Amylopectin in bodybuilding

Amylopectin is a starch-like substrate taken by bodybuilders in order to optimize the concentration of glycogen in muscle tissue. Thanks to its intake, the body receives the energy necessary for muscle building and development. This polysaccharide, formed by glucose molecules, is part of the wax varieties of corn, some types of wheat and rice. It contains potato and maize starch. The properties and benefits of amylopectin in bodybuilding can only be compared with a serum isolate.

How amylopectin acts ">

Reception of amylopectin allows to receive the following positive effect:

  • increase the duration of training with loads;
  • increase muscle recovery rate;
  • improve the quality of protein synthesis;
  • to nourish the athlete’s body during exercise.

Unlike analogues containing sugar and maltodextrin, amylopectin is much better tolerated. It is absorbed almost instantly. Spending a minimum of time in the stomach, it does not cause any feeling of discomfort.

How to take amylopectin?

It is necessary to use this polysaccharide solely depending on what goal the athlete engaged in bodybuilding pursues. A set of muscle mass requires the closure of the carbohydrate window with a drink with amylopectin. It is bred, taking such an amount of polysaccharide to get about 30 g or a large concentration of carbohydrates.

During the drying period, amylopectin is drunk in the form of drinks to perform a workout. The dosage is selected exclusively experimentally, based on their own feelings. For one training session, they usually take between 10 and 20 grams. Taking this polysaccharide, you need to adjust the carbohydrates in the diet. Otherwise, the process of burning fat will slow down.