Red Wasp 25 by Cloma Pharma

Among the latest developments of Cloma Pharma, you can not ignore the new fat burner Red Wasp, which is a thermogenics. It is developed on the basis of highly effective components that trigger the lipolysis process - caffeine, geranium extract, ginger and ginseng roots, as well as other equally powerful substances burning fat deposits. The use of this product allows you to achieve your goals during the drying period, as well as those who want to lose weight.


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Reception effects

Red Wasp contributes to:

  • increase energy tone;
  • improving mental concentration;
  • better training;
  • increase in the quality of blood circulation;
  • accelerate metabolism;
  • improving performance and strength indicators;
  • more active and intensive training;

The main and main advantage of a fat burner is the activation of lipolysis (burning fat), appetite suppression, which reduces the calorie intake.

Composition Red Wasp 25

The main active substances on the basis of which the fat burner was developed are thermogenics, neural stimulants, as well as extracts (extracts) from various plants. Along with caffeine, it also contains ephedra (extract), higenamine and ginseng, as well as other stimulants for the nervous system. The combination of these substances leads to an increase in the synergistic effect, which is a hallmark of this fat burner from others.

Each capsule of this supplement contains the following substances (in mg):

  • caffeine - 310;
  • choline - 50;
  • ginger and higenamine - 40 each;
  • nicotinol GABA, phenylethylamine, ephedra and black tea extracts - 25 each;
  • thiamine - 20;
  • ginseng (extract) - 5;
  • yohimbe - 4.

The composition is not unique, but effective, since the concentration of substances is selected in ideal proportions and proportions.

How to take

Following the manufacturer's recommendations, you need to drink a thermogenik per capsule per day. Take the supplement 30 minutes before training, drink it with water (in large quantities). However, deciding to use Red Wasp 25, you must first familiarize yourself with the recommendations. Fat burner should not be taken by children, during pregnancy, people suffering from heart ailments, hypertension, diabetes mellitus.

It is contraindicated to combine a thermogen with other fat burners, caffeine, and other central nervous system stimulants. It is forbidden to use the drug before bedtime, as it provokes insomnia, which will lead to disruption of the training process. The maximum possible dose is about 2 capsules.

You cannot take Red Vasp on a regular basis. The drug can lead to addiction, but only when the course lasts a long time, but this does not entail any serious consequences. However, given the fact that this fat burner leads to the depletion of the nervous system and the body, the recommended (optimal) long course is no more than one month.

Red Wasp 25 Fat Burner Reviews

Sports products manufactured by Cloma Pharma are always of the highest quality and are recognized as one of the best among similar products. Most athletes give their preference to fat burners and other sports pit of this particular brand. Therefore, it is not surprising that the reviews about this fat burner are almost all positive, but there are not too many of them to summarize the final result.

Even a few reviews characterize the drug solely on the positive side. There are bodybuilders who, in order to achieve the best effect, they use two capsules per day. However, deciding on a similar step, you should remember the manufacturer's recommendations. They clearly spelled out the optimal dosage - one capsule per day.

Not without dissatisfied reviews, in which people complain about the low achieved results. Here you need to take into account the feature of the fat burner. It works as much as possible only when a person regularly trains and adheres to a diet. Otherwise, there will be no effect.