Short courses of steroids per mass

Taking steroids with a duration of not more than one month (four weeks) implies a short course. It is believed that continuously taking these drugs is best for a maximum of two or three weeks. A similar method of taking steroids was proposed by Bill Roberts, thanks to which a similar approach has spread among bodybuilders in many countries, including countries in Eastern Europe.


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What are the benefits of a short course?

The use of steroid drugs on a short-term basis has many advantages, including low cost, no side effects, high efficiency. A similar approach is mainly used by amateurs who do not take part in competitions. Professionals do not use this technique, since steroids are taken for almost a year.

These advantages have become the main reason for the spread of short courses among novice bodybuilders. Thanks to the short-term use of steroids, beginners get the opportunity to achieve high strength indicators in a short period of time, gain a decent amount of muscle mass with minimal cost. If you do not exceed the dosage, the system will not bring any side effects.

Types of Short Steroids

Short-term steroids can be of two different systems:

  • Solo. Suppose the use of any one steroid. It can be Testosterone, Sustanon, Propianate, Sustanon.
  • Complex. At such courses, both anabolic steroids and steroids are used simultaneously. Methane is usually combined with Deca or Sustanon, and so on.

A short course of steroids is available for any athlete, but one should not forget that drugs must be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and a possible allergic reaction to the component that is part of the drug.

Short-term courses are divided into several types, depending on the duration:

  • two weeks and 14 days of rest;
  • four-week and 28-42 days off;
  • six weeks and 42-66 days of rest;
  • four weeks and 28 days off.

Each of the four systems allows you to take pharmaceuticals for almost half a year without side effects and gives a good surge of energy and muscle mass.

An exemplary program of short steroids may look like this:

  1. Tren + D-Bol - 1st 50 mg / day, 2nd 30 mg / day. 4 weeks course. Reception 2 times a week.
  2. Testosterone Prop + Tren - 1st 75 mg / day, 2nd 50 mg / day. Duration 4 weeks. Reception 2 times a week.

In terms of medicine

Steroids are called anabolic substances that alter the lipid profile of both good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol. The first reduces the likelihood of thrombosis in arteries and on the walls of blood vessels. In a short course of anabolic drugs there is no strong effect on the lipid balance, which makes it as safe as possible against the background of obtaining a good effect of steroids.

To avoid lowering the concentration of good cholesterol in relation to bad, it is recommended to resort to the following methods:

  • eat right, refusing fatty and fried foods;
  • perform cardio workouts;
  • consume niacin and linseed oil.

Taking steroids on a short-term basis is considered harmless and will save athletes from adversely affecting the heart muscle, but they help to achieve good results in muscle gain and strength indicators. Most novice bodybuilders find it quite difficult not to break loose and not to take into account the fact that some drugs can cause individual intolerance. A short course avoids the following negative consequences:

  • hair loss
  • the appearance of acne;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • decreased libido;
  • testicular reduction.

These negative consequences, of course, can also occur when a person is allergic to a particular steroid or if the course is disturbed.

Features of short courses of steroids

You should not expect from a short-term course a truly large increase in muscle mass and strength indicators. This is due to the fact that muscle tissue and the body do not have time to get enough of anabolic substances.

These drugs have a certain structure of action. The concentration and increase of the drug in the blood occurs for four days, and then the opposite effect occurs. Thus, the substance simply cannot accumulate to the maximum. The effect of the course is quite good, but it can not be compared with a serious complex course, which lasts for several months and includes a large number of steroids.

Advantages of short steroid courses:

  • faster and more independent recovery of HPTA;
  • weight is gained up to five kilograms;
  • testosterone levels are restored in a week.

The increase in weight continues for about two weeks, and since the testes do not change in size, the level of testosterone remains.

How to take steroids in short courses ">

If you follow the advice of Nelson Montana, who is a supporter of this method of taking anabolic substances:

  • the dosage of anabolics should reach up to a thousand milligrams;
  • drugs can be both injectable and oral;
  • to improve anabolism, the dosage is divided into several doses throughout the week.

To adhere to the system of short courses, you should give steroids with a reduced anabolic effect:

  • Testosterone propionate;
  • Masteron;
  • Anavaru
  • Testosterone isobutyrate;
  • Methane;
  • Testosterone suspensions;
  • Androlik;
  • Trenbolone Acetate;
  • Stanozololu;
  • Nandrolone.

This is not a complete list of drugs that can be taken on the system of short courses of steroids. When purchasing this or that medication, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the cost, quality, and effect, in order to choose the best option.


Short courses help with weight gain and increase in strength indicators, which will be lower than with long-term use, but will avoid serious negative consequences.