How to build a body in a month: training program

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In fact, fast muscle building does not require too much effort, the achievement of the result can be accelerated using the training program proposed in this material.


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  • 2 Training program: 30-day lesson plan
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Training plan

Regardless of where to train at home or in the gym with the goal of pumping up the body for a month, this process will somehow be accompanied by a number of difficulties and even setbacks. To achieve this result, as a rule, calories are excessively cut, and cardio workouts are added in tons. As a result, a person loses patience due to a feeling of exhaustion and everything has to be started all over again.

To avoid such errors, you need to adhere to a certain plan and recommendations listed below:

  • The lesson plan should be planned and should begin with the implementation of the complex exercises of the program - 4 workouts per week .
  • The diet should be made so that the daily calorie intake does not exceed two thousand . At the same time, the share of fat per day should be no more than 20%, the rest should be equally distributed between proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Monitoring progress: take photos and weigh yourself.

It should be noted that planning is an important component, on which the effectiveness of classes largely depends. No one should encroach on the time allotted for the training, therefore it is better to discuss this with others around them, focusing their attention on the fact that this is a fundamental issue. Do not interrupt the exercise! The result directly depends on discipline, diligence and patience.

So, to achieve the goal for the month you need to use the plan described below. The program is divided into 4 classes aimed at working out three main muscle areas: upper and lower abs, oblique muscles of the abdomen. Each training is held once a week, that is, only four different trainings per week. Thanks to this training plan, within a month the body will become beautiful, sculpted and fit, like a bodybuilder.

Training program: 30-day lesson plan

It should immediately be clarified that we will focus on intensive training. Only hard work will ensure the achievement of a striking effect within four weeks. Beginners can increase the rest time, as well as not perform supersets.

Remember that nutrition plays an important role in class. The use of appropriate additives will speed up the relief formation process. Abdominal muscles can be increased by the inclusion of whey protein in the diet, which is rich in minerals, vitamins, protein.

First day

Hips up to maximum height

When doing this exercise, be sure to raise your hips as high as you can. Performed: two approaches with repetitions of 15 times.


It takes as much as the first exercise with a 30 second rest.

Janitors using a bar

Take a lying position, and while holding the bar, raise your legs to the right relative to the projectile, then to the left. The number of sets and repetition is the same as in the first two points, but with a minute rest.

Bench press

Starting position: in the prone position, raise the projectile and hold it in this position. Inhale, slowly return to the starting position. When moving the bar you need to focus on the muscles of the chest. Performed: two approaches with repetitions of 10 times with a minute break.

Bench press (narrow grip)

The elbows must be held closer to the body. The number of sets and reps, as in paragraph No. 4, a minute rest.

Extension of the arms

Triceps exercise using a rope. Starting position: take the ends of the rope, holding the body to lower your hands, then smoothly return to the original position. Performed: two approaches with repetitions of 10 times.

Push ups

Runs with cotton. Three sets of 12 times with a 30-second rest break.

So that the result does not go down, it is recommended that you strictly follow the plan and correctly perform the exercises, including the number of approaches and repetitions. The speed of this training depends on how quickly fat is burned and relief is formed.

Second day


The bar is performed with the hips raised, that is, the body should form a straight line: from the head to the heels. The minimum retention time for this position is half a minute. Running: two sets of 1.5 minutes each.

Side bar

Be sure to perform within the specified time: two approaches of 1.5 minutes with a minute break between sets.

Loop twist

The exercise is performed as follows: the right leg rises to the chest area, while the position of the left leg should be parallel to the floor. Then the body turns to the right, after a short pause, return to its original position. Performed: two approaches of 20 times with a minute break for rest.


The exercise is performed in three sets of 10 times with a minute break.


When performing, the head must be held in a position with a slight slope back. Not a look at the ceiling, but the direction of the chest forward. Performed: three sets of 10 times.

Calf Press

This exercise is especially suitable for beginners who do not have any physical preparation. The number of sets and approaches, as in exercise No. 5 with a break of one minute.

Third day


It is carried out on a machine equipped with thrust elements for the back and elbows. It is important that during the exercise the back should be close to the machine, and the position of the elbows on the stops should be under the shoulders. Knees slowly lift up, then slowly return to the starting position. In this process, the position of the knees should be parallel to the floor. The exercise is repeated 15 times, two approaches.


When performing this exercise, it is important to monitor breathing, not to hold it when the body is held in tension. Performed: two approaches with repetitions of 20 times.

360 ° leg rotation

In the prone position, perform rotational movements of the legs that are held together. Performed: two sets of 15 times with rest for a minute.

Pull up

To complicate the exercise, it is necessary to keep the body as even as possible, only hands should move. Performed: three sets of 10 times with a break per minute.

Dumbbell Dumbbell

When performing, you need to try to keep your head straight. Repetitions and approaches, as in the previous exercise.

21 '

It is important that the hands do not go above 90 degrees (in the first 2 versions). Three sets at a time with a break of one minute.

Fourth day

Throw the ball

Used a medical ball. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, ball raised above the head. Make the maximum possible throw so that the ball touches the floor. Two sets of 15 shots.

Side throw

Starting position: the medical ball is held with straight arms in front of the chest. Turn the body against the wall and throw the ball with maximum effort. Catch the ball and quickly repeat the throw. The number of approaches and sets is similar to the previous exercise.

Ball rotation

In a standing position, take medball with both hands. Then turn the torso to the right side to the limit, while the gaze should be directed to the ball. After that, turn the body to the left. Performed: two sets of 15 times with a minute of rest.

Army bench press

Before doing the exercise, you need to make sure the position of the hands is correct - a little ahead of the projectile. Take the barbell and raise it to the thoracic region, then overhead and return smoothly without jerking to its original position. Performed: three sets of 10 times with a break per minute.

Barbell lift

In a standing position, hold the projectile parallel to the hips. In this case, the hands should be turned down. Raise the bar in front of you and hold it for a second, then slowly return to the starting position. The number of repetitions and sets, as in the previous exercise.

Dumbbell Lifts (Side)

In the standing position, hold the shoulders back, slowly raise the dumbbells to the height of the shoulders to the limit. Pause and then slowly return to its original position. Performed: three approaches with repetitions of 10 times with a minute break.

This training plan allows you to achieve visible results for the month. You can engage with other comers (acquaintances or friends) for more motivation. The body should look perfect - this should not be forgotten!