IBurn by Maxler

Maxler's IBurn Fat Burning Complex is a highly effective anti-subcutaneous fat treatment. Sports nutrition is equally great for men and women. The drug contains adaptogens, caffeine, energy and stimulants. The supplement improves the quality of training and increases the rate of lipolysis.


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Effect of taking

The IBurn complex from the German manufacturer Maxler is a supplement with multilateral positive effects on the body:

  • accelerates fat burning processes;
  • improves performance, endurance and concentration indicators in the training process;
  • provides a charge of energy for intensive training;
  • reduces the manifestation of muscle fatigue;
  • greatly improves joint mobility.

Sports supplement provides the necessary amount of energy for high-intensity training, contributing to the loss of body fat.


One serving of fat-burning complex is 1 tablet. It contains:

  • niacin - 30 mg;
  • an energy complex that increases concentration, that is, l-tyrosine, anhydrous caffeine, alpha-glycerophosphokolin - 100, 200 and 25 mg, respectively;
  • extracts of capsicum, radiola rosea, orange - 452 mg.

The additive contains extracts of banaba, dandelion, cambodia garcinia, raspberry ketone, as well as stearic acid, dicalcium phosphate, natural flavors.

How to take IBurn from Maxler

The fat-burning complex is recommended to drink up to three times a day, 1 capsule. Increasing the dosage is recommended gradually. First they drink 1 capsule, wait a little, making sure that there is no allergic reaction to any component of the complex. Specialists of the manufacturer recommend drinking the supplement according to the following scheme:

  • the first day, one tablet half an hour before the morning meal;
  • second and third days, 2 tablets, adding one pill in the afternoon;
  • on the remaining days, if intolerance does not appear, one more tablet is added to the morning portion.

The main recommendation for the use of a sports complex is a good and plentiful drink. In addition, you should not take more than the recommended daily intake.

To increase the effectiveness of taking a sports complex, the drug is taken with other supplements, the effect of which is aimed at improving the quality of body relief and minimizing the loss of muscle mass during diet. Such additives include L-carnitine, BCAA amino acids, whey-type proteins with a minimum content of carbohydrates and fats.

The total duration of the course is from three to four weeks. Next, take a break for about one or two months. If nausea, dizziness, diarrhea are observed when taking the drug, they refuse the supplement.


If you turn to forums, online stores, sites dedicated to sports nutrition, you can see that most athletes are satisfied with the excellent quality and effectiveness of the complex in question, as well as affordable cost. The supplement is safe. Side effects occur quite rarely and are the result of intolerance to some component, and not the result of the fact that sportspit has a negative effect on the body. Bodybuilders with experience recommend drinking the supplement along with other fat burners. The combination with L-carnitine proved especially good. To preserve muscle mass, protein low-carb complexes are used.