Effective Shoulder Exercises

The criteria for the beauty of the male body have their own standards. Outstanding and broad shoulders were and remain one of the main measures of attractiveness for men. The width of the shoulders determines the proportions of the upper body of the athlete. The larger it is, the already the waist looks. Consequently, the figure looks much more attractive. This is due to the high interest of those involved in building a beautiful and sculptured body with the most effective exercises for working out the shoulder muscles.

The projectile used during shoulder exercises depends on the location of the training. In the gym, it is best to work out with a barbell, and at home it is much easier to use dumbbells. The latter have less weight than the rods, but with them you can also perform good and useful exercises.

The formation of the shoulder occurs with the participation of the deltoid muscle. It consists of a front, middle, back beam. In order to achieve the correct development of the shoulder region, the load on all three bundles must be absolutely uniform. Such an anatomical structure also affects the fact that it is quite difficult to train the shoulders. However, by making some efforts, the athlete can not only achieve the desired result, but also make the figure truly attractive.


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    • 2.1 Stand Press
    • 2.2 Press with a barbell from behind the head
    • 2.3 Dumbbell Bench
    • 2.4 Arnold Bench
    • 2.5 Lifting dumbbells through the sides
    • 2.6 Tilt Dumbbell Lifts
    • 2.7 Raising the bar to the chin
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How to organize training?

Training is best composed of basic exercises aimed at activating and working out the entire delta. Pumping up a separate beam should only be done when the load exerted on it was not enough, it began to lag behind the others in development. In other cases, isolating exercises are not necessary.

You can train both in the gym and at home. The main thing is that the athlete has such shells as dumbbells and a barbell. The weight is selected so that in one approach you can make at least eight or ten lifts. Taking too much weight to give the shoulders a bump and width is not recommended. Increase the load, that is, work with heavier shells should be when the main goal is to increase muscle strength. In this case, you need to raise shells from five to eight times, perform four to five sets.

It is recommended that novice athletes master and hone one or two basic bench presses to automatism. They perfectly work the deltoid muscle, provide a uniform load on the entire shoulder girdle. When it is sufficiently trained, it becomes noticeable which of the bundles requires more elaboration. At this stage, isolating exercises can be added to the training, which are selected depending on which muscle group needs additional study.

List of Effective Shoulder Exercises

Stand Press

The main exercise for working out the shoulder muscles. The main emphasis in it is on the middle beam of the delta. However, this section is inflated with the active participation of both the front and rear beams.

Starting position:

  • stand straight, spread your legs shoulder width apart;
  • take a shell with a direct grip, raise it to the chest level;


  • lift the shell exhaling at the end point;
  • pause;
  • slowly inhaling, lower the bar to its original position, that is, to the level of the chest.

General recommendations:

  1. no need to take the maximum weight;
  2. the back should be slightly bent;
  3. dumbbells can be used as a projectile.

Bench press

A basic exercise that is fully aimed at pumping up the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Unlike the previous one, it is performed from a sitting position.

Starting position:

  • sit on a sports bench;
  • bend your back a little;
  • take the projectile with a wide grip.


  • at the same time as you exhale, raise the bar, while fully straightening your arms;
  • while breathing, lower the projectile behind your head.

General recommendations:

  1. the press must be performed smoothly, slowly, without jerking;
  2. to diversify the exercise allows the alternation of lowering the projectile behind the head and chest.

Dumbbell bench press

Ideal training for pumping up the deltoid muscle at home. It is not only effective, but also affordable, since it is performed not with a barbell, which not every athlete has at home, but with dumbbells. Exercises using this sports equipment are great for those who do not have the opportunity for some reason to work out in the gym, but want to build their shoulders.

Training really works and allows you to achieve the desired result. The main thing is to be ready to give all the best for one hundred percent, be patient, be diligent. Perseverance should not be manifested by the number of approaches, but by regular exercises. Otherwise, no significant effect will be achieved.

