Tribulus Maximus Extra by Biotech USA

The testosterone level for a bodybuilder is of utmost importance. To maintain its high concentration in the body, athletes resort to the use of various drugs, including Tribulus Maximus Extra, manufactured by the American company Biotech USA. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male body. It directly affects the health of men, recovery processes, muscle growth, increase strength indicators. The drug, which raises the level of testosterone, is intended for use by both professional bodybuilders and amateurs, as well as those who are just starting to exercise. A sports supplement is used even by those who never engage in any physical activity, as it improves potency and men's health.

The main advantage of this testosterone is that the product is sold at an affordable cost and has the high efficiency inherent in American sports nutrition. In addition, if the dosages are observed, the use of this hormone does not cause any side effects. The active substance of the drug is tribulus. No extraneous additives or impurities are present in the product. Each tablet contains 1, 500 mg of active ingredient. This is the optimal dosage for those involved in sports.

How to use

The manufacturer recommends using Tribulus Maximus Extra from Biotech USA one tablet per day and drinking it with a glass of water. It is best to take the drug in the morning. Increase dosage is prohibited. After a four-week course, they must take a break, lasting for one month.

Violation of the instructions for use and use of more tablets per day will lead to various side effects. Excessive enthusiasm for drugs that stimulate the synthesis of testosterone leads to the fact that the production of one's own male hormone in the body will decrease dramatically. Against the background of the abuse of such additives, a person becomes very aggressive, he may have digestive problems, as well as a sharp jump in pressure, acne appears. Some people lose their hair, gynecomastia appears, and if they also take anabolic steroids, then feminization.

These problems never occur in those athletes who follow the instructions for using Tribulus. The drug is absolutely safe for health, but subject to all recommendations. It is not recommended to drink for those who have problems with the kidneys and heart. If any side effects occur, the drug is stopped.

How to make Tribulus Maximus effective

Testosterone booster intake is best combined with a high-calorie diet, as well as regular physical activity. In addition, the supplement goes well with other sports supplements that allow you to quickly achieve the desired result:

  • With amino acids and vitamin-mineral complexes, allowing to accelerate the recovery processes and muscle growth.
  • With creatine to increase strength.
  • With protein shakes, which allow you to speed up recovery processes and accelerate the growth of muscle growth.

You can not take Tribulus with other boosters and steroids testosterone, as well as hormonal drugs.


Bodybuilders mostly leave positive reviews about taking this drug to increase testosterone. Athletes are satisfied with the affordable cost, good quality and the absence of side effects. You can also find negative reviews about the drug, in which a low result from the use is noted, but it should be noted that a good increase in testosterone can be achieved only when you are intensely trained and adhere to a high-calorie diet on the course of taking the booster.