Superior Amino 2222 by Optimum Nutrition

Superior Amino 2222 is a set of amino acids produced by the American leader in sports nutrition. The food supplement includes 22 essential and non-essential amino acids, which allows you to gain muscle mass faster and get rid of muscle catabolism. Amino acids are involved in the construction of muscle tissue. Without them, getting a beautiful, pumped-up body is almost impossible.

This amino acid supplement is considered a popular remedy among professional bodybuilders. The constant loads that act on the body require the required amount of amino acids. In this regard, athletes begin to look for additional sources of nutrition, since it is simply unrealistic to extract an increased amount of these substances from classical food. Additives from this company are used not only in bodybuilding, but also in powerlifting, fitness, crossfit, etc. There is also huge demand for the Superior Amino 2222 Caps.


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Effect of taking

  • Extra energy.
  • The process of protein synthesis is accelerated.
  • Muscle tissue growth accelerates amid improved recovery processes.
  • Getting rid of catabolism.
  • Maintaining a normal hormonal background.
  • Optimization of body fat.

How to take

Amino acid complex is recommended to use 3 times a day, 2 tablets per dose. That is, the daily dose corresponds to 6 tablets, but no less. Possible increased doses, up to 18 tablets per day. This is practiced when practicing bodybuilding, especially when the competition takes place.

The drug is taken half an hour before the start of the training, during training and at the end of the training process. A similar schedule for taking Superior Amino 2222 (Caps / Tabs) is applicable on training days. When the athlete is resting, then in the morning 1 dose is taken, and the next 2 doses are taken between meals. If amino acids are taken in combination with other supplements, such as protein, gainer and creatine, then the return on the complex will increase. In the case of taking the drug, it is washed down with 250 ml of liquid (1 cup).

Amino Acid Quality

Amino acids Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino 2222 are produced only from high quality raw materials of the highest class. As part of each capsule or tablet, a protein mixture of the highest class is noted, which brings the athlete's body a whole complex of amino acids, so necessary to obtain high results. Amino acid complex is absolutely safe for the health of athletes and does not have a negative effect on their body. This set of sports nutrition is considered one of the best products that are presented on the sports nutrition market. Optimum Nutrition gives the right choice for its customers, in terms of using only a quality product, and at affordable prices.


Extensive discussions of such an amino acid complex in various sports forums indicate that this drug is distinguished by its popularity and demand. Most reviews about the Superior Amino 2222 complex (Caps or Tabs) are positive. Most athletes say that this product is high quality and effective, although most consumers do not like its price. Despite this, it should be noted that the Superior Amino 2222 product differs from the American manufacturer in average prices, in comparison with preparations of a similar class from other manufacturers.

Almost all the reviews associated with this complex are characterized as positive, which affect the processes of rapid assimilation, as well as a convenient form for use. When tablets enter the body, they quickly dissolve and begin to act in a few minutes, supplying the body with all the necessary amino acids. Some athletes indicate that the tablets are slightly larger than normal. But this is not a problem, because they can be grinded, for example, in a coffee grinder.

Such an approach will not be accompanied by difficulties in the process of their reception. In extreme cases, they can be divided into 2 or more parts: this will not be considered an error. In the process of studying reviews, there were no problems with the normal functioning of the digestive system.