How to build back muscles at home without exercise equipment

There is an opinion that it is impossible to achieve good results when training at home or on a regular sports ground. This was repeatedly mentioned in the materials of sports magazines, but there are also many examples of the effectiveness of such classes. The desire to succeed in pumping up the muscles of the back and the lack of the ability to train in a sports club for one reason or another is a powerful incentive to achieve this goal at home.

In principle, such classes do not need special motivation, since the result speaks for itself:

  • a strong back eliminates any problems with the spine, and if it is healthy, then all the systems of the human body work like clockwork;
  • during training of this large group of muscles, subcutaneous fat is burned and the body's energy expenditure increases;
  • A V-shaped figure is formed due to the development of the broadest spinal muscles, and both men and women dream of having such a silhouette.


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Is it possible to achieve such results at home?

Home workouts are uniquely effective, as proven by many examples. Of course, it cannot be argued that there is no difference between intensive homework and gym training. However, achieving a visible result by training at home is an achievable goal.

Why are classes in the room giving more significant results? The fact is that progression and growth are due to an increase in the load on the muscle group, and this requires a regular increase in working weight. At home, it is almost impossible to ensure the availability of various types of free weights that can be used for exercise. It should be noted that only experienced athletes who have been engaged for at least two years can constantly train with large weights. But at the start, to pump up your back and achieve a beautiful silhouette, quite enough trainings at home.

Workout at home: basic principles

Adhering to the following basic rules, you can achieve significant results by exercising at home:

  1. The regularity of training is no more than twice a week. This is the best option, since fewer classes will not allow you to achieve a tangible effect, and more is pointless, since the muscle group needs time to recover.
  2. At the initial stage and until the moment when the ability to feel each intense and involved area appears, the exercises are performed in 3 approaches, each of which includes from 12 to 15 repetitions . Subsequently, with the acquisition of the above skill, you can proceed to training until “ failure ” - the approaches are performed as much as in strength and one or two repetitions from above, which is called “ last effort ”.
  3. You can not start classes immediately with strength exercises, as this can lead to injury. Not a single training session should do without a preliminary preparatory stage - warming up and joint warm-up.
  4. Due to the fact that the muscles have the ability to get used to the plane and nature of the load, it is advisable to alternate training programs .
  5. Each lesson begins with basic exercises (one or two is enough), in the process of which two or more joints are involved. At the end of the training, one or two isolating exercises (one muscle, one joint).

Training program

Training program number 1

To build the broadest muscles, several basic exercises are used, one of the most effective is the draft of dumbbells in an inclination . In the process of its implementation, both halves of the back are worked out, while the weak half works without the “help” of the stronger one.

Starting position: legs slightly bent at the knees, a curved lower back, the body drops 90 degrees, in the hands of a dumbbell, the elbows are directed upward along the body. Dumbbells rise to the maximum connection of the shoulder blades, then slowly, stretching the muscles, lower down to their original position.

Another effective exercise is traditional pull-ups . Vis on the crossbar: straight grip, palms slightly wider than the shoulder joints. Pull up so that the position of the chin is parallel to the crossbar, then lower down, while the elbow joints should be fully straightened.

It is important that the bar is not clasped by the thumbs, otherwise there will be a partial redistribution of the load on the biceps.

As an isolating exercise that completes the workout, one-handed dumbbell pulls are recommended. Starting position: one leg is straight (supporting), the second should rest against the plane with a bent knee. Take the dumbbell in the arm that is located on the side of the straight leg, emphasis on the other hand, while the palm should be located under the shoulder joint.


  1. The back with a curved lower back is held parallel to the floor, the dumbbell rises up in the same plane with the body until the peak muscle contraction.
  2. Return to starting position.

Training program number 2

If we compare the basic exercises in terms of their effectiveness for working out the back, then one of the best is deadlift. During its implementation, the biceps of the thigh and buttocks are also being worked out. This exercise, supplemented by working with dumbbells, is a great option for women and beginners. Training begins, as always, with warm-up and warm-up.

Take the starting position: the back with a curved lower back, legs are slightly bent at the knees and are located at shoulder width, take dumbbells and lower your arms in front of you.


  1. Tilting is performed slowly until the casing assumes a parallel position to the floor. At the same time, dumbbells are in close proximity to the body.
  2. To take the starting position, the body should be completely straightened.

In order to deeply work out the lower part of the latissimus muscles, tight grip pull-ups are used, which have slight differences from the classical version. The difference lies in the location of the palms on the crossbar - the position should be so close that the thumbs touch each other with their tips.

At the end of the workout, isolation exercises are performed. For home training, hyperextension is suitable, while the special simulator is easily replaced by a hard sofa or other solid surface, which can provide a convenient location for the pelvis and legs.

The main task is the possibility of free movement of the body up / down and good fixation of the legs. When this issue is resolved, the palms must be placed behind the back of the head, and the body with the curved lower back lowered to the lower limit, then gradually rise up to the maximum level with a flat back.

How to quickly achieve the result "> stretching exercises . We should not forget about this point, since it is important for muscle development. Also, stretching allows you to minimize the discomfort arising from heavy loads.
  • The increase in loads should be carried out by increasing the working weight, and not by increasing the number of repetitions in the approach.
  • The issue of nutrition is crucial. The diet of the training person should consist of 50% complex carbohydrates, 30% protein, and the remaining proportion is red fish, vegetable oils, nuts. In building muscles, quality nutrition has a critical role to play.
  • The effectiveness of home training depends on the determination and self-organization of a person, the right approach to classes, mandatory regularity and patience.