Amino X from BSN

The amino acid complex produced by the BSN manufacturer, under the trade name Amino X, is designed to improve the quality of body recovery after intensive training, block catabolic processes, increase productivity during physical exertion, and, most importantly, more quickly gain lean muscle mass.

Unlike other additives, these amino acids are not released in tablet form or in capsules, but in powder form. Due to this, the complex is characterized by rapid solubility and excellent absorption in the body. Sports supplement contains the entire list of essential amino acids. The complex includes BCAA. Along with amino acids, minerals with vitamins are present in the preparation.

Due to its balanced composition, taking Amino X has the following positive effect on athletes:

  • accelerates recovery processes;
  • inhibits catabolism;
  • reduces the subcutaneous layer of body fat;
  • serves as an additional source of energy;
  • gives impetus to muscle growth without fat.

Amino X roster

In one recommended serving of Amino X supplement contains 14.5 grams of the powder mixture, which account for:

  • carbohydrates - 1 gram;
  • anabolic matrices - 10 grams.

Matrices are called essential amino acids, including BCAAs. The supplement also includes: malic and citric acids, lecithin, a variety of minerals with vitamins, sodium. The complex is supplemented with sweeteners and flavorings.

How to take Amino X correctly

Following the manufacturer's recommendations, the supplement should be taken twice a day - the first time thirty minutes before training and half an hour after class. The serving is 14.5 grams. A predetermined amount of the mixture, which is easy to measure by means of a measuring spoon, is poured into a glass of juice or water (250 ml). It is better to use plain water. This is due to the fact that the additive is already available with different tastes. Adding sweet juice can ruin your own taste of the amino acid complex. In free time, the supplement is taken once a day in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

The joint use of BCAA amino acids, according to a large number of scientists, can enhance the effect of sports supplements. Amino X is best combined with a weight gainer, pre-workout and protein complexes, creatine. Supplement is allowed to take two servings at a time. It is not recommended to consume more, because it simply will not be absorbed. The optimal duration of the course is about ninety days. If you take the supplement for three months, this allows you to get maximum effectiveness. Next, be sure to take a break for thirty days. A combination of an amino acid supplement with a full balanced diet and constant training allows you to further strengthen the result.

Amino X supplement is absolutely safe, does not cause any side effects. In order for the amino acid complex to be better absorbed, you need to drink more than three liters of water per day.


Amino acid sports supplement manufactured by BSN is the most popular complex among analogues. Athletes, as a rule, leave positive feedback about the product. Athletes write about the excellent effectiveness of the additive both during drying and mass gain, and also note the excellent solubility and excellent digestibility in the body, good taste and affordability.

The additive comes in five different flavors - watermelon, blueberry, fruit punch, apple (green), grape. The most popular are complexes with the taste of green apple, watermelon. The rest are not very popular, because not everyone likes them, but in general they are also used by some athletes.

Judging by the reviews, many athletes drink Amino X with proteins or gainers, which allows to strengthen the effect, which is much higher than when the supplement is drunk apart. There are no complaints about side effects from the use of the complex in the reviews. All athletes taking the supplement are satisfied with the result.