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  • 1 Brief statistics
  • 2 Where did you start "> 3 How do you motivate yourself?
  • 4 What are 3 of your favorite exercises?
  • 5 Training program
  • 6 What diet do you follow?
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Brief statistics

  • Age 30
  • Height: 5'7 '' - 170 cm
  • Weight: 129 lbs - 58 kg

Where did you start?

I began to practice gymnastics from a very young age (5-6 years), and this contributed to the formation of my athletic physique from an early age. I stopped attending training at the age of 13 because I became very harmful and skipped school. I practiced other sports such as tennis, volleyball and basketball at school and at the beginning of my studies at the university.

When I was about 20-21 years old, I began to do strength training, on which I soon became "dependent"!

How do you motivate yourself "> the motivator is for itself and I try to motivate others as much as possible. I very rarely need the" embodiment "of motivation - I love and enjoy what I do so much that when I set myself any the goal, I’m surely achieving it, there will always be ups and downs, a lot of obstacles on the way, but it seems to me that sometimes people give up too quickly.

The real goal of development mentally, emotionally and spiritually comes when you give up. It takes courage to act, start again, keep moving forward and succeed!

What are your 3 favorite exercises "> Hyperextension: Probably the most underrated exercise. I love it. During it all the back muscles of the legs are involved: calves, hamstrings, buttocks, lumbar muscles.
  • Pull-ups on the bar : the most effective exercise for the upper body. It perfectly develops strength, endurance, and most importantly, confidence. If you can even lift your own body weight at least once, then the following approaches will be easier for you. This is the fastest way to make the upper body, arms and abs strong and fit, love pull-ups!
  • Training program

    Monday: Sprint (Short Run) / Chest / Shoulders

    • 20 minutes of running
    • Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench (grabbing the palms inward, so that the palms "looked" at each other) 4x12
    • Bench press from shoulders 4x12
    • Reduction of hands on the lower block in a crossover standing 3 × 15
    • Lifting dumbbells to the sides in a 3x15 slope
    • Side Dumbbell Lift 3x15
    • Raising hands to the side on a block device in a slope of 3x15
    • Chin rod pull 2x15
    • Pumping dumbbells from side to side 2x10

    Tuesday: Feet

    • 4x6-8 chest squats
    • Sissy Squats 4x10-12
    • Lifting with a barbell on a step 4x12
    • 4x10 Dumbbell Squats
    • Lunges with dumbbells 3x15
    • Rise on socks with a donkey 3x25
    • Rise on socks sitting 3х25
    • Slopes with a barbell on the shoulders 3x10
    • Cable pull lying 3x20
    • Twisting on a 3x20 block

    Wednesday : Stretching / Yoga

    • 1 hour of yoga

    Thursday : Sprint / Buttocks / Press

    • 20 minutes sprint (running for speed, short distances)
    • Romanian (dead) thrust 4x10
    • Hyperextension 4x12
    • Link between lower legs 3x15
    • Reverse hyperextension 3x15
    • Leaving the foot back in the block 3x15
    • V-shaped body lift 3x20
    • Leg pull in 3x20
    • 3x20 diagonal twists
    • Mahi Girey 3x25

    Friday: Back / Arms

    • Narrow Grip Pull 3x8
    • Lifting the bar in a slope (wide grip) 3x12
    • Dumbbell pull (to chest) lying belly on an inclined bench 3x12
    • Dumbbell traction (to the chest) lying with your back on an inclined bench at an angle of 45 degrees 3x12
    • Bench press narrow grip 3x12
    • Link of the lower block standing straight (grasping with palms up) 3x15
    • French bench press on the bottom block standing 3x15

    Saturday: Feet / Press

    • Leg extension in the simulator 5x15
    • Squats in a hack simulator on toes 4x10-12
    • Leg Press 4x15-20
    • Leg extension in a 6x10 simulator
    • Leg curl 4 × 15-20
    • Rigid draft for legs 4 × 10-12
    • Hyperextension 4 × 15-20
    • Reverse hyperextension 3 × 10
    • Cable pull lying 3 × 20
    • Twisting on a 3 × 20 block

    Sunday: Rest

    • Recovery / Massage

    What diet do you follow ">

    Favorite Quote:

    “On the way to balance, you will find yourself!”

    Based on materials:

    Andrea Tina Workout - Video