Body Drying for Girls - Diet and Training

Drying the body for girls, based on two fundamental factors - competently constructed workouts and diet, allows the muscles to give greater relief. The aerobics and athletics program is obliged to sign up to every little thing and be carried out one hundred percent correctly.

The drying period requires not only proper training, but also a thorough accounting of all calories consumed. If the body lacks nutrients, the process of gaining relief is significantly inhibited. This can have negative consequences both for the figure and for the whole organism.

Many people mistakenly believe that both women and men are dried in an absolutely identical way. The period of giving muscle relief to girls is characterized by a lesser presence of aerobics and almost the same number of athletic exercises, and nutrition in general should be completely different.


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Drying Diet for Women

Reducing daily calorie intake and taking fat burners, of course, helps to find the desired relief, but leads to a reduction in muscle volume. Nutrient deficiency forces the body to look for an additional source of nutrition, which muscle tissue becomes.

You can save muscle mass and get relief without any fat-burning drugs and drastic cuts in your usual diet. It is enough to simply redistribute the amount of nutrients - the percentage of protein (protein), fats, carbohydrates in the diet.

It is important to understand that carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex. The first, which include confectionery and flour products, provoke obesity. The use of complex carbohydrates (pasta, black bread, cereals) in moderation affects the weight slightly.

The amount of both simple and complex carbohydrates on drying is necessarily reduced. It should be inferior in volume to the proteins used during this period.

Nutrient Ratio and Calorie Content

Women weighing from 50 to 55 kg should consume no less than 100 g of protein per day. If the weight exceeds the norm due to the musculature, the dose of protein is much higher. A girl who has 10 kg of muscle mass, that is, with a weight of 65 kg, needs at least 160 g already. Two-thirds of this dosage should be in animal food and protein powder.

Fatty foods, if they are present in the diet in a minimal amount, do no harm. This also applies to the drying period. The main thing is not to exceed the required norm, that is, eat fatty foods only in those volumes that the body needs. The maximum daily dosage of fat in the menu of a girl who is engaged in order to give muscles a relief cannot exceed 10%. Most, that is, 60% should be exclusively proteins, and from 25 to 30% are carbohydrates.

The daily calorie intake for women who are drying is from 35 to 40 kcal per 1 kg of their own weight. You need to eat five to six times a day with short breaks and exceptionally small portions, each of which should not contain more than 40 g of protein. Long intervals between meals, on the contrary, slow down the metabolic rate, which leads to obesity.

You can take food immediately before going to bed, but in small portions and exclusively from high-quality and wholesome food. The best option would be cottage cheese or a protein shake. They are easily absorbed, satisfy hunger, contain important nutrients for the body and maintain a good metabolic rate.

The carbohydrate component of the diet is reduced gradually. The first week of drying, the amount of nutrient is reduced and maintained at 40%, and in the next 7 days it is already reduced to 35%. And only from the third seven-day pass on 25-30%.

A return to normal nutrition should also be gradual. Otherwise, one cannot do without negative consequences for both the figure and the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

General recommendations for proper nutrition on drying for women

Most modern girls want to have a slender silhouette, but do not exercise on simulators or perform any exercises, preferring a less active way to lose weight - diet. Drying can not take place without training, involving the implementation of exercises that involve the maximum possible amount of muscle.

The main condition for proper drying is maintaining muscle mass. Otherwise, if you do not do this, that is, do not exercise, the body will simply begin to feed on the already existing muscles, since it will perceive it as an unnecessary energy load. But, returning to the issue of nutrition, the transition from carbohydrate to protein foods should be without specific and strict restrictions.

Menus for the drying period can be based on the following products:

  • Basic - boiled protein, steamed chicken breast, boiled or baked, boiled squid fillet, boiled white fish lean - products that can be eaten without any time limit.
  • Controlled sources of carbohydrate - buckwheat and oatmeal, diabetic rye pasta, cabbage, greens, cucumbers, and other vegetable crops, except root crops, in which the amount of nutrient is calculated according to recipes and table data.
  • Drink. You should drink only clean water, ginger unsweetened tea.

Sugar in the diet on drying is excluded altogether. It is not added not only to drinks, but also to food.

From the diet are completely excluded:

  • dairy products due to lactose monosaccharide, which is milk sugar;
  • fast carbohydrates, which are sweets and flour products;
  • fats, i.e. no lard or fried meat.

Permissible limits for safe fat loss ">

The optimal maximum limit for fat loss is 200 g. Of course, you can lose much more, but this can lead to a sharp deterioration in well-being and disruption of the normal functioning of the body.

