Overview of basic types of sports nutrition

The diet of people who are actively involved in sports includes not only the usual menu, but also a special group of products called sports nutrition, which allows you to achieve one or another of the tasks assigned to the athlete. Sports nutrition helps to get rid of extra pounds or, conversely, gain weight, increase muscle relief, increase endurance and strength. All this works only when the food is correctly and correctly selected.

The peak of the popularity of bodybuilding in the CIS countries came in the first half of the nineties, when gyms were everywhere equipped in basements and basements. These times were distinguished not only by the equipment and location of the rocking chairs, but also by the underdeveloped sports nutrition industry. It was possible to purchase separate Twinlab and Wader products, Belarusian proteins Atlant and Arena packaged in plastic bags. Without much difficulty, one could buy a variety of steroids.

Currently, synthetic anabolics are banned and equated with narcotic substances. This in no way affected the choice of sports nutrition, because today the athlete has free access to a huge number of products that are of natural origin. In Russia, they belong to dietary supplements - biologically active additives. The expansion of the sports food assortment was facilitated by the appearance of foreign and domestic companies actively using advanced technologies.

A large selection, of course, makes life easier for an athlete, but requires a clear idea of ​​each product presented. This will allow you to choose a drug that perfectly matches the goal set for the athlete, as well as their own individual characteristics.


  • 1 Types of sports nutrition
    • 1.1 Proteins
    • 1.2 Gainers
    • 1.3 Creatine
    • 1.4 L-carnitine
    • 1.5 Amino acid complexes
    • 1.6 BCAA
    • 1.7 Pre-workout complexes
    • 1.8 Nutritional Protein Bars
    • 1.9 Arginine and other nitric oxide donors
    • 1.10 Supplements for strengthening joints and ligaments
  • 2 How to take sports nutrition "> 3 The nuances of the right choice of sports nutrition

Types of sports nutrition

There are a huge number of different dietary supplements, but the following are most common:

  • protein concentrates;
  • gainers;
  • creatines;
  • L-carnitine;
  • amino acid complexes;

Each drug has its own purpose and features of use.


Protein shakes are the most popular way to nourish your muscles. The term "protein" means "protein". It is he who is the main material for the growth of muscle tissue. The amount of pure protein in the protein concentrate is about 70-90 percent. No other product can boast of such a composition.

Another advantage of a protein shake is that it is not only qualitatively, but also quickly absorbed by organisms. If the assimilation of meat after eating takes 2-3 hours, a protein shake - 30 minutes. To obtain a pure protein isolate concentrate, natural products such as whey, eggs, meat, milk, chickpeas, peas, and soy are processed and evaporated.

The most popular protein concentrate in the world is whey. This is the best dietary supplement for active muscle growth. Whey protein, in addition to quick and easy digestibility, contains amino acids. The latter play a crucial role in the construction of muscle relief, as they maintain the tone of existing muscle tissue and contribute to the synthesis of a new one.


They are the best sports nutrition for people with an ectomorphic - thin physique, for beginners who do not have muscle mass, which is the "base" for building a muscular massive body. This is what sets the supplement apart from the protein shake.

The gainer contains not only protein, but also free fast-digesting carbohydrates, a special complex of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this combination of components, carbohydrates release the energy that is required by ectomorphs or people with a fast metabolism to accelerate the process of building up the total mass for the subsequent formation of massive muscles.


Consists of a concentrate of methylguanide-acetic acid. It is present in small quantities in fish and meat. The action of the supplement is aimed at increasing endurance, stimulating recovery processes in the body after the next training.

This type of sports nutrition is actively used by both beginners and professional athletes during periods of recurring stagnation. For bodybuilders, the use of creatine can not only increase endurance, but also is a kind of impetus for further development.


A popular dietary supplement for weight loss, with a pronounced fat burning effect. Levocarnitine is produced in the human body in the liver, but in small quantities. In the laboratory, they began to emulate the process of its synthesis in 1960. The substance stimulates the destruction of body fat, during which energy is released. This allows you to take L-carnitine, not only for weight loss, but also in order to turn existing fat into muscle.

Amino Acid Complexes

They are an additive that optimizes metabolic processes so that all substances used by the athlete are absorbed by the body correctly and efficiently, that is, they do not turn into fat deposits. In addition, of the twenty-two amino acids that provide the correct metabolism, nine are not produced in the human body, but come exclusively with food.

Their lack negatively affects the training process. The best way to provide them in the required amount for the athlete and are amino acid concentrates. They are available both in capsules and in liquid form. This allows you to choose the most convenient form for use.


It is a complex consisting of such essential amino acids as valine, isoleucine and leucine. It stimulates the efficiency of metabolic processes, allowing to increase muscle mass, serves as an additional source of energy for a better and more productive training, as it significantly adds strength.

Pre-workout complexes

They are preparations based on minerals and vitamins. They are taken before playing sports in order to increase the overall tone of the athlete, give freshness and vitality, increase endurance. This favorably affects the quality of training, making them as useful and productive as possible.

The complexes intended for use before training contain psychologically and physically active stimulant substances: geranamine, beta-alanine, and caffeine. Some formulations may include BCAA and creatine.

Nutritional Protein Bars

They serve as a source of quick replenishment of energy, include in their composition: compressed flakes, milk (casein) or egg white, granola or nuts. Bars are excellent for use both before and after training to eliminate the effect of the “protein window”.

Arginine and other nitric oxide donors

Muscle tissue continuously produces nitric oxide. Therefore, it is of paramount importance for the development and growth of muscles. Donors have a similar principle of action. They stimulate the active production of testosterone and growth hormone.

Supplements for strengthening joints and ligaments

Required by bodybuilders and those who work with heavy weights. This group of drugs is represented by additives such as collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin.

How to take sports nutrition ">

Weight gainers for ectomorphs and proteins are best consumed directly on days of sports activity. They are taken an hour before training and immediately after the end of the lesson. It is recommended to drink cocktails on rest days, not more than once a day.

Creatine and pre-workout complexes should be taken when there is an inevitable “stagnation” in training, characterized by a decrease in motivation for sports. These drugs allow you to get the right push in order to continue to move towards the desired result. They need to be consumed in limited quantities. If you overdo it with the reception, they will become addictive, that is, they will cease to bring a pronounced effect from the reception.

This sports nutrition mode is designed for experienced bodybuilders. Beginners who have started training need a slightly different approach. The first months of sports are enough to take a gainer or protein.

The nuances of the right choice of sports nutrition

Biologically active additives for athletes are produced by both foreign and domestic manufacturers. Imported drugs are much more expensive. And if the athlete is faced with the question of choosing which manufacturer to give preference to, one should be guided by the fact that the products of Optimum Nutrition, Twinlab and Weider were and remain the best. These companies have an impeccable reputation.

No need to be tempted to purchase cheap products. Undervalued is a sure sign that the buyer is either a low-quality product or a fake. Saving on your own health, results and effectiveness of training is highly discouraged. Choose the best food from trusted manufacturing companies. To buy a truly original drug, and not a fake, you need to make all purchases exclusively in specialized reputable large chain stores.