Ageless Athletic Gymnastics

Athletic gymnastics occupies a special place among sports, since the complex of exercises allows not only to improve strength indicators, but also teaches them how to spend them correctly. It is not for nothing that athletic gymnastics is considered a recreational sport, since it is permissible to engage in any kind of exercise. This sport is available for citizens of any category having different levels of physical fitness. Thanks to this factor, each person can engage in the improvement and strengthening of his body in any conditions, whether at home or in the gym.


  • 1 How to start gymnastics
  • 2 Getting Started for Beginners
  • 3 General rules
  • 4 Example Beginner Training Program
    • 4.1 Exercise program for women

How to start gymnastics

First of all, it should be understood that gymnastics is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and changes can affect all areas of life. Even proper nutrition, without a corresponding load on the body, will not give a tangible effect. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is maintaining the mind and body in a constant form, which will require correction of your figure and correction of outlook on life in general. Athletic gymnastics has a number of advantages, which is expressed in various forms and training options, as well as accessibility. This allows you to choose the appropriate option that allows you to effectively conduct training and move towards the intended goal, regardless of the conditions of employment.

Equally important is the venue for sports. There are many options. Now it’s fashionable to visit fitness clubs or gyms, where experienced trainers will select the necessary exercises and will control how classes are conducted and how correctly all movements are performed. In addition, in the gym there are the same lovers to start life anew, which will serve as an excellent example and direct all work in the right direction. There is one more powerful argument not to miss classes in the gym - this is an acquired subscription. As a rule, for classes in such conditions you need to pay money in advance, and a lot of money: what's the point of paying money and not attending classes.

There is also another, simpler and cheaper option - these are classes at home. This is especially important when it is tight with finances, and even time is running out, as they say. Still, to visit the gym will have to spend not only money, but also a lot of time. In addition, there is a category of people who do not want to appear in public, and even make some kind of movement. For training in a home environment, expensive simulators are not needed, but the effect can be the same: it all depends on motivation. Not everyone goes to gyms in order to achieve any goal in sports. For them, it may be the main thing - this is the presence of the public, where you can just chat and spend time with benefit. To practice at home, it is enough to have several dumbbells with different weights.

To study at home, you need special motivation and the realization that you need to radically change your life. It is necessary to deal regularly, otherwise it is unlikely that one can achieve the desired and desired result. This can lead to frustration and negative psychological consequences that can lead to depression.

Where to start for beginners

Classes in the gym have their own advantages, since a personal trainer will help you choose such exercises so that the load on the body is carried out gradually. Naturally, in such conditions, high results can be guaranteed. When classes are carried out at home, you must choose the training course yourself so as not to overstrain your body.

To do this, you can pay attention to the general rules that apply, regardless of where the person is training - at home or in the gym, for example:

  • All gymnastic exercises begin with a warm-up. Its task is to prepare the muscles and joints for the action of loads, otherwise you can easily get injured in the form of muscle stretch marks or dislocations.
  • A set of gymnastic exercises is carried out non-stop, that is, it is continuous.

Naturally, at the initial stage it is better to use the complex for beginners, which is designed so that the muscles are not overloaded. This kind of training is enough for 1 month. Only after that it is allowed to increase the intensity of training, with an increase in the load on muscles and joints.

General rules

As you know, any sport is useful not only for men, but also for women. This is especially true when doing athletic gymnastics. Mostly women are engaged in this sport in order to lose extra pounds and make the figure more attractive, pumping up the muscles of the legs and removing the stomach, as well as making the buttocks more elastic. Unfortunately, the rules are the same and they apply to both men and women:

  • Include in-place running and jumping rope. With a short duration, these exercises are highly effective in combating excess weight.
  • Choose exercises aimed at correcting problem areas. Such an individual approach to training increases their effectiveness.
  • Drink water during training; violation of the water balance will not only reduce the effectiveness of classes, but also lead to health problems.
  • Eat no earlier than 2 hours after the end of the workout. Eating earlier will reduce all efforts to zero. Before classes, but no later than an hour before them, eat foods high in protein - legumes or soy products.

On a note! Regular exercises reduce physical stress on the body as a whole. By increasing calorie consumption, weight loss occurs much faster.

Sample training program for beginners

Similar exercises are performed with extra weight, which can serve as dumbbells or any other suitable load.

Sample exercises:

  • The legs are set shoulder-width apart, and the arms rise above the head, holding the load. The following movements are downward tilts so that the arms with the load pass between the legs. This exercise is repeated up to 15 times.
  • Position - standing straight, holding hands with a load at chest level. Hands are straightened, after which the load rises above the head. Keep your back straight. The movements are repeated up to 15 times.
  • Legs are set wider than shoulders. The load and arms rise above the head, after which the inclinations are carried out, then in one direction, then in the other direction. Hands do not bend. The number of such movements is up to 12 times in one direction and the other.
  • Position - lying on your back. Feet can be fixed by slipping them under a sofa or under a cabinet. Hands are extended above the head upwards and torso rises are made. The number of such movements is up to 12 times.
  • Legs together, and hands with weight lowered in front of them. Raising his hands up and spreading his legs to the sides, a low jump is carried out. Jumps are repeated about 15 times.

Exercise Program for Women

The complex includes three stages of exercises. The preparatory or warm-up part is performed without weighting. The goal of this stage is to prepare the body by warming up the muscles. You can start the warm-up with a light run in place or jumping rope. To stretch your muscles, do a few squats or push-ups at a fast pace. You can do push-ups both from the floor and from a special support. In the second case, alternate height, working on all groups of pectoral muscles. The duration of the warm-up part is not more than 7-12 minutes.

The main part is made with weighting agents. You can use dumbbells, a heavy book or a tape made of rubber.

  • Lie on your back, arms apart with dumbbells. Lift them above your head and then return to their original position. The exercise is performed at a slow pace, the number of repetitions is 10.
  • Stand upright, lower your hands with weight. In turn, raise each arm to shoulder level and return to the starting position. The number of repetitions is 10 with each hand.
  • Stand on a tape of rubber, with the legs parallel to the shoulders, and hands with the ends of the tape down. Lean to the right, holding the tape, return to the starting position and lean to the left. The number of repetitions is 10 in each direction.
  • Stand on a tape of rubber, with the legs parallel to the shoulders, and hands with the ends of the tape down. Bend in turn each arm at the elbows. The number of repetitions is 10 with each hand.
  • Stand evenly, with your feet parallel to your shoulders, and your arms with weighting down. Lean while spreading your arms to the side. The number of repetitions is 12.

Each of these exercises must be performed in 2-3 sets. In the final part, you need to relax the muscles.

  • Stand straight, legs parallel to the shoulders. Bend your arms and lean down, trying to get your elbow to the floor. The number of repetitions is 10.
  • Sit on the floor, put your feet together. Stretch forward, trying to reach your socks with your fingers.
  • Stand straight, legs parallel to the shoulders, hands rest against the waist. Turn your head in different directions, trying to stretch your neck as much as possible.

The maximum amount of time allotted for this stage is 6 minutes. Each lesson must include all three stages of training.

Athletic gymnastics is not only good for human health, but it is also interesting. The fact that such exercises will help to become healthier is beyond doubt. The set of exercises is so large that you can easily choose the most interesting and most affordable for yourself. The main thing is to remember that the effect can be obtained only when classes are performed regularly.