How to twist a hoop to lose weight

Strict diets will not withstand every girl who wants to lose weight. An effective result in the fight against excess weight is provided by regular physical activity. A good option is the rotation of the hoop. By repeating a simple exercise every day, you can lose weight and in addition acquire feminine forms.

Having learned how to twist a hoop, do not rush to immediately rush into battle with excess kilograms. First, read some rules, otherwise all actions will not give the desired result.

The hula hoop should fit the size of its mistress. A tall girl will have a large diameter hoop, and a smaller one - a smaller one. The hoop next to you on the floor should reach your thigh - this is the ideal size for a sports equipment. The first classes must be carried out using the lightest hula-hoop. After all, a heavy specimen will leave bruises on the skin that is not used to practicing, and the lighter it is, the less unpleasant spots and sensations. And to prevent their appearance, it is worth doing in tight clothes or wrapping a towel around your waist.


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  • 2 Massage Hoops
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  • 4 Fix the above
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Basic rotation technique

If a girl has never turned a hoop on herself, then first you need to wrap his arms around him and do a couple of circular motions.

Here are the basic rules for hoop rotation:

  • It is important to take the correct starting position: the back should be straight, and the legs must be brought together. If you place them, even at shoulder width, the effect will not concentrate on the waist, but will be scattered throughout the body;
  • hands should not interfere: they need to be locked into the lock behind the head or extended to the sides so that concentration is only on the movements of the waist;
  • only the stomach should move, if you connect the pelvis and chest to the rotations, do not expect the effect of the exercise;
  • try to draw a circle with your stomach, this will help you move correctly;
  • rotations should be performed in one direction, preferably clockwise - this is more convenient.

It will be correct if you prepare for the rotation of the hoop by doing some warm-up exercises: squats, bending to the sides or back and forth. So the muscles will warm up and tone up. Boring monotonous movements will not bring proper pleasure without your favorite music or an interesting film, the useful can be combined with the pleasant.

You can’t twist a hoop at the waist both on an empty stomach and when you are full. It’s better to wait a couple of hours after eating, and after a meal, sitting down is also better than two hours later. What part of the day to engage in, you choose - someone has time only in the evening, and someone is more convenient to do in the morning before work. If you are experiencing some sleep problems, it is best to postpone classes until the evening before going to bed. Exercise promotes fatigue and sound sleep.

It is necessary to control the rhythm of rotation of the hoop. Having set too fast a pace, you may soon get tired. When the hula hoop begins to slide down, make the rotation speed faster and the amplitude larger, then it will return back to the waist.

15–20 minutes of training per day will be enough for a start; every couple of days, the duration of classes with a hoop for weight loss should be increased by 2–5 minutes. When you get used to your hoop, the pain and bruises disappear, you can increase the load by taking a heavier projectile. For this purpose, you can connect two hoops together by gluing them with electrical tape. And you can make the hula hoop heavier by pouring sand into it.

Massage hoops

The best effect can be achieved by practicing with a massage hoop. They weigh more than usual, therefore they actively strengthen muscles, intensively affecting fatty tissues. Thus, the weight goes away faster and the waist pulls up.

In massage hoops, which are heavier than 1.2 kg, magnets are built in that saturate the blood with oxygen more efficiently, stimulating the cardiovascular system and intestines, as well as speeding up metabolism.

Unfortunately, not all categories of people are allowed to do heavy massage hoops. These categories include pregnant women, injured people, and women who have had a caesarean section.

Additional load

Having mastered in such a simple exercise, you can complicate the task a little. The set of exercises can be expanded to improve the result. For example, you can develop agility and coordination by taking several steps to the side, without stopping twisting the hoop at the waist.

By increasing the intensity of movements, that is, by accelerating the rotations and making their amplitude wider, it is possible to strengthen the abdominal muscles. In addition, such intensive exercises, and even to the music, plus additional movements with other parts of the body - legs and arms - will contribute to the loss of about 600 calories per hour of training.

The area of ​​influence of the hula-hoop can be slightly shifted, for example, to the hips. Performing the so-called sliding rotation, you need to lower the hoop to the knees, and then lift to the chest. And so many times.

Lack of preparation, of course, will affect dexterity. Convex hips change amplitude, and the hoop falls, however, training regularly can be dexterous.

Fix the above

Thus, effective hula-hoop exercises should be performed according to the following rules:

  1. It should suit you in height and stage of training;
  2. rotations must be performed only by the stomach, and not by the whole body, they must be performed with a small amplitude and clockwise;
  3. the time of classes and their complexity should be gradually increased;
  4. It is advisable to combine the hoop with additional exercises.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other physical exercise aimed at burning excess fat in the human body, the rotation of the hoop has the following positive aspects:

  1. safety - there is no risk of injury from a given projectile, that is, performing exercises with a hoop, you can neither fall nor hit, this item is minimally traumatic;
  2. simplicity - elementary movements allow you to twist the hoop even for young children and the elderly, this is a very easy exercise;
  3. complexity - classes with a hoop have a complex effect on the whole body, spreading a positive effect throughout the body: you can reduce weight, adjust the unsightly outlines of the waist, and also improve the condition of the body as a whole.

However, there are also negative aspects in hula-hoop rotation classes, but they are few:

  1. low intensity - a methodology for losing weight with a hoop, although effective, but not the most intense; the weight will go away slowly, and in order to see changes in the silhouette, you will also have to wait; but if you combine the rotation of the hoop with some other kind of physical activity, for example, squatting, abs, bending or running, as well as a sparing diet (refusing flour, eating according to the regime with the last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime and turning on in the diet of more vegetables and fruits), then a positive result will not be long in coming;
  2. the appearance of traces on the body is the most significant drawback, but it appears only after training with a heavy hoop, and the precautions come down only to protect the delicate parts of the body from the rude effects of a sports equipment: simply wrap a waist with a thick towel or put on clothes more tightly.

As you can see, there are many more pluses in such activities than minuses, and their significance exceeds the last, so don’t wait for the summer to come, start preparing for the season now, study and become slimmer.

How to twist a hoop to lose weight - Video