Slimming Fat Burning Drink at Home

Doctors say that we should drink about 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight in order to maintain health. If you lose weight, or do sports on an ongoing basis, the norm increases to 40 ml. Water is involved in all metabolic processes, reduces appetite, and allows us to stay healthy. But which of us really drinks a lot of water ">


  • 1 How drinks help you lose weight
  • 2 How Slimming Drinks Actually Work
  • 3 Slimming Beverage Components
  • 4 How to make a slimming drink at home
  • 5 How to take a slimming drink
  • 6 Alternative techniques
  • 7 Can there be harm from a diet drink
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How drinks help you lose weight

We often read that drinks de "fat burning" or "contribute to weight loss." We do not want to upset anyone, but no food or drink contributes to weight loss by themselves. The process of burning fat is triggered by hormones in our body. And there is only one reason - we consume fewer calories with food than we spend with household activities, sports, and the simple maintenance of life in the body. In general, we need a calorie deficit.

There is a hypothesis that certain foods and seasonings can increase calorie consumption so much that the person who uses them begins to lose weight by itself, without any physical education and replacing high-calorie foods with dietary ones. But there is scientifically based information that characterizes this acceleration of metabolism in numbers:

  • green tea helps burn 4% more energy;
  • grapefruit and oil from it - about 3%;
  • mate drink - also by 4%;
    ginger - from 3 to 4%

Translated into numbers, it is about 30-40 kcal, so creating a calorie deficit with spices and teas alone will not work. In addition, the effect is not cumulative, that is, you will not get more deficiency if you add more ingredients.

How slimming drinks actually work

From the beginning we go on a diet. No, we are not talking about a schedule with two sheets of salad and a pack of cottage cheese per day. We reduce the "income" of calories, this is the diet. Any reduction in calorie content is felt like a stressful situation, the feeling of hunger is intensified. That is why many do not stand the "usual" weight loss and turn to different means of suppressing appetite. In addition, if you are limited in funds for food, the diet will be quite boring - any available vegetables, cereals, chicken, cottage cheese, unsweetened fruits. Everything. You can still have some tea.

This is where the drinks begin to work. You add them to your menu and get: a greater taste variety. This helps to purely psychologically rest from food restrictions, and last longer.

In addition, drinking warm liquid before meals helps to fill the stomach. This organ has receptors that respond to smooth muscle stretching. That is, when the stomach increases in volume, the brain receives a signal that the person is full. For some time, hunger is not felt. It's time to weigh your diet food, put yourself a moderate portion on a plate, and you can’t easily have a bite to eat, the drink will work.

In general, there is also a third direction. Self-hypnosis. A person can convince himself of anything, including the use of fat-burning ginger for weight loss. If he is good enough in conversations with himself, losing weight will be easy and pleasant.

Slimming Beverage Components

The most common components that make drinks for weight loss are:

  • green tea . It is a stimulant that “accelerates” the nervous system, makes us quickly and efficiently work even on a calorie deficit, and helps to maintain good health. In addition, it contains polyphenols and epigalactins, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels and positively affect blood cholesterol. Green tea is considered a source of antioxidants, an accelerator of the regeneration processes in the body;
  • citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon or orange, different citrus fruits are used in different recipes) - enrich the diet with vitamin C, which protects immunity weakened by the diet, and helps to recover faster after physical exertion;
  • ginger - this spice is considered to accelerate the metabolism, but among other things, it has a powerful warming and diaphoretic effect, has antibacterial properties, and is useful against viruses and bacteria that attack the human body. Ginger also has a mild diuretic and choleretic effect;
  • mint - peppermint leaves soothe, have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects. Drinking drinks based on them helps to improve the functioning of the nervous system, and allows you to get rid of discomfort in the intestine. Mint leaves help us to get rid of the nervous tension that may accompany the diet, and to cause a breakdown from it;
  • cucumbers - this vegetable is a source of water and potassium. The use of a large amount of liquid and potassium helps to normalize the water-salt balance, and get rid of edema. Cucumber juice is a weak diuretic, and can be used even during pregnancy, as it is completely safe.

Important: sometimes laxative herbs like senna are added to teas and drinks for weight loss. This contributes to the speedy cleansing of the intestines, in many - it can cause severe diarrhea. The use of such recipes is not strictly recommended, because the laxative is a provocateur of dehydration, and contributes to metabolic disorders. In the end, we do not lose weight from him, but only gain even more extra pounds.

How to make a slimming drink at home

Ingredients: for every 200 ml of water we take 1 dessert spoon of green tea, half a large cucumber, half an orange or lemon, ground ginger at the tip of a knife, or grated ginger root - 5 g

First you need to boil the water, cool it to a temperature of about 90 degrees, and brew green tea in the teapot as usual. Let it cool completely. Meanwhile, the remaining components of the recipe should be folded into a jug or jar. Next, filter the tea and pour it into the fruit and vegetables. We insist a couple of hours, then you can drink the drink. Store the product in the refrigerator for several days.

There is also a recipe option in which 1 teaspoon of honey is added to 1 cup of water to make the taste more pleasant. But it is worth remembering that honey contains carbohydrates, and if you consume it too actively, you can not lower, but increase your daily calorie content and run into problems associated with this.

Many people make green tea from bags for this recipe. It should be understood that the original recipe comes from the United States, and there are sold a lot of high-quality brands of green tea bags. In our country, it is better to purchase high-quality Japanese green tea, and brew it. So you get more antioxidants and kakhetins, which means more health benefits.

How to take a slimming drink

It is this drink that is a simple substitute for water that you don’t “finish” during the day. You can take a glass half an hour before meals to reduce appetite. But in fact, there is no scientific evidence proving that drinking it with food is harmful and dangerous. Popular talk about the fact that the liquid during the meal dissolves the gastric juice and impairs digestion is not based on facts. The stomach perfectly “passes” water, and secrets the juice, even when we drink it with food. In addition, if you chew well, drinking will only make the food lump more plastic, and facilitate its digestion.

In general, drink it when you like, and remember that doctors do not recommend taking more than 6 cups (this is 150, not 200 ml) of green tea per day.

Alternative techniques

Many authors of reviews about the slimming drink arranged fasting days on it. This is when a person eats nothing all day, but only drinks a drink. It should be noted that this way we achieve an extremely low average weekly calorie intake, especially if we really honestly limit the diet on other days. In addition, drinking tea with ginger on an empty stomach can irritate the stomach and cause an exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases. It is better to do without extreme sports, and in addition to choose a balanced diet.

Can there be harm from a slimming drink

Specifically, this recipe is not that harmful, but simply quite unusual in taste. It's all about cucumbers. Nevertheless, we are not used to cucumber juice mixed with orange, for many, the “divine elixir” may just not seem very pleasant.

In addition, components of this recipe can cause allergies. Especially careful should be those who are intolerant of citrus fruits, or have a reaction to ginger. You should not drink such drinks with diseases of the gallbladder and bile ducts.

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