Some amazing heart healthy diet news

As you know, diseases of the cardiovascular system are the most common cause of death, both among men and women. In the United States alone, an average of 600 thousand people die from heart disease each year, which in scale resembles a real epidemic. Naturally, such figures cannot but cause concern, both among the medical community, and among ordinary people who care about their health.

As a result of many studies, experts from the World Health Organization have come to the conclusion that adherence to certain principles in everyday life could significantly reduce these tragic statistics. First of all, this is a rational and balanced diet, rejection of bad habits, sufficient physical activity, timely treatment of pathologies such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the blood.

Scientists offer certain recommendations for maintaining healthy heart and blood vessels, including with regard to dietary habits. Often there is an opinion that it is enough to limit the intake of salt and products containing cholesterol, and a balance of interests will be observed. But, studies show, these limitations alone are far from enough.

In particular, the fascination with sugar and seemingly innocuous starch can lead to disastrous consequences, up to a sudden cardiac arrest. It's all about changes that occur at a subtle molecular level and have a certain stressful effect on myocardial cells.

Of course, the exclusion from the diet of a number of harmful products is a fairly effective measure, but often difficult to implement. Indeed, the so-called "prohibitory" diets are very difficult, both from a psychological point of view and purely technically. The result is frequent breakdowns and a return to old established eating habits. Therefore, cardiologists work closely with nutritionists, offering original approaches to solve this problem.

So, American nutritionists advise a gradual and phased transition to new principles of nutrition, then this process will be much more comfortable and have a more reliable result. The body must get used to the new diet, feel its benefits and effectiveness, then it will be possible to switch to a new regime without stress and internal resistance.

For starters, you can have a vegetarian lunch or dinner several times a week. The consumption of large amounts of meat, especially red varieties, as well as fatty dairy products, can increase blood cholesterol. Fortunately, there are a large number of tasty and healthy dishes that do not require meat or cheese to cook, and you must include them in your menu.

Try to discover new products - for example, some vegetable or fruit that you have not had to try before. Perhaps this will become, in a way, a pleasant surprise and, along with useful properties, attractive taste sensations will also open. This will expand your own menu, and perhaps even come up with some new recipes. In addition, many fruits, due to their taste characteristics, can be an excellent substitute for a traditional dessert. It will be much more useful and less high-calorie, which will also benefit in case of problems with excess weight.

For breakfast, instead of the usual sandwiches, you can try to cook something light and healthy. For example, smoothies are a great option for a successful start to the day. To prepare this tasty dish, you need a small handful of spinach leaves, a chopped celery stalk, one banana, half an apple and two glasses of pure water. Beat all of these ingredients in a blender, and a wonderful drink is ready. Starting your day with such an energy and vitamin “recharge”, you can fill the body with energy, lightness and good mood for the whole day.

Remember to visit the farmers market from time to time. Fresh, fresh from the garden vegetables and fruits will give not only maximum benefits, but also new ideas for recipes for a healthy menu.