Methyldrene 25 by Cloma Pharma

The Fat Burner Methyldrene 25 is one of the best foods among similar sports nutrition. The quality of the supplement does not raise any doubts, because it is produced by the manufacturer Cloma Pharma, known to all professionals and amateurs of bodybuilding, whose product line includes other fat-burning preparations: Asia Black 25, China White 25, and Black Spider 25.

The basis of the preparation of methyldren is an ECA complex, which includes ephedra, anhydrous caffeine, and aspirin. Fat burner is accepted not only by bodybuilders, but also by representatives of other sports disciplines. Its high popularity is due to good results in increasing the relief of muscles on the background of a decrease in subcutaneous fat.

A fat burner alone is not enough to achieve a fat burning effect, experts at Cloma Pharma say. Acquiring Methyldrene 25 is recommended exclusively for those who adhere to a well-designed diet and regularly perform physical activity.

The effect of taking the drug is due to the composition represented exclusively by time-tested components.

Thanks to anhydrous caffeine, body temperature rises, fat burning processes are activated, adrenaline levels become higher. The latter plays a significant role in reducing body fat. Ephedra accelerates metabolism and inhibits appetite. Both of these ingredients, along with the aspirin in Methyldrene 25, enhance the overall effect of ECA.

Fat Burner Composition

Along with the ECA complex, other active active ingredients are present in the preparation - ginger root, ginseng and yohimbe extracts, green tea, as well as vitamins from group P. They are powerful stimulants for the central nervous system and antioxidants that relieve feelings of fatigue, increase tone and motivate.

The main components are contained in a fat burner capsule in the following amounts:

  • ginseng, aspirin and ginger root - 100 mg each;
  • anhydrous caffeine - 250 mg;
  • ephedra - 25 mg.

The remaining ingredients are presented in smaller quantities. Fat burner does not pose any health hazard, does not provoke side effects if the recommended dosages are not violated.

How to take Methyldrene 25

According to the manufacturer's recommendation, you need to take from one to three capsules per day. It is recommended to start with one pill per day in order to control the body's reaction. After a few days, you can start drinking 2-3 capsules. Exceeding this dosage is strongly not recommended in a single dose, not a single day. Use a fat burner 40 minutes before training.

It is forbidden to combine a fat burner with any similar potent drugs, products and supplements that contain caffeine. Seeking advice from a doctor is recommended for those who experience certain problems with disorders in the cardiovascular system. To enhance fat burning, supplementation can be supplemented with L-carnitine. Various protein whey complexes allow you to save muscle mass on a course of fat burner.


Bodybuilders describe the action of a fat burner mainly exclusively from a positive point of view. Athletes especially appreciate the fact that the appetite is significantly reduced, and the mental concentration and performance during training are increased. In separate reviews, athletes write that endurance is also increasing.

Judging by the reviews, they fully confirm the effectiveness of the fat burner. There are also dissatisfied athletes who note that taking Methyldren 25 leads to exhaustion. Experienced bodybuilders recommend eating this sports nutrition in courses lasting several weeks, taking a break, which will allow you not to deplete the central nervous system.