Stretching muscles after training

Everyone knows that stretching is a very effective tool that relaxes muscles, so you need to do it only after training. That is, neither during training nor before training it is forbidden to do it!

Stretch marks are very beneficial. They not only help to relax muscles after training, but also increase the result by 10%, which, you will agree, is very much. Just imagine - two guys who have the same set of training, but the other does the stretching after the exercises. As a result, the first presses 200 kilograms, and the other - 220 kilograms. The first result is a record for the country, and the other is a world record. As we see from this example, those 10% can make you a champion, so do not forget about them. Of course, after exhausting training it is very difficult to force yourself to do something else, but stretching does not take so much time, so do not be lazy.

I’ll tell you a little secret - a very large number of athletes neglect stretching, so they can be easily beaten. To do this, it is enough to do as much as they do, but at the same time do a stretching after each workout.

Besides the fact that stretching increases the result, it will also save your muscles from stiffness. Here you can imagine what will happen to an athlete who has been training for many years, but never does a stretch ">


  • 1 1. Stretching the thigh muscles after squats
  • 2 2. Stretching the chest muscles after bench press
  • 3 3. Stretching the lower back muscles after deadlift
  • 4 4. Stretching the back muscles
  • 5 5. Stretching the calf muscles
  • 6 6. Stretching the biceps
  • 7 7. Stretching triceps

1. Stretching the thigh muscles after squats

Starting position: standing on the floor, back straight. Gradually transfer the weight to one knee (left), while stretching the other leg (right) in front of you, bending it at the knee and unfolding the toe slightly away from you. After that, rest your chest on this knee, and slowly bring the other back, sliding them on the floor. Raise the foot of your left foot and touch it with your right hand. Fix this position for 60-65 seconds, then do the same, changing your legs.

Thanks to this exercise, you will stretch the quadriceps and inner thigh muscles well. Such a stretch is ideal for those who spend most of their time sitting, because of this lifestyle, the hips are more constrained, and this exercise will develop the thigh muscles.

2. Stretching the chest muscles after bench press

Starting position: standing on the feet of the doorjamb. Step one step away from the threshold and rest your elbows on the door jamb at chest level, while your chest will “fall through” the doorway until you feel maximum muscle strain. Lock this position for 60 seconds.

3. Stretching the muscles of the lower back after deadlift

Starting position: lying on your back, hands along the body. Raise your legs slowly until they rest on the floor behind your head. In order for the body to have a stable position - with your palm rest on the bones of the pelvis. You should feel the maximum muscle strain. Hold in this position for 60-65 seconds, and then slowly return to its original position.

Tired can not only those muscles that we have already named above (muscles of the chest, lower back, quadriceps of the thigh), but also others - triceps, biceps, calf muscles, and also the muscles of the back. This means that they must also be stretched. And this is how it should be done.

4. Stretching the back muscles

Stretching of this kind should be done either at the Swedish wall, or near the rack with a barbell.

Starting position: standing at the shell to cross the soles of the feet, while hanging either on the bar or on the bar to the maximum stretch of the broad back muscle. Lock this position for 60-65 seconds

5. Stretching the calf muscles

Starting position: standing exactly on your feet. Step the toe of one leg to increase, while dropping the heel down. Lock the position for 60-65 seconds, then repeat the same with the other leg.

6. Stretching the biceps

Starting position: stand exactly against the wall or at the door jamb. Put your hand on the side of the thumb on the wall and tighten the muscles of the hand as much as possible. Lock the position for 60-65 seconds.

7. Triceps Stretch

Starting position: standing against the wall. Raise your hand above your head, bending it at the elbow, while resting your elbow against the wall. Moving down a little, stretch the triceps as much as possible. Lock this position for 60-65 seconds, and then repeat with the other hand.