Estrogens (estradiol)

The use of androgen-anabolic steroids (AAS) is associated with certain problems, if you do not approach this responsibly and deliberately. All problems are associated with increased hormonal levels in those who take them, which requires regular and accurate monitoring. As a rule, those who relate to this problem without warning receive only disappointments and harm from taking the drugs. As a result of rash admission of AAS, athletes do not receive the expected positive results, but they are provided with harm to their health. It becomes obvious that the problems are directly related to the imbalance of sex hormones, such as the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone estradiol, progesterone and prolactin. In this case, we will talk about the female hormone estradiol in men.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone that is the exact opposite of the male hormone testosterone. It is produced by the body of a man, but in small quantities, which does not affect the behavior of a man and his life. Excess in the male body of the female hormone leads to serious violations of the body's functions, as well as to a change in the appearance of the man. Unfortunately, its insufficient amount in the blood leads to no less serious consequences. In this regard, a man must necessarily control his hormonal background, especially if he uses certain drugs in his life.

In case of imbalance of sex hormones, when female hormones begin to prevail, serious changes take place in the male body. A similar imbalance is often observed in the process of puberty in boys, which occurs at 11-15 years old, and is characterized by the presence of estradiol in the blood, and in large quantities. As a result, deviations in the physiological development of the boy are observed, which can lead to inferior growth of the genitals, female type obesity, gynecomastia. In addition, an excess of female sex hormones can lead to the fact that the boy’s voice remains childish, and his behavior can not be called male. Such changes can be genetic in nature, occur due to improper nutrition, as well as due to various diseases.

Unfortunately, an excess of estrogen equally affects both the boy’s body and the body of an adult male (athlete). An excess of female sex hormones can occur not only as a result of taking AAS drugs, but also as a result of an unhealthy diet and an improper lifestyle. Particular attention should be paid to drinking alcohol, and especially beer.

Causes of increased estradiol levels in men

There are many reasons on the basis of which an increase in estrogen levels in men is possible. For example:

  • Thyroid problem.
  • Problems with the ovaries (tumors or cysts).
  • Overweight (obesity).
  • Liver disease.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Drinking alcohol (especially beer).
  • Gynecomastia
  • Taking anabolic steroids.

In case of detecting elevated levels of estradiol, you should first concentrate on determining the causes and only then get rid of the consequences.

To do this, it is better to consult a doctor and do tests for thyroid hormones, do an ultrasound scan, MRI of the thyroid gland, liver and kidneys.

One of the main reasons for increasing estradiol in men is excess fat. The thing is that adipose tissue takes part in the endocrine system, which in turn is associated with the release of hormones. The dependence is such that the higher the level of adipose tissue in the body of a man, the more estradiol in the blood.

Moreover, the problems do not end there: it is very important to determine the causes of obesity. If the reasons are excessive nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, then the problem is solved quite simply: it is enough to go in for sports and eat moderately. If obesity is a process that has appeared out of nowhere, then an analysis of the state of the body should be carried out immediately. Most likely, the body malfunctioned.

Decreased estradiol levels on a steroid course

The human body always works so that the balance is not upset. When an excess of male sex hormone appears in the blood, the body takes measures to ensure that the hormone level returns to its original value. This occurs due to aromatization, when an excess of testosterone is converted into estradiol. Quite often, this process occurs very actively and an excess of estradiol in men takes serious indicators. Moreover, this process depends on some factors that affect the aromatization process. These include excess body fat, aromatase enzyme activity, and others.

At the stage of taking steroids, the fight against elevated estrogen levels is carried out using aromatase inhibitors. Such substances significantly inhibit the aromatization mechanism, which reduces the level of estrogen in men. Such drugs include: anastrozole, letrozole, arimidex, selan, etc.

But before resorting to taking such drugs, it is advisable to determine the level of estradiol, which will make it possible to subsequently control the process of reducing its level in the blood.

How to take an aromatase inhibitor on a steroid course

Aromatase inhibitors are taken 1 tablet (0.5 mg) 2-3 times a week. After a course of administration in 7-10 days, blood should be donated for analysis. In the case of a decrease in the level of estradiol to a normal value, the dosage of the drug is halved (0.5 tablets 2 times a week). If the level of estradiol is still above normal, then the drug is continued at the initial dosage.

In this case, it will be possible to maintain the level of hormones in the norm when taking AAS. The problem comes down not only to the manifestations of gynecomastia, but also to the problems of the pituitary gland - hypothalamus - testicles. If this problem is not detected in time, then recovery will take much longer.

It should be noted immediately that taking AAS preparations is not recommended if there is a significant fat layer. An ideal option to start taking pharmacology is a fat level reaching 12% and no more. With this level of body fat, it is easy enough to maintain a hormonal background. In addition, sports will give the highest result.

Well and the most important thing! Too low levels of estradiol are fraught with no less threatening dangers for men - this is a decrease in potency, a drop in libido, an increase in the fragility of joints, a decrease in immunity and other consequences.

The task is to maintain your hormonal background at a natural level, which is achieved only through deliberate decisions. You should never save on your health, let alone treat him with neglect.