Frank Zane

At 75, Frank Zane can still point to many young athletes. At the same time, he can give a lot of useful advice, based on his life experience. Frank Zane is able to give recommendations to those who want to keep their body fit for years to come.

Each sport is different in that it has its own legendary athletes. Bodybuilding is no exception, and Frank Zane is just the legend of the golden era of bodybuilding. Many experts unanimously claim that this athlete has the most beautiful body, despite the fact that he does not have a large mass of his body. If today's champions have a weight under all 150 kg, then Frank Zane never weighed more than 90 kg during his performances at the most prestigious competitions. And yet, he won 3 times in the competition “Mr. Olympia”, and also bypassed Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, which not many succeeded.

Zane reached such peaks thanks to the structure of his body. At the same time, the athlete seriously engaged in the proportions of his body, bringing his appearance closer to the Greek statue, about which he even wrote a book. Naturally, the book did not contain information about the Greek statue, but about proportions and symmetry, as well as how to achieve such indicators. If we compare Frank Zane with modern bodybuilders such as Heath, Coleman or Cutler, he shifted the paradigm of bodybuilding from an emphasis resting on body weight to the aesthetic perception of this sport. It's no secret that the bodies of many athletes are so huge that it begins to border on bad taste and absurdity. In this case, talking about symmetry does not make sense at all. Frank Zane is a simple person, with the usual proportions, but brought to perfection.

Recently, competitive athletes with little weight have begun to appear. Therefore, it is obvious that Zane at one time was a symbol of beautiful bodybuilding, and not a simple set of muscle mass. In addition, this man is distinguished by his sincerity and genuine attractiveness. This fact was noted by everyone who met with this person.

When there were breaks in coaching, he shared with Train magazine his knowledge and experience that he had accumulated during his sports career. His advice contains a lot of useful information, especially for those who decide to make their body attractive.

Zane was born in 1942 in the United States, Pennsylvania. Many and many fans of bodybuilding consider him to be his bodybuilder, who has the most ideal figure . One of the incentives that prompted the athlete to bodybuilding is the death of his father, who led an unhealthy lifestyle: he drank alcohol, smoked and died relatively early. Frank Zane began to train hard and build muscles in his teens when he was fourteen.


  • 1 Anthropometric data
  • 2 Strength indicators
  • 3 Frank Zane and Bodybuilding
  • 4 Amino Acids by Frank Zane
  • 5 The symmetry of the body according to Frank Zane
  • 6 Improving Nutrition for Muscle Growth
    • 6.1 Lack of any magic
  • 7 What is stretching
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  • 8 As Frank Zane is training now
  • 9 Life of Frank Zane after a sports career
  • 10 His memories of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Anthropometric data

  • Height - 176 cm
  • Weight - 84–92 kg
  • Biceps - 46 cm
  • Chest - 132 cm
  • Hip - 67 cm
  • Waist - 76 cm
  • Shin - 44 cm

Power indicators

  • Squat - 280 kg
  • Bench Press - 230 kg
  • Deadlift - 330 kg

Frank Zane and Bodybuilding

Frank Zane realized that bodybuilding is his sport, having tried many others, including boxing and wrestling, because he felt that his figure was changing right before our eyes. At eighteen, he takes part in his first competitions. I must say that Frank Zane is a bachelor in psychology and has as many as two higher educations. He received many awards and won many honorable places in famous competitions: three times was titled as Mr. Olympia in 1977-1979, “ Mr. America” and “ Mr. Universe ”, and in 1969 - “Mr. World”. In 1974, and in 1976, Frank was second in the popular top-level competition - “Mr. Olympia” (in the category of up to 90 kg), as one of the most successful bodybuilders became a member of the Bodybuilders Hall of Fame in 1994. He is the third bodybuilder after the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger and the equally popular Steve Reeves. In addition, Frank Zane has been an active participant in television projects and a commentator on sports matches and broadcasts since 1978.

In addition, over time, he developed a training program for those over sixty.

Together with his wife Christina, he opened a camp for athletes, where everyone can train and get advice. Today, Frank, despite his age, looks great and maintains his excellent athletic fitness. As the bodybuilder himself says, all this is due to perseverance and discipline. He believes that if you constantly tell yourself that you are sick or tired, the body will behave accordingly: “ Our body listens when we talk about it. What you yourself say about your body is more important than what others say, including judges . ”

Frank Zane training program can be found here

Amino Acids by Frank Zane

Already in the 1970s, this athlete consumed a lot of amino acids, such as tryptophan and arginine. They have only become so popular these days. In addition, he was fond of a low-carb diet, which is also very popular in our time. He spent a lot of time gaining a certain weight before training, without exhausting himself with particularly intense and hard exercises. Because of this approach, the athlete had a lot of injuries, which make themselves felt to this day. There are 2 types of athletes: some want to get the result in a short time and do not load themselves deliberately, while others act much smarter, although they have to spend a lot of time on it.