Girls with any physique and weight should lose no more than 1.5 kg per week. If the process of losing weight takes place at a much greater speed, then the muscles lose their quality and shape, as the body begins to drink muscle fibers.

You can never violate and neglect the calculations when performing strength and aerobic training. Aerobics also puts a lot of stress on the body. It requires exactly the same amount of energy as strength training.

If the fat layer is small, then girls should generally minimize aerobic exercise. It is necessary to deal with the principle of "pumping", when the muscles are pumped up due to high-volume training with low intensity.

Sports Nutrition

Modern sports supplements are highly effective and useful both for the body and for relief. They contain vitamins and amino acids that stimulate the work of the kidneys, liver, and gastrointestinal tract. In order for them to bring maximum benefit, you need to know everything about how to properly take a sports drink.


It is an effective product for achieving excellent results in bodybuilding. Women should take creatine and ribose during the drying period only when they want to not only find relief, but also lose the maximum amount of fat. Taking the supplement is necessarily accompanied by an increase in aerobic exercise. This is due to the fact that the reserves of ATP spent in training are replenished with creatine, and not with your own muscle tissues.


Indicated for use during the "embossed" cycle for all girls. He, unlike meat, eggs, fish, does not require spending a large amount of energy. Receiving a protein shake and amino acids allows you to get protein, but without significant energy loss.

Recommendations for taking sports pit

Girls with a weight exceeding the ideal by 8-10 kg not due to fat deposits, but mainly due to muscles, should take amino acid complexes and protein instead of creatine. Both BCAA and protein powders have proven themselves well. They will be useful for girls with curvaceous forms.

Before and after the workout, it is recommended to take 5 g of BCAA. Protein shakes are drunk 60 minutes after classes, and one and a half or two hours before the training they use some kind of sports product with a high content of natural protein and a small amount of carbohydrate. BCAA can be taken in the morning (also 5 g), and before bedtime you can drink casein protein or eat low-fat cottage cheese.

It should be remembered that excessive enthusiasm for both power and aerobic exercise, as well as improper sports nutrition, will not be able to bring the desired result. One way or another, the effect will be, but much lower than what would be with a correct and competent approach.

Training cycle building

The relief period for women requires serious aerobics and moderate athletics. There should not be any exhaustion. Excessive enthusiasm for aerobic exercise can lead to the fact that the body either begins to develop unevenly, or the weight drops sharply.

Similar consequences occur due to the fact that there is a lot of fat in the female body, and little muscle mass. Power loads, if properly restored and nourished, allow you to increase muscle. Aerobics activates fat burning processes, but does not help the muscles to develop.

Performing a large amount of strength exercises helps break down fat without losing muscle. Aerobic exercise works very differently. If they are high, muscle fibers suffer. Aerobics inhibits anabolism and begins to suppress the process of splitting of fat cells, which causes obesity and a constant feeling of fatigue.

The correct set of training on drying for girls consists of exercises in which the whole body is involved, and a very small amount of aerobics. The total number of sets for each exercise is 5-6, and repetitions when training the bottom - from 15 to 20, and the top - from 12 to 15 times.

With weights do two reps more. Failure should always be exactly the final set. The intervals between sets are from 90 to 120 seconds. This training scheme is aimed at maximizing the involvement of muscle fibers and activating anabolic processes.

When the goal is to get rid of a large amount of fat, training requires some change. It is necessary to abandon the rest between exercises, and do a circular training. It consists in the fact that they do one approach for each exercise, and the total number of cycles is adjusted to 4-5 for the training. Aerobics after circular training should be postponed. It is recommended to transfer this part of the training complex to the next day, and not to do the same as the strength exercises.

Women who do not need excessive weight loss may be limited to regular pumping exercises and aerobic exercise. The latter begin to be performed after strength exercises. Aerobics should be done only after keeping the break for at least ten minutes.

Moderate aerobic training does not mean that they should be too light. If classes are conducted on an ellipsoidal simulator, then the regimen is set so that you can practice for at least a quarter of an hour, but train for no more than 10 minutes. There are three such ten-minute approaches. This is quite enough.

The full range of drying exercises, including running on a stationary bike, an ellipsoid or a bicycle ergometer, is required to be done three times a week. You should not overload yourself in days free from training, exhausting yourself with long walks and starvation. This mode is harmful. Neglect of full recovery and rest is not good, as is excessive enthusiasm for anaerobic exercise.

Each girl can increase weight by 15 kg, but gaining exclusively muscle mass, preserving a feminine and beautiful silhouette. To achieve great results in increasing the muscles of women can only with the use of special drugs. However, taking into account and following all the recommendations given, girls can achieve quite significant results in bodybuilding.

To whom it is contraindicated to dry ">