a usual diet by 15-25 percent is the main rule for gaining muscle mass. At least 2500 kcal should be consumed per day in the form of regular carbohydrates and fats. The amount of protein is from 1.5 to 2.5 grams per 1 kilogram of an athlete’s own weight.

Use supplements

The easiest way to optimize metabolic processes is to take high-calorie sports supplements. You need to use protein shakes with creatine several times a day, regardless of whether there is a feeling of hunger or not.

Pre-workout complexes and caffeine help increase your workout efficiency. They increase blood supply to muscle tissue, which allows you to expand the energy depot and provide further muscle volume growth.

Monitor progress

The habit of recording the achieved results at the end of each week may seem like an unnecessary waste of time, but it is very important for the proper planning of the training process. It is necessary to make notes about weight, exercise program, diet, and well-being.

The feasibility of such an analysis is due to the fact that you need to be sure that the hours spent in the gym bring results. And if at first these notes may seem unimportant, in a month it will become clear why they are so valuable.

Set only real goals

Assessment of their strengths and capabilities should be adequate. No need to draw a parallel between themselves and professional bodybuilders who have been engaged in bodybuilding for many years, they know all the rules and nuances of strength training.

The average possible muscle gain per month is about 0.5-1 kg. For the first year of active classes, you can gain from 6 to 8 kilograms. It will not work to turn into Schwarzenegger in 12 months, because he achieved his form over the years of hard training.


To build muscle, you need to focus on the implementation of basic multi-joint exercises, increase the calorie intake, and, most importantly, analyze the chosen approach to the training process and nutrition every week.

Arnold's plan: how to build big muscles - Video