Daily Max by Maxler

Daily Max - vitamin and mineral complex produces the German company Maxler. The composition of the drug includes vitamins and minerals needed by athletes for quick and timely recovery and support of body functions in conditions of intense physical training. In addition to the main ingredients, Daily Max contains important enzymes that provide fast and high-quality assimilation of all components of the vitamin-mineral complex.

Daily Max has a range of positive effects, such as:

  • Strengthening immunity in athletes.
  • Improving the general condition of the body of athletes, against the background of rapid recovery.
  • Mitigating stressful situations.
  • Fast healing of injuries.

Daily Max roster

As mentioned above, the basis of the drug is vitamins and minerals. In addition to them, the composition includes: fungal amylase, fungal lipase and fungal protease, as well as microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, a film membrane consisting of hypromellose, hydroxylpropyl cellulose and glycol polyethylene, magnesium stearate and silicon.

How to take

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the vitamin complex is consumed 1 tablet per day and preferably during breakfast. In addition, the manufacturer recommends using the vitamin-mineral complex in the winter, when there is a lack of nutrients due to the fact that there are practically no fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. The drug is taken in periods of 4-6 weeks, after which it is advisable to do a break of the same duration. If you take it according to the written recommendations, then it is absolutely safe for health and does not cause harmful side effects.

If the supplement is taken in combination with other nutritional supplements, then the return on its intake can increase significantly. The manufacturer of such a food complex recommends taking it along with such food additives:

  • With a complex drug that helps restore the ligaments and joints of Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM, which reduces pain and crunch in the joints.
  • With Golden Whey whey protein, which speeds up lean muscle mass gain and boosts athletic performance.
  • With amino acids Amino X-Fuzion, which will contribute to rapid recovery and relieve muscle from catabolism after intense exertion.

Interesting to know! Daily Max is a complex of vitamins and minerals, which is intended for both athletes and ordinary people who lack vitamins and minerals, and especially for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Based on the analysis conducted by experts, we can safely say that the reviews about this vitamin-mineral complex are extremely positive. Athletes indicate the high quality and return of this drug, a small price and the absence of negative manifestations as a result of its administration.

The Maxler Daily Max was conceived by the manufacturer as a complex for everyday use for all categories of athletes and ordinary citizens. Therefore, this complex is considered an expensive pharmacy drug. Some athletes indicate a balance of components, which significantly distinguishes this complex from similar drugs from other manufacturers.