Dukan Diet - Attack phase (weekly menu)

Dietary nutrition is the key to success in gaining a slim figure. A huge number of schemes and programs have been developed that allow you to get rid of extra pounds based on the rejection of certain products, among which many losing weight prefer their diet Ducane. Already in the first stage, called "Attack", you can lose from 5 or 6 kilograms.

The diet developed by Ducan is based on minimizing the use of the body’s source of fat cells, carbohydrates and fats, which provokes the burning of body fat, which is overweight, without any damage to muscle fibers. During the diet, they eat exclusively protein products, that is, food containing protein, which is an energy supplier, but not stored in body fat.

The system consists of four phases:

  • attacks
  • Cruise
  • consolidation;
  • stabilization.

"Attack" is the shortest phase, the success of the diet depends on the success in overcoming it. She starts the mechanism of the process of losing weight.


  • 1 Description of the “Attack” phase
  • 2 What kind of ration do you follow during the “Attack” phase? "> 3 Sample menu for the Weekly Attack phase
  • 4 Ducan Diet Recipes for Attack
    • 4.1 Gentle Chops
    • 4.2 Chicken Soup
    • 4.3 Fish salad
    • 4.4 Omelette roll
    • 4.5 Pie is empty or filled
    • 4.6 Cheesecakes for a couple
    • 4.7 Lemon pie
  • 5 Summary

Description of the attack phase

Only protein foods are allowed. Any fruits and vegetables, food containing fats and carbohydrates are prohibited. Protein is eaten in its pure form, prepared in a wide variety of forms. To adhere to a uniform and heavy diet for a long time is difficult and quite dangerous for health. In order to lose body fat and not harm the body, the phase is short and fast.

The duration of the “Attack” of 10 days is recommended for people who are overweight from 30 kilograms or more. A week to stick to the protein menu should be for those who need to throw off within 20-30 kilograms. About 5 days is enough for people who want to get rid of no more than 10 unnecessary kilograms. It is not recommended to increase the phase. The maximum is one and a half weeks, but not more. Having lost about 6 kilograms, one should not try to increase the effectiveness of this stage. Failure to comply will only lead to health problems.

What diet is followed during the "Attack" phase ">

Exceptionally protein, but this is only the general name for the nutrient. In his book, the author of the diet lists and describes about 72 types of foods containing protein. The main ones include the following:

  • Chicken, turkey and beef meat. rabbit and veal . Extremely low-fat, therefore, lamb and pork should be abstained, and skin should be removed from the bird.
  • Meat offal and products . You can eat the tongue, liver, low-fat ham, kidneys.
  • Fish and canned food . Prefabricated use without oil, and fish in fresh and smoked form.
  • Seafood. You can eat a variety of shellfish and crustaceans.
  • The eggs. There are no restrictions on the amount of protein intake, but the yolks should be limited to 1-2 per day or less if cholesterol is low.
  • Unsweetened and low-fat dairy products. Curd and processed cheeses are allowed, and the rest is prohibited.

This list is an approved product. They can be consumed in unlimited quantities. There are those products that are permissible exclusively in a minimal amount. It is necessary to limit the consumption of greens, various sauces, including tomato, soy and mustard, lemons, olive oil, and bran is necessary, but a maximum of 2 tablespoons per day.

A special place is given to drinking. Unsweetened, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated drinks are considered permitted. Juices in any form must be discarded. The author of a weight loss technique recommends drinking a decoction made from Goji berries, plain water without any impurities, as well as green tea.

Sample menu for the Weekly Attack phase

There are certain rules by which a daily diet is formed:

  1. The amount of fluid consumed in the form of water, green tea, a decoction of Goji berries should be from two liters or more.
  2. Be sure to consume a few tablespoons of bran per day.
  3. Dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways, but you should choose one that requires minimal or no vegetable oils.
  4. No derogations should be allowed. The menu should include exclusively authorized products.
  5. So that the dishes are not completely fresh, the food is seasoned with spices and salt, but in moderation. Sweetener should not be abused.

Allowing a departure from these five basic foundations will minimize all efforts and endanger all subsequent phases.

Bran for the preparation of appropriate dishes take oatmeal. The daily diet is divided into four meals, each of which involves a mandatory drink.

