MusclePharm Assault

The Assault Pre-Workout is powerful and effective. This supplement, released by MusclePharm, enhances the athlete's performance in training. The action of the complex is due to the composition represented by powerful highly effective substances, the effectiveness of which has been proven in numerous studies. The use of pre-workout improves stamina, strength indicators, provides pumping during training. In 2012, this pre-workout was recognized as the best among similar sports products and remains popular and in demand even to this day.


  • 1 Effects from the reception
  • 2 Composition of the pre-workout
  • 3 How to Take Assault
  • 4 Assault Pre-Workout Reviews

Reception effects

The use of the complex contributes to:

  • an increase in indicators of strength and endurance;
  • an increase in the rate of anabolic processes;
  • increased blood flow to muscle tissues and enrichment with blood oxygen;
  • improving concentration and attentiveness in training;
  • motivation to perform exercises;
  • promotes better recovery after training.

And, of course, the supplement supplies the body with energy, which is necessary for good performance in training.

Composition of the pre-workout

The supplement is developed on the basis of two forms of creatine, a variety of vitamins, caffeine, essential and non-essential acids, including BCAAs, as well as other useful components. Athlete's anaerobic endurance and strength are enhanced by creatine hydrochloride and monohydrate.

Caffeine enhances the perception of the training process and improves performance in the classroom. Beta-Alanine increases overall endurance and protein synthesis. Arginine is responsible for pumping. The complex contains other beneficial substances that enhance the action of the main components.

How to take Assault

It is recommended to take the supplement half an hour before the training. To prepare a portion of the pre-workout complex, dilute 1/2 scoop of the product in 300 milliliters of water or juice. You can increase the dosage to a full spoon when you are training in intensive mode. This should not be done immediately. First you need to check the body's reaction to the food supplement, and only then take the maximum portions. Simultaneously with the use of the complex, it is necessary to increase the amount of water drunk per day to 2–2.2 liters.

Due to the multicomponent composition, the pre-workout complex is capable of provoking such side effects as dizziness, nausea, and a sharp deterioration in overall well-being. The probability of occurrence of negative effects from taking is from 5 to 10%. It is necessary to refuse the use of the complex to those who suffer from individual intolerance even to one of the components of the pre-exercise. The supplement is recommended to start drinking from the age of 18. You should not take the product during pregnancy.

Assault Pre-Workout Reviews

A fairly high likelihood of side effects did not affect the popularity of the supplement. In addition, the vast majority of reviews of the complex are positive. Athletes who take this pre-workout, note an increase in indicators of strength, endurance, motivation. The substance is highly soluble in liquid and very simple to prepare.

The additive is available in eight flavor variations. The most popular is the pre-workout with the taste of fruit punch. Second in demand was the addition of pineapple mango. The remaining flavor combinations and combinations found quite a few fans. Effectiveness and a good result after taking Assault are not in doubt, but there are also negative reviews. Negative comments usually relate to cost and side effects. There is a separate category of athletes in whom the supplement provokes digestive problems. And if there are doubts about the advisability of taking this complex, it is better to first consult with a specialist.