What to eat on the dryer

Compliance with certain nutritional rules is the most important stage in the drying period. Without some restrictions in the diet, it is impossible to obtain beautiful sculptural forms. Athletes usually begin to dry after a period of mass gain to get rid of excess accumulated body fat under the skin. When they are “burned”, the muscle relief becomes pronounced and acquires the clarity of the lines formed. The existing principle of nutrition is not a diet for weight loss. Its main goal is to get rid of subcutaneous fat that hides the relief.


  • 1 What you can eat on a dryer product list
    • 1.1 Protein-rich foods
    • 1.2 Eggs
    • 1.3 Chicken Breast
    • 1.4 Seafood and fish
    • 1.5 Low Fat Beef
    • 1.6 Protein Shakes
    • 1.7 Curd
    • 1.8 Slow Carbohydrate Products
    • 1.9 Oatmeal
    • 1.10 Rice
    • 1.11 Buckwheat
    • 1.12 Legumes
    • 1.13 Pasta
    • 1.14 Vegetables
    • 1.15 Fruits and berries
    • 1.16 Fatty fish
    • 1.17 Nuts
    • 1.18 Vegetable oil
    • 1.19 Water
    • 1.20 Summary

What you can eat on a dryer product list

There is a certain food that allows you to achieve maximum effect during fat burning, to make the body more prominent and attractive.

Protein-rich foods

Protein is the building block of muscle tissue.


The protein contained in them is easily and quickly absorbed. Of the 80 kilocalories contained in an average egg, 20 kilocalories is protein. The yolk contains mainly fats. It should be consumed in limited quantities. It is recommended to eat no more than one or two yolks per day.

Chicken breast

Included in the number of dietary products. Unlike the rest of the chicken carcass, it contains a minimal amount of fat. Breast is low in calories and is included in the diet of athletes.

Seafood and fish

They are not only a source of protein, but also Omega-3. The protein found in fish is absorbed much faster than that obtained by eating meat. On drying it is allowed to eat fatty and nonfat varieties. You can use both fresh and freshly frozen seafood. You can’t eat fish in pickled, canned and salted form.

Lean beef

It contains creatine, which is a structural unit for building muscle tissue, and also increases their strength and endurance. It is the inclusion of red meat in the menu that allows you to replenish the reserves of this substance. The process of splitting to amino acids takes a fairly long time, so preference should be given to low-fat varieties of beef, and even better if you use veal.

Protein Shakes

Whey and casein proteins must always be available during the drying period. The main advantage of cocktails made from such mixtures is that they help to quickly replenish the supply of proteins and are able to replace a full snack.

Cottage cheese

Another valuable source of protein during the drying period, but with some caveat. There is only one cottage cheese whose percentage of fat content does not exceed 5%. The digestibility rate of the protein contained in this dairy product is slower than egg, but faster than that of red and white meat. If you add a small amount of berries (fresh) to high-quality cottage cheese, you can get a good nutritious breakfast or dinner, as well as a snack.

Slow Carbohydrate Products

They are a valuable source of replenishment of expended energy.


Hercules is especially good for a full meal. It is not recommended to eat instant oat flakes, as they differ in high glycemic index. Hercules, on the contrary, has a low GI, suitable for cooking not only cereals, but also for low-calorie protein desserts.


A side dish of rice cereal with chicken breast is a traditional dish for the bodybuilder's menu. It is best to use brown with round grains. Such rice contains a lot of gluten, cooks much longer than other varieties, therefore it is well saturated and permanently relieves hunger, allows you to adhere to the framework of caloric intake. Often brown rice is diluted with white in equal proportions. This can be done at any drying period, but not before the competition.


Many believe that porridge from this cereal is suitable only for the period of mass gain, but this is not entirely true. It well compensates for the deficiency of complex carbons during the drying period. Buckwheat has calories similar to rice, but contains much more mineral things and vitamins.


Contain a lot of vegetable protein and slow carbohydrates. Protein, found in legumes, is well absorbed together with animal proteins. Side dishes made from chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils and soy, go well with chicken and beef. Legumes should be abandoned when they provoke problems with the digestive system.


Flour products acceptable for use on drying should be made from whole grain flour, and not white plain. Cooking such pasta is necessary from 5 to 7 minutes, but not longer.


There are no restrictions on the use of green vegetables. A large amount of fiber is contained in cucumbers, celery, cabbage, and calorie content is practically zero. They quickly fill the stomach and dull hunger. Dry beets with potatoes should be cooked. The amount of carrots consumed should be limited, since it contains a lot of carbohydrates.

Fruits and berries

Many people mistakenly believe that these products can be eaten on the dryer without any restrictions. Fruits and berries contain simple carbohydrates that are excluded from the menu. When they do not burn, they immediately go to the fat depot, that is, they are stored. Of course, you should not deny yourself a rich and tasty vitamin food. Berries with fruits can be consumed, but it is best as breakfast or before intense training.

Fatty Fish

Combine fat and protein. The protein contained in such a fish is quickly absorbed by the body. Salmon and trout should be included in your menu at least twice a week. An alternative is to take fish oil, which you can buy at the pharmacy.


They are included in the drying menu and are a source of Omega-6, but in small quantities. Per 100 grams of this product accounts for over 500 calories. Eating such a delicacy is necessary with caution, and salted nuts should be completely discarded.

Vegetable oil

Rich in healthy omega-6 acids. Stew dishes in refined sunflower oil. It is forbidden to fry food on it. For dressing salads and other dishes, you can use linseed or olive oil.


Ordinary drinking water plays a crucial role in shaping a sculpted body. If fluid is retained in the body, this prevents the drawing of muscles. It is possible to eliminate its accumulation only by using the necessary daily amount of clean drinking water. If dehydration is allowed, training will be less intense. We should not forget that it is pure water that helps cleanse the body of harmful substances and remove excess fluid.


The list of acceptable products during drying is quite large, so there are no problems with the uniformity of the menu. You can cook a variety of dishes. The main thing is not to forget that the number of calories burned should always prevail over the number of incoming. The daily diet is calculated so that the menu contains a sufficient amount of protein to maintain muscles and high-quality proteins that support hormonal levels, as well as carbohydrates that maintain energy balance.