Symmetry of the body according to Frank Zane

The symmetry of bodybuilders, which some people talk about, has nothing to do with real symmetry. In fact, such a thing as symmetry between the upper and lower parts of the body does not exist. In fact, this is not symmetry, but proportionality, and then visual, since it is practically impossible to precisely determine these parameters, and no one tried to do this. Massive athletes that pose while standing seem proportionate. But if the bodies of these athletes are divided into two parts vertically, then you can see that the right and left parts are not the same.

Frank Zane preferred to avoid poses that indicated the symmetry of the right and left sides, although everyone said that the athlete’s body is absolutely symmetrical. The right and left sides of the athlete were not the same, which means they were not symmetrical, as the athlete himself spoke about. As a rule, he showed everyone his strengths, without putting in a pose sideways. He learned this from Bill Pearl.

Everyone has problems if they try to assign a number to every part of their body. Even in tournaments they don’t. To study carefully the parts of his body, the athlete took photographs. The fact that some argue that the size of the neck, arms and calves should be the same, frank nonsense. In any case, the numbers don't matter, and what people see is what matters. You need to be able to create the perfect illusion for others, and even more so for judges.

Improving Nutrition for Muscle Growth

Achievements related to amino acids and antioxidants are of great value for bodybuilding. Frank Zane studied this constantly and was always aware of the latest achievements. Despite this, no major changes have occurred in this area. For many years, the athlete used a dietary supplement based on egg protein and whey protein. At the same time, sodium and less calcium prevail in the egg protein, while calcium prevails in the whey protein. Anyway, but these are the 2 most affordable and effective proteins that can serve as a quick substitute for food, especially when there is very little time.

Lack of any magic

Many people, when meeting, ask the athlete to create a special nutrition program for them. For some reason, they thought that Frank Zane had a special diet, thanks to which he was able to maintain his body in such an amazing shape. All the magic is how the athlete said in order to devote enough time to his occupation. The athlete always showed people how to do everything right, since the correct and reasonable approach is crucial, especially if it is necessary to isolate some muscle group. Muscle development requires regular blood flow.

Despite his 75 years, Frank Zane is still working on himself, although not as intensively as in his younger years. He no longer works on increasing the mass of his muscles, but on his stamina. To do this, he connects the expander to the cargo blocks, which contributes to a slow increase in load.

What is stretching?

According to the athlete, working out one of the parts of the body, it is necessary to carry out up to 10 different stretch marks for this muscle group, between sets. The duration of each stretch is about 20 seconds, not more. After each approach, the athlete rests a bit, giving the opportunity to lower heart rate. Stretching gives this opportunity, because when stretching, you can relax. Thus, a lot of time is saved, while the tone of the body is maintained at the right level.

Started business needs to be completed.

Often people lose their motivation due to the fact that no one controls their actions. This cycle consists of the following: when they gorge on Thanksgiving, from mid-December to mid-January, they have the motivation to lose weight. They begin to train hard until the month of March, when it becomes much more comfortable on the street. During this period, they leave the gyms and move to the street, but at the same time they do not get real, and even more so the expected results.

Some people start to train because of their shortcomings, but this motivation is enough for a very short time. Therefore, such people are always dissatisfied with something and begin to move in the opposite direction. They lose their shape. Therefore, the only way out for them is to become motivated in order to achieve at least some results.

As Frank Zane is training now

Frank Zane practiced the triple distribution, which corresponded: on the first day, the upper body was worked out, on the second day, the leg muscles were worked out, and on the third - push-ups. Exercises are performed according to the following scheme: approach, rest, approach, approach, rest. He never trained his upper body for 2 days in a row, as this exhausts his shoulder muscles. Excessive loads affect the athlete badly, especially after a sports career, and when the athlete is young, he practically does not feel it.

Life of Frank Zane after a sports career

Now the famous athlete trains 2 times a week, practicing his upper body and legs. An athlete loves to walk a lot, shoots archery and sometimes trains other athletes.

His memories of Arnold Schwarzenegger

When the Mr. Olympia tournament took place in 1980, Arnold posed for only one side, ignoring the requests of the judges. In the end, they agreed that Arnold would pose exactly as he wanted. As a result, he won. Therefore, the winners are those people who can make their own decisions.