All of the listed dishes and drinks correspond to breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and are combined in the prescribed order, for example, for breakfast, they always drink tea or coffee:

FirstBreakfast : egg and milk omelet, tea or coffee.
Lunch : Dukanovian chicken soup, mint tea with ginger.
Snack : cottage cheese pancakes steamed with milk.
Dinner : baked mackerel, kefir.
SecondBreakfast : porridge from oat bran in milk, tea or coffee.
Lunch : minced chops, chamomile tea.
Snack : muffins from oat bran, a decoction of Goji berries.
Dinner : meatballs from turkey, baked in the oven with greens, drinking yogurt.
ThirdBreakfast : boiled eggs, tea or coffee.
Lunch : chicken nuggets in oat bran, green tea.
Snack : lemon pie, drinking yogurt.
Dinner : scrambled eggs with red fish, herbal tea.
FourthBreakfast : bran sandwich and ham, tea or coffee.
Lunch : salmon ear with boiled eggs and onions, mint tea with ginger.
Afternoon snack : whipped protein dessert with lemon juice and sweetener, tea.
Dinner : fish salad, rosehip broth.
FifthBreakfast : meat chips, tea or coffee.
Lunch : chicken baked in the oven for salt, green tea.
Snack : Dukanov pancakes from bran, milk and eggs, kefir.
Dinner : fish cake, ginger drink.
SixthBreakfast : scrambled eggs with ham, tea or coffee.
Lunch : beef steaks, lemon balm tea.
Snack : bran cookies, drinking yogurt.
Dinner : scrambled eggs with onions and shrimp, green tea.
SeventhBreakfast : steamed omelet with herbs and cream cheese, tea or coffee.
Lunch : grilled chicken breast, chamomile mint tea.
Snack : vanilla porridge with bran, milk.
Dinner : meat pie, kefir.

The diet is variable, but if there is no desire to independently paint and look for foods rich in protein, you can take the above menu as a basis. The advantage is that there are no restrictions at all, the need to calculate portions or grams of food eaten.

Ducan Diet Recipes for Attack

People who stick to the proteinaceous first stage create a large number of dishes especially for this phase. This allows you not to conduct your own culinary experiments, but to use some proven and popular recipes to make it easier to overcome the initial stage.

Tender chops

A pound of lean meat is seasoned with spices and salted. They beat it and form medium-sized flat cakes, which are dipped first in bran, which are taken in the amount of two tablespoons, and then in a pair of beaten eggs. Chops are fried either on the grill or in a pan, but in a small amount of vegetable oil. You can cook in a slow cooker, choosing the "baking" mode.

Chicken soup

Dice the chicken breast. The meat is added to boiling water. Pour there 30 grams. soya natural sauce. When the chicken is completely cooked, a beaten chicken egg is poured into a thin stream. Turn off the fire and fall asleep greens in a pan. The soup is allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes.

Fish salad

Boil a couple of eggs and 200 gr. salmon or trout, and then chopped. Add a little greens and crab sticks. Enough 5-6 pieces. Salting the salad is not recommended, but if it seems too fresh, you can salt the fish while it is being cooked.

Omelet roll

Prepared from oat bran (2 tablespoons), drenched in a glass of milk with the addition of eggs. Omelet is fried on both sides. Wrap just like that with the filling. You can add meat or fish, as well as eggs, herbs, ham. The dish turns out to be more satisfying if "Dukanovsky mayonnaise" is taken as a dressing.

Pie empty or stuffed

Together they mix a couple of eggs, kefir (3/4 cup), 6 tablespoons of bran, a bag of yeast (instant). Add spices to your taste with salt. The dough is left to come up for an hour in a warm place. Loving lush pastries are recommended to add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar substitute and baking powder.

The dough is poured into the mold. It is better to use silicone. Baking can be done empty or with a filling that is laid out on the dough. When a golden crust forms on the cake, it is pulled out and allowed to cool.

Dessert options

Some mistakenly believe that there is no room for desserts in the first phase of the Ducan dietary system. This is not entirely true. Allowed foods allow you to treat yourself to yummy, which helps to more easily overcome this stage.

Cheesecakes for a couple

A couple of eggs, two or three tablespoons of ground bran, a little sugar substitute and salt are put on a pack of fat-free cottage cheese. Vanilla can be added for flavor. The ingredients are mixed, laid out in tins and cooked either in a double boiler, or with the appropriate mode in a slow cooker for about 40 minutes. If the cottage cheese pancakes are made in the oven, muffins are obtained, but the baking paper is preliminarily placed in the forms.

Lemon Pie

A wonderful dessert, which is suitable not only as a diet treat, but also on ordinary days. Rub the lemon. Mix with three yolks and a sweetener. Put the resulting mass in a water bath until it becomes thick. Be sure to constantly stir, remove and cool. Three squirrels are poured into the cooled lemon mass, whipped to a strong foam, they are sent to bake in the oven until the crust is browned.


Most of those who adhered to the general system of weight loss, recognize the very first stage as the most difficult, due to the lack of fruits and vegetables, and the use of only protein foods. To help overcome the phase allows a variety of recipes used, as well as the ultimate goal, which is clearly imagined losing weight.