Animal pak

Animal Pak is a vitamin-sports complex produced since 1983 by Universal Nutrition, an American company specialized in sports nutrition. The supplement produced in the USA is designed for athletes who train hard and intensively. It contains all the micronutrients and nutrients required by the athlete’s body to improve overall health. Launched more than thirty years ago, Animal Pak remains the most bought and effective complex of its kind to date.


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What is the effect of taking Animal Pak?

The use of the complex allows you to:

  • get all the vitamins necessary for increased loads;
  • stimulate muscle gain;
  • improve the quality of fat burning processes;
  • improve endurance and strength indicators;
  • strengthen immunity;
  • accelerate the absorption of protein;
  • improve mental concentration and focus.

One package of the complex contains forty-four sachets. The supplement includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients in the amount that is needed for every intensely trained athlete. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals against the background of high physical activity inhibits and even stops further muscle growth. Athletes are especially in need of nutrients during the drying and diet period, since trace elements do not enter the body of an athlete along with food.

What is included in the complex "Animal Pak"> Each portion of the supplement includes two packets of a total calorie content of 40 kcal, which contain 4 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of protein, as well as the following complexes:

  • vitamin and mineral;
  • amino acid;
  • antioxidant;
  • increasing productivity;
  • with food enzymes.

The vitamin-mineral complex contains a large number of minerals and twenty-two vitamins. These substances are directly involved in most processes occurring in the body, as well as in protein synthesis. According to the instructions attached to Animal Pak, the dosage of vitamins is designed specifically for those involved in sports, which eliminates any side effects from the intake. An athlete taking the supplement does not run the risk of receiving hypervitaminosis, which is no less dangerous than vitamin deficiency.

The amino acid complex includes all the essential and other amino acids, the amount of which is nineteen. These compounds are both an energy source and a building material for muscle tissue. Amino acids improve the quality of protein synthesis in the athlete's body, contribute to an increase in the amount of subcutaneous fat burned, and play an important role in preventing catabolic processes.

Antioxidants present in Animal Pak protect muscle tissue from the negative effects of radicals. They reduce the rate of oxidative processes, which allows the athlete to train much longer. The food enzymes contained in the supplement contribute to faster digestion and further absorption of incoming nutrients. In a complex aimed at improving performance indicators, there are plant substances. They have a direct impact on the growth of the athlete.

How to take Animal Pak

The recommended daily dosage is one sachet. It is taken after a meal once a day. Professional athletes participating in competitions require more nutrients, and, therefore, doubled dosage. You need to use a bag twice a day. The main thing is to maintain a pause between doses, equal to at least four hours.

This complex of vitamins goes well with many other sports supplements. The duration of one course of Animal Pak is equal to the time for which the athlete completely accepts the entire package. For competing athletes, the course is shorter than for those who are not performing at a professional level. According to medical general recommendations, you can resume taking after the abolition of the vitamin-mineral complex in a month.

Animal Pak Reviews

Most athletes respond to the complex in a positive way, which confirms the demand for the supplement, which is higher than for analogues. Not everyone is satisfied with the results achieved. There are athletes who do not note any negative aspects, but remain not completely satisfied with the reception of the complex. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer often positions the supplement as an excellent assistant in muscle growth and increase in strength.

Animal Pak helps to fill the deficiency of essential nutrients. To increase muscle tissue and strength, you need to drink creatine, protein, gainers. The supplement allows you to diet or dry, without worrying that the body and workouts will “suffer” from a lack of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and so on. If the price of the complex seems unreasonably high, you can always balance the diet in such a way as to get all the necessary substances.