Gainer - for gaining mass

Balanced sports special nutrition is just as important as well-designed and regular training. A rational diet is necessary not only for athletes who are fond of power sports, but also for those who promote an active lifestyle. And in order to eat properly, you should know about what a gainer is, how it differs from protein. The proper use of this supplement deserves close attention, possible contraindications to taking it .


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  • 2 The principle of the gainer
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  • 4 Gainer or protein, which is better?
  • 5 Rules for choosing a gainer
  • 6 Contraindications and side effects
  • Gainer composition

    This nutritional supplement to sports nutrition is designed primarily for those involved in power sports. Most of the supplements are whey protein and carbohydrate - the most important substances that every athlete's body feels an increased need for. Along with conventional gainers, sports nutrition manufacturers produce multi-component, containing several proteins at once. They sharply increase the energy potential of the body after ingestion, therefore they are often called "power engineers".

    Carbohydrates and proteins are not the only compounds that make up the supplement. Various gainers may include:

    • enhancing the effectiveness of amino acids;
    • balance fats, the amount of which is small and cannot harm the figure;
    • trace elements;
    • carboxylic acid - creatine to stimulate energy metabolism;
    • a variety of vitamins.

    The combination of carbohydrates and proteins has the maximum effect on the athlete's body, which has been proven in independent studies. It consists in replenishing energy reserves and stimulating muscle growth.

    The principle of the gainer

    Translated from English, “gain” means “gain” or “acquire”. As applied to a gainer, this term means that it contributes to a set of strength, muscles, energy reserves. Initially, this supplement, developed for one of the first bodybuilders, was made from cheap protein, and it was given calorie content by adding fat and sugar. The quality of such a mixture was poor, and the results did not live up to expectations.

    Unlike the first additives, modern gainers produced by well-known and reliable companies are mixtures with a high-quality and balanced composition that are completely safe for human health. They contain a protein that has undergone a high degree of purification, special polysaccharides having different molecular chain lengths, and other valuable components. These supplements are indispensable for those involved in eventing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, energy-intensive sports such as martial arts, basketball, running, football.

    The gainer, first of all, is indicated for taking ectomorphs - people with a thin physique, as well as those athletes whose body does not tend to quickly accumulate fat reserves. The use of this food supplement is one of the best ways in a fairly short time to develop both strength and mass for ectomorphs. There are many varieties of gainer. Thanks to this, each athlete will be able to choose for themselves a supplement in which proteins and carbohydrates are optimally balanced.

    The use of a gainer allows you to:

    • quickly build weight for thin physique owners;
    • replenish the energy expended, maintain a high energy level during prolonged aerobic exercise;
    • maintain a stable weight indicator;
    • recover as quickly as possible after training.

    This mixture is sold in sports specialized stores. If you add three servings of the supplement to your regular diet, the results become visible after a month. The main thing is not to forget that the effect is achieved by combining taking the supplement with full regular training. Increasing the calorie content of the usual menu may be required for athletes whose metabolic rate in the body passes quite quickly. Full-inclined mesomorphs and endomorphs should not take a gainer, on the contrary. The specific structure of such athletes leads to the fact that most of the incoming carbohydrates are deposited in lipids.

    When to take the gainer ">

    Athletes most often use the mixture after exercise, when the body feels the need to replenish the energy provided by carbohydrate compounds in the building material in the form of a biologically active and high-quality protein. The advantage of this supplementation regimen is the ability to not only restore strength, but also to suppress the process of catabolism - the destruction of the structural elements of muscle tissue. This allows for full recovery of muscle fibers.

    Some power athletes take a gainer before training. This approach has a slightly different purpose than the previous one. It consists in providing the maximum supply of energy, making the training longer and more effective. Catabolic processes are suppressed at the beginning of classes. However, unlike the previous method, this method of using the mixture has one significant minus, which is expressed in the fact that during exercise, lipids are not lost, and, therefore, the risks of increasing the fat layer increase significantly.

    The gainer can be taken four times a day, that is, in the mornings and evenings, before and after training. To use the supplement in this way can only afford those who have no tendency to be overweight. Otherwise, the mass will be gained due to the increase in body fat, and not due to an increase in muscle.

    How to take "> gainer or protein, which is better?

    The answer to this question is due to what physique the athlete has. Ectomorphs need to use exclusively gainers, because for a full set of muscle mass, skinny athletes by nature need both an energy substrate and proteins. Mesomorphs and endomorphs with an increased propensity for completeness are more suitable for mixtures without carbohydrate compounds, that is, consisting only of protein. A combined intake of supplements is possible when the gainer is taken after a workout, and protein mixtures the rest of the time.

    Protein-carbohydrate mixture has only one minus. Its cost is quite high when compared with the price of protein. To get significant savings, you can buy protein concentrate, and get carbohydrate from ordinary food products, subject to a well-composed menu.

    Gainer selection rules

    The acquisition of a particular type of mixture depends on the desired effect. Bodybuilders and powerlifters are advised to choose supplements with a predominant protein content. Those involved in athletics, boxers, short-distance runners, football players and all those for whom the priority goal is to maintain the energy level, weight gainers with a high percentage of carbohydrates are needed.

    With the brand of the product must be determined independently. The main thing is to give preference to mixtures that are produced by reliable and reputable manufacturers. This will help ratings of the best weight gainers that can be found in specialized publications on bodybuilding.

    Contraindications and side effects

    The gainer consists of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. These substances are found in any human food. Therefore, the mixture has no harm or side effects. In addition, the supplement to sports nutrition is equally beneficial for both men and women. There are no restrictions on the age of the person who accepts it.

    A harmful mixture of carbohydrates and proteins can only be in the case when a person has an individual intolerance to any component present in its composition. Allergic reactions are extremely rare. Taking any type of supplement is not recommended for pancreatic dysfunction. This pathology is even less common than allergies.

    Food poisoning after consuming a gainer is only possible if the product is of poor quality. Therefore, it is impossible to purchase mixtures without an appropriate certificate. No less important are the storage conditions. When moisture gets into the additive, it becomes a favorable environment for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. If intoxication has occurred, get rid of its consequences, stop taking a specific product.