Starting position:

  • sitting on a bench with a back, keep your back straight and straight;
  • the chin should be parallel to the floor, the look should be straight;
  • keep shells at eye level;
  • Expand your elbows, but make sure that they are under the hands.


  • exhaling, squeeze the shells up;
  • without turning the hands, bring the dumbbells together at the top;
  • linger for a few seconds;
  • inhaling, slowly return to its original position.

General recommendations:

  1. hands must be moved in the same plane;
  2. to avoid adverse effects on the elbow joints, one should not allow sharp straightening of the hands at the extreme point;
  3. It is strongly discouraged to allow back bends, back deflections.

Bench press Arnold

This exercise has already become a classic in bodybuilding. Its effectiveness is beyond doubt. As the name implies, this training was part of the compulsory training of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose success in building a sculptured and beautiful body is known to absolutely anyone, even a person far from the world of sports.

Starting position:

  • sit on a bench, press your back against the back;
  • bend your knees so that they form a right angle;
  • spread your legs wide, rest your feet to the limit on the floor;
  • lift the dumbbells to neck level;
  • bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees, turn your palms toward you.


  • exhaling, squeeze the shells vertically upward, turning the brushes outward with your palms;
  • keep your palms facing forward at the extreme point;
  • linger;
  • take a breath, return the shells smoothly to the starting position.

General recommendations:

  1. Perform training better with lighter dumbbells than for other exercises;
  2. the elbows at the extreme point should be left slightly bent, and not straighten them to the end;
  3. the press must be performed directly, preferably without stopping in the lower position;
  4. in order not to have an additional effect on the spine, acceleration and jerking should be avoided.

Side Dumbbell Lifting

Another exercise that is great for doing at home. Training is insulating. It aims to study and pump the side of the delta.

Starting position:

  • stand up, lean forward slightly;
  • lower your arms with dumbbells down.


  • take a deep breath, spread your arms shoulder-width apart;
  • the back of the dumbbells at the extreme point is slightly raised;
  • exhaling, gently lower your hands to their original position.

General recommendations:

  • cheating is unacceptable;
  • all load should be concentrated on the shoulders.

If cheating is present during the training, a completely different muscle group is involved. This reduces the result.

Tilt Dumbbell Lifts

They are aimed at working out the back of the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

Starting position:

  • standing straight with dumbbells in hand, lean forward with your body at an acute angle;
  • hands down.


  • taking a deep breath, spread the shells to the sides, lifting them to the highest possible height;
  • as you exhale, return your hands to their original position.


  • at the extreme point of elevation, the front of the projectile should be slightly tilted forward;
  • the back should be kept straight, but slightly bent in the lower back;
  • You can not round the back, as this is fraught with injury.

Lifting the barbell to the chin

Basic training, which is more aimed at working out the middle beam of the delta, but also pumps the trapezius muscles.

Starting position:

  • standing straight, take the bar with a direct grip, holding it below;
  • between the palms the distance should be about two fists.


  • exhaling, lift the projectile to the chin;
  • hold the bar in the most extreme position;
  • take a breath, return to the starting position.


  1. elbows should be constantly diluted, rise strictly vertically;
  2. you can not bend the neck and back, the chin should be horizontal;
  3. while lifting the bar to the chin, the bar must be raised above shoulder level;
  4. the weight of the projectile should not be an obstacle to the proper execution of the exercise.

Best Shoulder Exercises - Video

To summarize

To achieve the desired result, you need to include the proposed exercises in a regular workout, engage on a regular basis. You should not concentrate solely on exercises. You need to remember about proper nutrition.

If the space for home training is limited, the most secure projectile will be dumbbells. Performing a bench press with a shell is better at the beginning of classes, that is, when there is no feeling of tiredness. Following these recommendations, combining both basic and isolating exercises on the shoulder girdle, each athlete will be able to give his shoulders the ideal proportions, make the waist visually narrower.