Top Exercise Exercises

Ask about the press from a casual visitor to the gym, and you will understand that the press with “ cubes ” is the dream of any of them. In order to train it, you need proper nutrition and competent training. Sports supplements can help achieve faster results. To learn more about them, read article 15 of the most popular mass gain supplements.
Below you can get acquainted with a number of exercises that will help you quickly pump up a chic press:


  • 1 Roll-outs with a press roller:
  • 2 Landmine 180:
  • 3 Plank with raised arm and leg:
  • 4 Spider:
  • 5 Crab:
  • 6 Pullups:
  • 7 Throw a medical ball on the floor:
  • 8 Paloff Bench Press:
  • 9 Pendulum:
  • 10 Dragon flag:
  • 11 Raising the legs while lying on a bench:
  • 12 Turns of the case with draft of the block ("Lumberjack"):
  • 13 Turns of the body on the block:
  • 14 Floor-polishers:
  • 15 Roll-outs with a barbell:
  • 16 V-grouping with a medical ball:

Roll-outs with a press roller:

Get on your knees and bend, leaning on the gymnastic roller so that your hands are perpendicular to the floor, and your knees perpendicular to the hips. Start slowly rolling the wheel forward with your thigh muscles.

Keep your back straight and let your arms stretch forward. As soon as you feel that you can no longer roll forward, start the reverse movement. Leaning on the projectile, work with the press and use the thigh muscles to return to the starting position.

Landmine 180:

Take the barbell gif. One end of the neck must be abutted in the corner between the two walls. Lift the other end and lower it onto your chest. Now push the bar from the chest with two hands. Keep your arms straight and start swinging the bar of the bar from the shoulder, first one way, then the other. Then return to the starting position.

Plank with raised arm and leg:

Take the starting position. The forearms rest on the floor strictly under the shoulders, the whole body forms a straight line parallel to the floor. Raise your right arm and left leg, tensing your abdominal muscles without changing your body position. Pull them so that they are parallel to the floor. Then change leg and arm.


Take an upright position. Now raise your leg and try to reach your elbow with your knee. Change your foot. You can also try adding half the swing to the exercise, this will enhance the training effect.

Spider is one of the most effective exercises for developing the abs.


When performing this exercise, oblique glances are possible in the hall, but do not worry, it will pump your press as it should. Take your hands behind your back and sit on the floor. Bend your legs in front of you. Now that your feet and palms are resting on the floor, lift the case off the floor. Start walking in that position.


Hang on the bar. Take a grip at shoulder level. Bend your knees, tighten your abs, cross your legs behind you, move your hips forward and reach for the bar.

Pull the body up until the collarbone reaches the crossbar, with the elbows moving toward the buttocks. After that, return to the starting position. The exercise can be complicated by trying to then raise the body above the bar at the level of the knees.

Pullups can be done both in the hall and at home

Throw a medical ball on the floor:

Choose a medical ball for practice; it should not be too heavy or light. Now throw the ball on the floor as hard as you can. Do not forget to keep your posture during the exercise.

Paloff Bench:

For this exercise, a rubber band with resistance or a block stand with a handle is suitable. Grasp should be done at chest level. After setting the weight, grasp the handle with both hands, turn to the simulator sideways and pull the handle to the chest. If the right side is closer to the simulator, then the main hand will be the right, and the left will direct the movement, and vice versa.

Now pull the handle forward so that it is directly in front of you. Then, slowly, reverse the movement. The movements do not have to be sharp.

The grip height for the Paloff exercise is at chest level.


To complete this exercise, you will need a clean piece of floor or a training mat. Lie on your back, face up. Lift your legs at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

Keep your legs straight, slowly lower them to the right to the floor. Then return them to their original position and repeat the exercise to the left. Watch your back while doing this exercise.

Dragon flag:

This exercise is conveniently performed on a bench. Lie on your back and grab the edge of the bench behind your head. Pull your legs up in jerky movements, bending your knees and lifting your back off the bench. Then smoothly return to the starting position and take a new approach. Do not raise your legs too high.

A cult moment when Rocky Balboa performed the dragon flag.

Raising legs while lying on a bench:

When doing this exercise, watch your back. Lie on a bench so that your legs hang parallel to the floor. Grasp the bench, this will provide the body with stability.

As you exhale, raise your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor. Then slowly return to starting position.

Turns of the case with draft of the block ("Lumberjack"):

Set the handle of the block stand to a position comfortable for the exercise at head level. Stand sideways to the simulator, legs apart at shoulder width apart.
Grasp the handle with both hands and on outstretched arms make a downward movement from top to bottom to the opposite knee. Bend your legs as you move and rotate your supporting leg. Then slowly return to starting position.

When performing the exercise "lumberjack" should not make sudden movements

Body turns on the block:

First of all, take your starting position by turning your right side to the simulator. Grasp the handle of the block rack with both hands so that the left hand is fully extended and crosses the body. Make a swiveling movement with your hands and pull the handle to the opposite side until your right hand is straightened.

Repeat the exercise, returning to the starting position. When performing this exercise, it is important not to use the efforts of the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Your abs will develop much better if you use only abs muscles.


Choose a bar that is convenient for you and lie on the floor. The gaze should be turned to the ceiling. Raise the bar at chest level on straight arms. Lift your legs up and do not bend them. Then slowly lower your legs to the right, but do not touch the floor.

Then return to the starting position and do the same to the left. Then repeat the movement again. When your feet are a couple of tens of centimeters from the ground, fix the position for a few seconds. This is a great exercise for the abdominal and abdominal muscles.

To make polishers, it is necessary that the bar is convenient in weight and size.

Barbell roll-outs:

Choose a neck of the right size and throw pancakes on it. Now kneel, holding the bar in front of you at shoulder level. Now start rolling the bar forward until the bar is above your head.

Then lock the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position. The farther you roll the bar, the more difficult and effective the exercise will be. But do not overdo it, your hips should not sag.

V-ball with a medical ball:

Lie on the floor, pick up a medical ball and put it behind your head. Stretch your arms and legs so that they almost touch the surface of the floor. This will be your starting position.

Now simultaneously lift the upper body and legs so that the medical ball touches the feet. After that, return to the starting position. Try to load the press as hard as possible.

V-ball with a medical ball is a great exercise for the press