Straight Training Program

The mass training program for bodybuilder straights depends on many indicators: on the level of fitness, metabolic rate, age, proper nutrition, day and sleep regimen. But basically the training program has the following features:


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Training Features

1. You can’t train hard more often than three times a week.

2. You can not give all the best in training. those. after training, you should not have a feeling of severe exhaustion in the muscles.

3. After training, you must have one day of rest (even a light workout is highly undesirable).

4. The training time should not be more than an hour.

5. After every 2 months of training, you need to rest for 7-14 days (select the number of health). As a guideline, after resting, you should go to the gym with a strong desire to pull iron. This is an indicator that the nervous system has fully recovered and the body is ready for intense exercise.

6. Training should go on microcycles for 10-15 days. For one microcycle, you work out all muscle groups. For example, in the first microcycle you train in power mode (6-8 repetitions), the second microcycle in half-force (8-12 repetitions), and in the third microcycle in the same half-force (number of times without changes - 8-12), but with the difference is that now you are doing a shorter rest between sets and using even lower weights. those. the point is to surprise the body every time with a new one in terms of training. Monotonous training works poorly in bodybuilding.

Doing more than 12 repetitions does not make much sense in natural bodybuilding, it is much better to reduce the rest time between sets and not go out of the range of 12 repetitions than to exhaust the body by doing 15 or more repetitions in a set.

Bodybuilding Training Program

Day 1

  • Bench press. 3x6-12
  • Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench (30 degrees) 3x6-12
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars (with weights). 3x6-12
  • French bench press. 3x6-12
  • Lifting the bar for biceps while standing 3x6-12
  • Press 2-3 approaches (you can at the beginning or at the end of the workout)

Day 2

  • Pullups (with weights) 4x6-10
  • Rod draft in a tilt 3x6-12
  • Dumbbell pull in a slope to the belt 3x6-12
  • Bench press standing (army bench press) 3x6-12
  • Chin barbell pull 3x6-12
  • Press 2-3 approaches (you can at the beginning or at the end of the workout)

Day 3

  • 4x6-12 barbell squats
  • Leg Press 4x6-12
  • Leg extensions in the simulator 3x10-15
  • Leg curls in the simulator 3x10-15
  • Rise on socks while standing 3x10-20

Only working approaches are indicated in the program; warm-up is also needed. A competent warm-up before training will help to avoid injuries.

Video "TOP 6 best exercises for straight people"