Jack3D by USPLabs

The well-known pre-workout Jack 3D complex from USP Labs has an updated formula. The updates are related to the ban of DMAA in the USA, which led to the rejection of geranium extract, which is present in all additives that allow active burning of fat. Based on the new formula, the manufacturer indicates a significant pumping, venous, improved concentration of attention, which entails effective training.


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Composition Jack 3D

The complex Jack 3D includes classic drugs that are included in similar complexes of the same kind. They are:

  • Caffeine as a stimulator of the nervous system.
  • Creatine monohydrate or carboxylic acid, which is always found in human muscles. Helps to improve metabolism, as well as improve strength indicators.
  • Arginine is an amino acid that helps to increase muscle volume and recovery. Participates in tissue repair.
  • Beta-alanine is also an amino acid that relieves the acidification process in muscles, which prolongs muscle performance.
  • Schisandra extract - enhances stamina.
  • DMAA or geranium as a CNS stimulant.

How to take Jack3D correctly

There are several options for using Jack 3D from USP Labs, despite the fact that the official dosage is indicated. It includes 3 scoops per 250 ml of liquid. The solution is thoroughly mixed and taken half an hour before the workout. In addition, there are "folk" ways. Some take 4 tablespoons, washed down with a small amount of water, while others add it to the BCAA solution, etc.

It is advisable that on the day of taking the drug, caffeine is not consumed at all or in very small doses. The manufacturer of the drug does not suggest taking it according to any special rules.

Some athletes take the Jack 3D pre-workout complex during periods when they have a lack of strength and energy, some athletes take it regularly, and some take it when they train their legs or back.

Side effects

The original drug had a side effect associated with liver damage. The drug, released according to the new formula, can cause a rapid heartbeat and can lead to sleep disturbances. Some athletes indicate that the complex can lead to its addiction and after the drug is no longer taken, interest in sports begins to disappear.

Jack3D Reviews

Until 2012, this pre-workout complex was in much greater demand. After some time, many who used this complex began to claim that it is not as effective as the manufacturer claims. They indicated a lack of pumping and drawing veins. Despite this, the drug has a stimulating effect. Anyway, but with its help it is possible to train in any state.

Among the reviews there is information that insomnia comes from increased general excitability.