How to lose weight in the face and cheeks

A full face with a pronounced second chin does not add attractiveness to either men or women. Clearly defined cheekbones and hollow cheeks, on the contrary, adorn and make the appearance noble. To achieve a similar result to anyone who wants to return to the face of treasured thinness, of course, I want to as quickly as possible. However, given the importance of the time factor, most people, by virtue of employment, are looking for ways to help lose weight in the face precisely at home.


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What to do with excess fat on the face?

For some people, the problem of fullness seems far-fetched, which is completely unfair. Fat accumulates not only on the hips, stomach, arms. Its excess appears on the chin, and on the cheeks. The result is the loss of a clear oval, the impression that the cheekbones are completely absent. Neither women nor men want to put up with such a situation.

Given the seriousness of the problem, since the fullness of the face really spoils the person’s appearance, there are a huge number of sites, methods and even books devoted to this problem. Most of these benefits offer people who want to get rid of their second chin and prominent cheeks to perform special gymnastics, which reduces body fat.

What are the results promised by the authors of exercises for weight loss face?

In manuals offering a set of gymnastics, they write about the following positive effects that allow you to get specially designed exercises:

  • getting rid of the second chin;
  • reduction of the face in the cheeks;
  • acquiring a chiseled shape.

Even the third chin, if one already exists, will become smaller.

How much time you need to devote to gymnastics "> Exercises for weight loss face

There are a huge number of exercise options, but the most common ones can be combined into two alternative programs.

Variation One

It is a set of the following manipulations:

  1. Squinting eyes performed 15 times in each of the 4 approaches, between which take a break in half a minute.
  2. Nodding your head up and down, which are also doing in 4 sets of 15 repetitions, but with a break already in a minute.
  3. Eyebrow lifting performed in 3 sets with 8-10 repetitions each and rest between sets from 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Frowning eyebrow arches with the same number of approaches and repetitions (3X8-10) as lifts, as well as rest in 60-120 seconds after each complete cycle.
  5. Nods to the side, which are done in 5 sets of 10-12 nods and 1 minute rest after each approach.
  6. Barbell lifts for biceps, which are done 10 times in each of 10 sets with a minute rest between them.

The last exercise should be done with the largest possible weights so that the muscles on the face are stretched.

Second variation

Similarly to the first complex is a program of six exercises:

  1. "Blind man". One eye is squeezed 18-20 times in each of the 4 sets, between which pause for 1 minute.
  2. Nods of a raised head. In each of the 5 cycles, you need to make 5 full nods, trying to stretch the second chin to the maximum at the extreme point, and after each approach take a three-minute rest.
  3. The opening and closing of the mouth. There are 3 approaches to perform, in each of which to do 8-10 repetitions. The pause between cycles is 1-2 minutes.
  4. "Chewing gum." For one and a half minutes they move the jaw, imagining that they chew gum, then a break of 3 minutes. Repeat still 3 times.
  5. Side smile. Perform 2 sets of 10-12 times each with a break of 1 minute after a full approach.
  6. Cheeks and fish. First, just cheeks are puffed out 36-40 times, and then they make the same number of repetitions, but protruding their lips and sucking their cheeks inward.

Similar exercises are in every manual, offering to get rid of fat on the face through special exercises.

Do exercises help lose weight in the face "> What method is effective against fat on the face?

A clear oval, hidden under the second chin and impressive cheeks, allows only a calorie deficit. A thick face is the result of obesity, that is, accumulations of body fat in the body, and they are formed as a result of the fact that the daily calorie content exceeds the amount of energy consumed.

If you normalize your diet, starting to eat wholesome food, fat will begin to leave absolutely from all parts of the body, including the face. This is the result of the fact that the body begins to break down fat deposits to obtain the energy required to perform any action performed by a person, as well as the course of vital processes.

When there is no deficiency, energy comes with food, and the excess is also deposited in the fat depot. Thus, the result of overeating is directly reflected on the body and on the face.


Another important nuance that everyone should remember is that there is no local way to lose weight. It is impossible to remove fat from just one part of the body. A person is either losing weight or getting fat both in body and face. It is impossible to have prominent cheekbones and sunken cheeks, having a first, second or third degree of obesity.